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Project Overview

Project Management

Design Specifications

Technical Applications

Project Description Project Goals Client's Requirements Deliverables Learning Outcomes
Lessons Learnt
S/N Learning Outcomes How We Are Going To Achieve Them
1. Hard skills
C# programming

Programming for Kinect is done in either C# or Visual Basics. We have chosen to code in C#, using Microsoft Visual Studio.

Machine learning

Introduced into the concept of machine learning by our supervisor, we are taking the plunge: exploring C# neural network, backward propagation, Sigmoid's alpha value, and more to eventually making the machine smarter over time as more gender recognition has been executed.

Microsoft Tag application

We make use of Microsoft Tag to direct shopper to relevant advertisement or promotion, which will also send data to Promotion / Advertisement Management System.

Kinect set up & calibration

Setting Kinect up to play XboX games is different from setting it up for AlterSense: we have learnt to set the tilting of angle, adjusting the background color, etc.

Gender recognition methods

An increasingly popular yet newly ventured area for us - we explore physical differences based on published research, try doing it with the help of Kinect, as well as developing a sensible scoring system to eventually determine shopper's gender.

Human Computer Interaction

Natural user interface is a novel concept and apparently there are a lot of learning and experiments we have to undergo in order to better understand how to make AlterSense intuitive enough in terms of gestures.

3D programming: x, y, z & depth

We have to put ourselves in the Kinect's shoes - every pixel consists of x, y, and z values - to be able to process image, insert image, and many more.

2. Soft skills
Idea pitching

Selling idea to real-world client requires certain skills that we have honed over time: recognizing the main stakeholder in the company, adopting the right approach (advance more business propositional values as our client is more business-oriented than IT-oriented, as well as negotiating requirements.

Decentralized teamwork

Project Manager was in India for three months during the preparation for Acceptance and ongoing negotiation with CapitaMalls Asia, but the project must go on. Besides fully utilizing Skype, we have also learnt to allocate tasks appropriately and ensure that everyone will still be contributing even though team members may be separated geographically - a useful skill indeed, for work may require us to travel a lot yet remain accountable to our team members in the future.

Retail domain knowledge

We have gained invaluable insights into the mall retail industry - contrary to our assumption that mall developers would try to gain tenant's loyalty and is responsible of tenant's sales to a certain extent, apparently as long as more people step into the mall - regardless of whether they shop or not, the job of the mall developer is completed. Under-performing tenants or ones providing unpopular service or product will also be requested to end lease.

Stakeholder management

Pleasing both faculty members and client are not easy, especially so as our client is very business-oriented whereas is after all, a technical course. Even within the client's company, various departments have different expectations of AlterSense.

IT-business communication

In presenting to faculty members, we have to talk about system and data architecture, APIs, how we value-add in terms of technicalities. On the other hand, in our communication with CapitaMalls Asia, we have to portray the same project in terms of benefits to shoppers and illustrate AlterSense from a high-level view.

Corporate presentation skills

Presenting in an actual corporate meeting room with managers and heads of various department of a renowned company with significant presence in Asia has honed us to be more confident and professional in presentations. Answering questions from these business professionals is a whole new experience that we have managed to handle as well.

Cross-industry idea application

Kinect is associated with video games, but we are applying the concept to retail business, in a mall.