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About the Project

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Project Scope

Register & Login
  • Volunteers can register for an account using the website.
  • Volunteers can login to their account from the website and is able to self-propose project and sign up for projects that they are interested in.
Volunteer Profile
  • Volunteers are able to update and edit their own profile upon registration.
  • Volunteers can keep track of the past and present projects that they are involved in.
  • Volunteers can follow projects that they are interested in.
  • Volunteers can have options of updating short descriptions of their volunteer work that they have undertaken.
Project Approval
  • Volunteers are able to self-propose and sign up for projects that they are interested in
  • Project Leader is able to accept or reject a volunteer who signed up for his/her project
  • Non-profit organizations and sponsors can “approve/reject/feedback” projects with their existing email infrastructure (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail) and sync the information back to the platform.
    • For sponsors with no existing records in the system (meaning first time email to them to apply funding), include in the email for them to record their NPO contact No and NPO Registration No
    • Need at least 1 NGO approval before the project can get listed. After approval, project leader can withdraw the NGO approval but need at least 1 accepting NGO party. When project is approved by NGO, only then it will appear in the project list
    • If you cancel all the NGO, project should be automatically delisted. The moment NGO withdraw is clicked, provide text field for project leader to fill reasons
  • Allow volunteers to search for projects (based on specific location and project title), NGOs and business organizations
  • Search results will be filtered accordingly based on the 3 categories stated above
  • Volunteers are able to post and manage articles, photos and videos of their volunteering experiences on the website.

Project Progress Summary

Project Highlights

  • Completed search function
  • Improved the usability of the web application after receiving feedback from users and client
  • Successfully deployed our Cosified web application for real users

Project Challenges

Project Management
  • Project went through many change requests which drastically affected our progress. Hence, client management play a big part in our project
  • Team had to re- priortise and re-schedule the tasks to ensure that the major features that the client wants are completed before we start on the minor features
New Programming Language
  • Unfamiliarity with Yii Framework
  • Due to the lack of resources, most of the functions had to be built from scratch
Deployment to Windows Azure
  • 2-3 days before Acceptance Presentation, client wanted to change the deployment server from Amazon Web Services to Windows Azure Platform
    • Back-end and Front-end helpers did not offer much help as promised initially. No expertise to guide us when required
Effective Communication
  • Due to the many change requests which resulted to the delays in the project, it is essential that the team has to constantly communicate with the client and supervisor with regards to the project progress and any difficulties in meeting the project requirements

Project Achievements

  • Better coordination between the client and the team
  • Enhanced knowledge of a new programming language that will benefit the team in the future
  • Cosified application was successfully built on Yii, which is known for its good performance compared to all major frameworks in the market
  • Deployed successfully on Windows Azure platform for real users

User Testing 2


  • Gather feedback to find out if our system has improved
  • Test new change requests


Eklmn settings2.jpg

Results - Average Passing Rate

Eklmn uatrv1.JPG Eklmn uatrv2.JPG Eklmn uatrv3.JPG Eklmn uatrv4.JPG Eklmn uatrv5.JPG Eklmn uatrv6.JPG

Main Problems based on UAT-2 Results

Eklmn mainproblems.JPG

Improvements & Feedback

Eklmn feedback1.JPG Eklmn feedback2.JPG Eklmn feedback4.JPG

Project Management

Project Documentation

Eklmn final timeline.jpg

Project Adjustments

Eklmn adjustment.jpg

Schedule Metric

EKLMN ScheduleMetricFinal.jpg

Bug Metric

EKLMN BugMetricFinal.jpg

Quality of product

Project Deliverables

Stage Specification Modules
Project Management Minutes Team Minutes

Sponsor Minutes

Supervisor Minutes

Metrics Bug Metrics
Requirements UI Designs

UI Design Version 1
UI Design Version 2
UI Design Version 3
UI Design Version 4
UI Design Version 5

Analysis Use case Diagram Use Case Diagram
Project Workflow Diagram Project Worflow Diagram
Design Logical Diagram Logical Diagram
System Architecture Diagram System Architecture Diagram
Testing UAT 2 Test Cases UAT Test Scenario
System Test Cases Test Cases - Project, Profile & Search Functions

Test Cases - Login, Register, Article Functions

Handover to Client Installation, Setup & Deployment Manual Installation, Setup & Deployment Manual
Sequence Diagram To be updated after presentation
Deployment Diagram Deployment Diagram

Final Individual Reflections

Eileen Goh

Throughout this whole FYP journey, I've learnt a lot, especially on how to manage the client, manage time, as well as building up my technical skills.

