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Use Case Diagram

MOOT use case diagram.jpg

S/N Use Case Description
1 View short video Shopper can view a short video of galaxy background on the screen
2 View body outline Shopper's body outline is displayed in white against the black galaxy background on the screen when the shopper's whole body is within the Kinect's field of view
3 View two doors with enticing scenery Two doors appear, each showing a glimpse of enticing scenery e.g. pyramid in Egypt and Eiffel Tower in Paris
4 View stick man that represents shopper A stick man which represents the shopper will also appear at the doors scene
5 View stick man mimicking shopper As shopper moves, stick man will move accordingly
6 Choose a door Shopper can choose a door by moving to his/her left or right
7 Raise both hands to be teleported Shopper can raise both hands to be teleported to the next scene with his/her chosen background
8 Choose a hat Two hats - one more masculine while the other more feminine will appear. Shopper can pick his/her favourite hat to be worn for photo taking
9 Raise right hand Shopper can view himself/herself on the screen with augmented reality background after choosing a hat. A thought bubble will appear, instructing shopper to raise his/her right hand in order to take a photo.
10 Take a photo A timer will start after shopper's raising of hand is detected, cueing shopper to pose as it counts down from 5 to 0. A photo of shopper with augmented reality scenery background will be snapped and displayed on screen.
11 Scan Microsoft Tag with phone 2 Microsoft tags - one with link to photo gallery while the other contains the link to female or male-related promotion, depending on the gender of the shopper, will be pasted on the bottom right corner of the screen. Shopper can take out phone to scan both tags.
12 View gender-targeted promotion Shopper can view gender-relevant content, managed by Promotion Management System, after scanning the Microsoft Tag. Female shopper will hence see a particular content targeted towards women and the converse is true for male shopper. Neutral content applicable to both can be shown to both gender groups.
13 Retrieve photo from photo gallery Shopper will be brought to a page which shows all the photos taken after scanning the Microsoft Tag. He/she can thus retrieve the photo from the photo gallery.