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Achievements Since Past Report
Current Focus(Nov)
Upcoming Events

Achieve Phase Iteration 2

  • Deployment on virtual private server
  • Preparation of User Manual, Deployment Manual, Javadocs
  • Fix issues from Usability Test 1
  • Implement optimisation on priority items from Usability Test 1
  • Team Poster and Video
  • Preparation for Upcoming User and Software Tests
  • Usability and Field Test with Lodestone MC

Achieve Phase Iteration 3

  • Final Presentation
  • Sponsor Handover
  • Poster Day

Detailed Current Schedule

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Deployment : 6th Nov

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Usability Test 1: 30th Oct - 2th Nov

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Usability and Field Test : 9th Nov

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User Acceptance Test : 20th Nov, 12 pm

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Supervisor Meeting: 30th Nov, 5 pm

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Final Presentation:4th Dec, 2 pm

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Poster Day:7th Dec,2.30 pm

Project Status
Critical Issues/ Risks
Team Matters
Previous Iteration Health

Current Iteration Health

Bug Metric

Team Morale/Performance Metric

Current Risks

  • No outstanding critical risk

Project Risks

Scope Changes

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Project Acceptance

Fortune Cookies' Mid Term Wiki Page

Team Meetings: 10 Nov, 19 Nov

Supervisor Meeting: 20 Nov, 30 Nov

Lodestone Meeting: 3 Dec

Last updated: 4th December Adapted from Lodestone MC Status Report