As a lead developer, the client has consulted me on whether some changes can be done towards the end and I have learnt how to reject some of the client's change requests by considering the team's competency, time required to make the changes, as well as the complexity of the changes, by explaining to them the problems and complexities behind those changes that we are unable to commit. Furthermore, as most of the web application functions that I'm handling does not have extensions, I have to code from scratch and this has made me learnt a lot on Yii framework which I believe would be valuable in the future.

In addition, I've also had the chance to learn and explore Windows Azure platform, whereby I was given the opportunity to deploy and host our developed web application into a real-life cloud server. This is a good learning experience for me as I didn't had the chance to work on Windows Azure platform in the past.


Overall this has been a challenging journey that tests not only technical and theoretical knowledge but also soft skills and communication. Not just about completing the project, I think more important is how we, as a team, go about delivering the tasks and overcoming problems that arises. Given my limited coding abilities, I had alot to catch up on, especially since we are dealing with a new framework. Delivering tasks seemed impossible, and I initially had resistance in approaching others for help. However, I realised that only through teamwork can we pull through and with the help of the stronger coders, I am able to accomplish them.

I am also glad to be given the opportunity to work with a real client and a real project. This has brought me out of my comfort zone and taught me more than I could have learnt about the working world, managing clients, their requests and handling negotiations. Above all, I learnt that open and honest communications can simply the best solution. Often times I find myself in the situation whereby I restrain from voicing my thoughts for fear of making a mistake, rejection or put a burden on someone else.Time and again it ends up in a way that if I had openly and honestly aired my views, I could have solved a problem sooner or even avoided a problem totally.

Lau Tsorng

Throughout the fyp, I have learnt both soft and hard skills.

Soft skill refers to client management and team collaboration. Regards to client management, I have learnt to work closely with client, negotiate with client regards to changes and recommend solution for particular functions.

For team collaboration, I have learnt to work with a group of people from different background. Get to know and familiar with their working style.

For hard skill refer to technical skill. I have learnt to build functions from scratch, learnt new framework beyond what I have taught in school. Get to learn new computer languages and deployment practices. Significantly, I have learnt to do research effectively and efficiently to get what I need.

In addition, I have learnt to work within the time frame, budget and resources that are available to the team and strike a balance between fyp and client requirements and needs.

Michelle Li

FYP has been a memorable journey for me as I have learnt and experience things that I would not have learn from other modules.

As a project manager, it was a challenge for me in coordinating with the stakeholders, the client and team members, in this project. Often, I find myself in a difficult situation between the client and team. It was a great responsibility for me as a project manager whereby I had to communicate and manage the team’s expectation and client’s expectation at the same time so as to ensure things are delivered smoothly. Managing the client’s expectation was not as easy as I thought but as the project progresses; I learnt how to tactfully express myself to the client.

Multi-tasking is another significant aspect of my FYP journey. I had to work on codes as well as project management at the same time thus I had to prioritize my tasks to ensure that I am able to complete on time.

Learning how to code on Yii framework was a big challenge to me and the team because it is not something similar to anything we have learnt previously. However, I am proud that the team has overcome this challenge together and I believe that by enhancing the knowledge in this new framework will benefit all of us in the future.


The FYP journey has been an exciting one.

Before we even began, I had doubts if I can pull through and survive this journey. The journey was not as smooth as I had hoped it would be, but that is what that makes the whole experience even more meaningful and memorable.

This journey is not just about the coding but it has to do with issues such as project management as well as the people you work with and work for. I am not fond of expressing myself, however I have learn how to express myself and communicate with the client and my group members. Most importantly, I have learn how to say NO, instead of just being agreeable to everything.

I have more confidence on my coding abilities. Initially when I was assigned tasks, I'll tell myself, "I doubt you can do it" but my mentality is different now, "Let's give it a go. We can get help along the way." In the beginning, I doubt myself and my abilities, in the middle of the journey, I sighed because there was still a long way to go. Now that we have reached the end, I am proud on how far we have all come as a group.