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Project Overview
Project Management
Project Developers

Project Description

AppTalk focuses on building an android application, MapTalk, which will enable users to maneuver around indoor swiftly to get to their ideal destination. This indoor location search application will be an integration of the technology of QR code, DBMS, mobile app development tools and web application. We intend to incorporate the idea of having an android application which will take in the user's intended destination and upon scanning the nearest QR code at the building, a map will show users how to get to the destination. For example, the user will know how far away he is from his intended destination and how to get there from his current location as pointed out by the QR code.

Our Client

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Client Handover



Mawapp Pte. Ltd is an IT product and service company, who is aware of the increasing demands for indoor location searching and event management system, which can be applied into Talk series, seminars, classes and other events. GPS is only for wide and outdoor search. Currently there is no technology that could help people to find indoor location precisely. 3D modeling to search location is a good way to realize this function. However 3D modeling needs complicated collection of data, such as size of building, corner angles, height, point-to-point distance for each possible node in building. This technology is still under research and development. While, QR code is widely used and quite mature in current IT stage. OR code photos are like usher at a certain place to guide the visitors who are not very clear about the location of destination. This function can be easily applied into mobile application.

In addition, our team believes that Android application will be more challenging compared to creating iphone applications as there are far more models of Android phones in use and the testing process will be difficult but it provides a room to learn.

Learning Outcome

  • IT technologies:
    • Android SDK, Android SDV
    • Netbean, eclipse
    • mySQL, Tomcat
    • Java, css, jsp, html
  • Learning to communicate effectively in a diverse team with team-mates of different country hence there may be different working ethics
  • Constantly learning to learn as we are doing a project that is relatively more challenging as it culminates on all the knowledge that we have learnt from SIS as well as more self-learning to ensure that we are able to overcome the risks posed by the project
  • Work and project balance

Current Progress

We will be having our final presentation on 30 November!

Here is our updated schedule. Please view it Here.

There are also some changes in our application design. Please click Here for more details.

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