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Our team is developing a web application, titled FlauntPage to resolve the predominant problem of drafting resumes and cover letters faced by many jobseekers and the tedious process of screening applicants’ resumes and cover letters faced by many companies.

With FlauntPage, we aim to shorten the time spent on resume and cover letter creation by Job Seekers and to simplify recruitment process by allowing respective stakeholders in the hiring company to comment and review applicants via the collaborative review function.

Lastly, our team adopted the Play! Framework and built this web application using the Software as a Service model (SAAS).







Anuncios Horn 48.png   Progreso Progress.png

Test our application- FlauntPage: http://dev.flauntpage.com now!

Upcoming Events

  • FYP Final: 3rd December at 19:00
  • FYP Poster Day: 7th December

Past Events

  • Team’s Meeting: 16th Nov (Download team's meeting minutes here)
  • Client’s Meeting: 30th Oct (Download client's meeting minutes here)
  • Supervisor’s Meeting: 16th Nov (Download supervisor's meeting minutes here)

    Mid-term Deliverables
  • Click here to visit our Mid - Term Wiki here <3
  • Download our FYP Mid-term Presentation Slides: here

  • Heuristic Evaluation Feedback: 29th - 31st Sept (Download our slides here)
  • FYP Acceptance Slides: 16th Aug (Download our slides here)

Fixing the last bit of our application; FlauntPage(: 21 Nov

Past Tweets:
Thank you everyone for taking some time of your busy schedule to help us with our user testing 2! Much appreciated! (: 10 Nov
Your feedback is important to us, so come on down for our 2nd User Testing 5 Nov
Mid-crisis attack!! We will walk through it!! #staycalmandcarryon 22 Oct
Let's dive into the coding mode!!!!! :| 14 Oct
Mid-Term Presentation in 1hour 15mins time; we will make wonder come true!(: 8 Oct
Mid-Term disasters has arrived! & we are kicking start for mid-term preparation! 25 Sep
THANK YOU EVERYONE; for your support and honest feedback/ suggestions in our UT1! We managed to hit a quota of 60 testers over these 4 days!:3 21 Sep
Are you ready to 'destroy' our recruitment application: FlauntPage?! Come on down for our 1st User Testing 18 Sep
Revamping in progress.. Stay tune for more updates! 7 Sep
Time for Heuristic Evaluation; do we have an awesome user interface?? :P 29 Aug
'& we bid goodbye to our last summer holidays! Time to work harder for FYP now! 19 Aug
WE GOT ACCEPTED ON 16TH AUGUST 2012 AT 1459!! (: 16 Aug

Current Iteration: 9 - Implementation Phase

1. Reschedule project schedule

2. Preparation for Poster & 1min pitch submission

3. Amendments from UT2

4. Test Phrase: Final Testing & Debugging

5. Preparation for Final Presentation