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Risk Management

Risk Management

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Risk Table

S/N Risk Statement Likelihood (H/M/L) Impact (H/M/L) Level (Derived) Mitigation Strategy &/or Contingency Plan
1 Managing expectation of new person in charge from client company

New client in charge may have different expectation of the software deliverable and functions.

H H A Prepare software introduction to client and other potential users. Earlier handover to client company.

Ensure that new person in charge is also clear of the software objective and current client is also available to help smoothen the handover process.

2 Limited real data to work with

Sample data provided might not be sufficient to represent the big picture.

H H A Consistent and thorough demonstration of system to client

Ensure that all doubts are clarified during client meeting. Bi-monthly demos are done to client to ensure correctness of our data. Try as far as possible to generate sensible data from provided samples.

3 Long simulation duration taken

Large amount of data to handle which will cause simulation duration to be long.


Explore ways to increase the efficiency of code (e.g. caching, threading) Also, the team will only consider necessasry data.

4 Low productivity

Unproductive team members esp when 3 out of 5 members are doing internship.

M M B Set sensible timeline and do progress check

Team has to set a sensible and achievable timeline. Also, project manager

5 Unexpected bugs

As the project is dealing with complex algorithm, unexpected bugs may surface and may not be very visible or consistently appearing.

M M B More thorough testing with more data test and more buffer time

Team has to ensure that each testing period in each iteration is well used to identify all possible bugs. This is also to prevent any old bugs from surfacing later in time. Team needs to assign more buffer time to prepare for the unexpected bugs.

6 Resource limitation

Final will be a great challenge as our PM will be away on the last week of IS480 course for personal reason.

M M B Prepare early and finish the big tasks early

Team can plan to finish the tasks, including administrative work early.

7 Sudden change of requirement

Client may have sudden change or addition of requirement.

L M C Regular communication and agreement sign off with client

Team will have frequent bi-monthly meeting with client to align the project requirement between both parties. Besides, agreement made between two parties helps to clarify the requirement.