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Mid Term Presentation
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Project Overview

Project Description

6P is doing a self proposed mobile game application, which will be released on the Google Play Store. This game is targeted at young adults who form the majority of users actively playing mobile games and making application purchases. Team 6P will deliver a full game launch by the end of the FYP, and will further improve on the game to expand its scope


At its core, this project is all about monetizing our interests as avid gamers. The high demand in mobile games amongst smart phone users, too, will aid us in our push into starting up a business.


Outcomes: Android mobile game will be available on the Google Play Store. [Achieved!]

Value Statement: Because life is already hard as it is, our games aren't


Our measures of success includes:

1. Number of active installation (50 to 70% for our free app) [Achieved!]

2. Number of downloads to hit 300 within 1 month

3. Long term average rating of >3.8 out of 5 [Achieved!]


The game builds on a storyline involving the life of a monster character known as Gralch IS480 Team wiki: 2012T1 6P Gralch.

First version:

The game is divided into two main worlds, with four stages in each world depicting various points in Gralch’s life. Within each stage, there are varying levels of difficulty for each game play (level 1 up to level N). Credits are earned at the completion of each level. Additionally, players can create and send challenge requests (require trading in credits) to friends when Gralch evolves into an adult. The gameplay is consistent through all levels, which relies on a player’s quick thinking capabilities, accuracy and precision. The generic sense of the game involves controlling Gralch and defending itself from enemies to achieve the end objective of each level. Obstacles and variations within the stages make it both challenging and stimulating for the player, akin to a puzzle/strategy/arcade game. In essence, it packages the fun elements players look for in a game with a captivating storyline to deliver to the best playing experience possible on a mobile platform.

Current version:

The game follows the theme of an "endless world" concept, where Gralch collects cherries in hope of getting to the end of the trail. There are four different themes, with 20 sets of obstacles, attacking AI, game modifiers and more. It's basically a package of fun for you to play on your mobile device anywhere, anytime.

Change of gameplay

User feedback collected were analyzed and reviewed by the entire team where game play was concerned, because it affects our project plans and execution. The team deliberated on various issues concerning the fun aspect of the game play, length of the game play, scalability of the game, and appeal of the game to various age groups. Till date, we had three revision of our game mechanics.

Details of the change in game play can be found here: [Game Mechanics]

Screen Shot 2012-10-08 at 11.51.01 AM.png

Swinging vine:

Main findings based on user feedback is that the game is too simplistic and gets dull after a couple of tries. Looking into other potential issues such as scalability and the appeal towards our target age group, we realized that the concept was not enticing enough and should be refined.

Bouncy platform:

Without wanting to lose the concept of the swinging vine, we incorporated this into our refined game play which looked at collection of tokens. However, user feedback revealed that the game is overly challenging and they get discouraged after a couple of tries. Moreover, they felt that the game was too static where Gralch was concerned and would like to see more animations

Endless world:

We decided on this final version of the game play after taking our project schedule into careful consideration as well as reviewing our user feedback. We kept obstacles and modified concepts from our previous two game plays and incorporated them into our final game mechanics. The results from our user tests were a strong indication to further our development and refinements.