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User Testing 1

Our UT 1 will take place on 24 September 2012 from 10.30am to 5pm.


  • Test the accuracy of gender recognition in a real live setting
  • Gather users’ opinions about photo taking using augmented reality


Location: The T-junction at the school’s basement is selected because it

  • Emulates a real live mall setting
  • Has a comparatively high human traffic so as to garner as much feedback as possible
  • Has 7m * 6m (~452 sq ft) of floor space
  • Has a plain wall background on one side of the booth (as Kinect sensor performs best with plain background)
  • Has 1 power outlet to provide power for laptop and equipment

The setup at the T-junction will follow as stated [IS480 Team wiki: 2012T1 M.O.O.T/Project Overview#AlterSense: Planned Set-Up| here]] while the overview of setup layout will be as shown:

MOOTsetup overview.png

Scope completed

  • Gender Recognition through:
    1. Detection of height
    2. Detection of shoulder width & center of moment
    3. Detection of bag
    4. Detection of long skirt
    5. Detection of long hair
  • AForge learning algorithm
  • Prototype of photo taking
    1. Countdown timer (to signal the start of photo taking)
    2. Snapping of photo


We aim to have 90 testers – 45 females and 45 males. As one of our focus is to check the accuracy of our gender recognition algorithm, we will pick our testers in the following way:

Female Male
Height 15 below 1.6m
15 above 1.6m, below 1.7m
15 above 1.7m
15 below 1.7m
15 above 1.7m, below 1.8m
15 above 1.8m
Bag 15 carrying small bag on their elbow
15 carrying big bag on their elbow
15 not carrying bag on their elbow
Hair 22 with short hair (does not touch the shoulders)
23 with shoulder-length or longer hair
Skirt 15 not wearing skirt
15 wearing short skirt
15 wearing long skirt
Center of moment (COM) We will attempt to find ≥5 pairs of females and males that have similar height and similar body proportions Same as left side

Standard of Procedure (SOP)

1. Let tester use AlterSense by himself/herself
2. Let tester fill up the survey form