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Project Progress Summary

Final Presentation slides

Final Presentation: Team 6P Final Presentation Slides

Project Achievements

Project Key Achievements
All Major Project Milestone Achieved!
Live on Google Play
Average rating of 4.6/5.0
Performed a global extended user testing and data collection with Google Analytics

Game Features & Achievements
20 sets of obstacles!
"Endless World" game concept
4 Different background themes within the game
Attacking AI
Character Modifiers

What unexpected events occurred?

Team was assigned a group of highly experienced mentors from the gaming industry during the last two iterations of the project. After meetings with these experienced game creators, team heeded their advice and managed to make changes to the project that have improved the overall gameplay.

Project Challenges:

In a self-proposed FYP, the main challenges come about with managing the scope of the project to include all relevant requirements. The unique challenge in developing a game is to achieve the fun aspect of it. Our conceptualization of the game has seen two main revisions before a finalized version and is an ongoing process based on the feedback received through our user tests and team's decision making. The decisions made along the way based on user testing results, mentor's feedback have definitely challenged us to be able to respond positively with our project plans and mitigation to ensure a full successful launch

Measures of sucess:

Total user installs (as of 27/11/12): 211
Active installation rates
Active installs (as of 27/11/12): 80
Average ratings
Ratings (as of 27/11/12): 4.6/5

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Project Highlights

Video Pitch

Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 5.47.51 PM.png

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Project Poster


Project Management

Project Schedule (Plan Vs Actual):

There has been quite a few changes made to our original project plan. After the mid term presentation, Prof Richard linked us up with Inzen Studio who has been assigned as our mentor. Ever since, they have provided us feedback on making our game a better one. Thus, we have focused a lot of our time on refining the game after mid term presentation.

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Project Metrics:

Schedule Metrics:

Team assessment

We have completed a total of 8 development iterations.

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Bug Metrics:

The impact of bugs on our development works have been generally low to moderate. Only two instances of a critical impact (BSI = 10) occurred in iterations 1 and 3 respectively. This was due to the changes made to our game play, which required new logic implementation for our codes. The immediate action was to halt development works until the bugs are resolved. These bugs were resolved within the stimulated task allocation duration and did not impact our project schedule

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Technical Complexity:

There are several technical implementations that are complex and they are as follows:

  • Game Scenes Setup
  • Game Controls
  • Frame rates issues
  • Google Analytics Integration with Unity
  • Endless World Creation

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Quality of product

Project Deliverables:

Stage Specification Modules
Project Management Project Schedule Planned Project Schedule
Minutes Internal Meetings
Supervisor Meetings
Mentor Meetings
Metrics Schedule Metrics
Bug metrics
Risks Management Project Risks
Requirements Project Scope Self Proposed Deliverable
Business and Marketing Business Marketing Efforts
Analysis System Architecture System Architecture
Software Architecture Software Architecture
Tools & Technology Tools & Technology Evaluation
Screen Shots Game UI Screen Shots
Design Project File Structure Project Hierarchy
Graphics Development Graphics Development
Testing User Tests User Test Raw Data and Analysis
Handover Understanding the technical aspect Technical Complexity
Project Source Code Not released. Kept internally.
Project Graphics and Designs Not released. Kept internally.


Gralch - the Cherry Monster is published on Google Play Store. The publishing process requires us to register and pay for a play store developer account with Google and uploading the APK file into Google Play Store.

User with compatible android devices would be able to download the game from the Play Store, accessing it through Google Play Store app or the online library.

The link to the game : https://goo.gl/ffSK7


A compilation of pictures taken during our user testing sessions.

As compared to other user testing used for web portals, game user testing is much different. Our testing involves no test scripts and is mainly based on the FUN aspect of the game.

A total of 13 user test was done on the game -

  • Conceptualization: 4 tests
  • Pre Launch: 5 tests
  • Game Launch: 4 tests

Detailed User Test Analysis: User Testing

Incompatible devices

Since launching of our app to Google Play Store, it has expand our pool of user testers. It allow friends and public to download the app conveniently and this helps us to keep track a list of devices that are incompatible with our app. We are still investigating the incompatibility issues on some android phone and will release an update should we found a fix. Below is the list of incompatible devices found to date:

Reported incompatible devices Android version Remarks
Nexus 7 4.1 Only white screen with songs
HTC Desire S 4.0.3 Stucked at game menu
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.3.5 Cannot launch app
Motorola Razr XT910 2.3.5 Cannot launch app (Resolved as of 27 November 2012)
Sony Xepria Lt15i 2.3.4 Load at splash screen then crash already
HTC Legend 2.3.3 Cannot launch app
LG Optimus 2.2 Cannot launch app
Huawei Ascend Y200 2.2 Cannot launch app


Team Reflection:

Development of a game puts a different nature of our project. The initial steep learning curve included familiarizing ourselves with the various game development tools, to understand the process of game development from the initial stages of conceptualization to concept art and graphics, story boarding and level design. None of which was taught in the course of our study and required a substantial amount of self learning.

The team is now better equipped with the gaming industry practices and knowledge, and would like to express our gratitude to the course coordinator Prof Ben, our mentors from Inzen Studio, and of course our dear supervisor Prof Richard for being patient in guiding us in this journey.

The IS480 shared database has provided us very useful resources on the following topics:

Scripting resources

Project management

Individual Reflection:

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Mentor's comments:

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