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Project Description Project Goals Client's Requirements Deliverables Learning Outcomes
  • Utilize Latest Technology: Cross-industry technological application

Kinect has always been associated with fun and games, which are enjoyable; whereas advertisement is something people do not usually indulge in. Can we fuse both together? Why not make advertisement more fun and strategic at the same time?

  • Improve CMA's Brand Identity: Provide unique experience associated with CMA to attract more mall patrons

While CMA is willing to invest in a system that will delight shoppers, business value should be taken into account, to make it a justifiable investment. Would it not be wonderful if shoppers can have some fun with Kinect-supported mini narrative, have their photos taken, then be given promotional codes or shopping information later on? The promotional codes can then be utilized at CMA tenants' shops, or information on tenants listing and upcoming events will be disseminated to shoppers who might just be looking for the things conveyed to them. Double the happiness - for both shoppers and tenants!

  • Technical Objective: Gender recognition

Kinect supports skeletal joint tracking. Building on this, we aspire to venture into determining shopper's gender, which will then enable the system to recommend suitable promotion.Knowing where the joints are, we can obtain certain physical measurements affecting gender based on outline retrieved from Kinect; such as shoulder length. In addition, we aspire to design a gender recognition feature such that it will improve in accuracy over time by implementing machine learning. As more data is collected, accuracy will then increase.