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6-bit's Chapalang! is a social utility that connects people with friends and new friends
by offering a place for exchanging ideas and information on its public domain.

Midterm Wikipage
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Project Progress Summary

Team 6-bit is formed during the month of May in 2012. We have battled through 11 iterations of planning, designing, constructing and deploying our applications. Throughout the 11 iterations, we have our ups and downs. We faced several unexpected technical challenges which brought down the morale of the team. However, we a common goal in mind, we endure and frantically looking for workarounds and alternatives to overcome these challenges. We, too, faced some project management challenges where some tasks are not complete on time and caused disturbance to our schedule. These project challenges allow us to iron out our differences and streamlined a better working process. After overcoming these challenges, we had improved ourselves as individuals as well as improved as a team. We are confident that we can complete the project as planned.

Midterm Presentation Slides
Our website: http://www.chapalang.com

Project Highlights

What we have completed:

  • Facebook API
    • Extend access token expiration
    • Post on user's Facebook wall
    • Facebook login
    • Pulling of basic data
    • Pulling of user's friends list
    • Updating of user's friends list by using Cronjob
  • Logout
  • Posts/Thread
  • Replies/Comments
  • Like & Unlike
  • Deletion
    • UI, mouseover to display delete icon
  • Programming forum
  • Spinner
    • UI, replacement for loading process
  • Uploading images
    • Scalable photo hosting
  • Image processor
    • Convertion upon upload
    • Dynamic thumbnail creation
  • Post links
  • Redirection processor (HTML Parser)
  • Marketplace product management
    • List all products
    • View product item
  • Search function
    • Post
  • Product
  • Notifications
  • Shopping Item Processing
    • Order confirmation page
    • payment page
    • payment confirmation page
  • Product review
  • Product rating
  • Marketplace transaction
  • Paypal payment gateway
    • Refund API
  • Email notifications
    • Welcome email
    • Auto-follow email
    • General notifications email
  • Date/Time reflection
    • Posts
    • Replies
    • Products
    • Reviews
  • Cronjob setup
  • Profile page
  • Friends
    • Ability to Follow/Unfollow friends
  • Escrow
    • "Confirm order received" button
  • Gift sharing
    • Campaign (Group sharing)
    • Individual
  • Dashboards
    • To manage orders/products/sales

What unexpected events occurred:

  • Accidental deletion of live website database
  • Members machine breakdown

Project Management

Midterm Status

Midterm Current Status: Click Here
Till Midterm Completed Tasklist:

Task/function/features, etc Status Confident Level(0-1) Comment Links (If available)
Develop new user interface template Designed and Implemented 100% 1 Aloysius and Tianxiang
Facebook API integration Fully deployed and tested 100% 1 Gekseng Click Here
Implement support for sharing of multimedia on discussion boards Fully deployed and tested 100% (Support for sharing videos have been removed) 1 Kenneth
Building basic CRUD functions for marketplace Fully deployed and tested 100% 1 Houston, Gekseng, Kenneth, Tianxiang
Integration of Paypal API Fully deployed and tested 100% 1 Houston, Tianxiang Click Here
Develop notifications function Fully deployed and tested 100% 1 Houston, Tianxiang
Develop Escrow Service feature Fully deployed and tested 100% 1 Houston, Gekseng, Kenneth, Tianxiang Click Here
Develop Gifts Sharing feature Fully deployed and tested 100% 1 Kenneth, Houston Click Here
Implement transactions rating system Fully deployed and tested 100% 1 Kenneth, Tianxiang
Application User Interface Designed, deployed and tested 66.66%. Survey, Escrow and Giftsharing completed, Mass Order Function next. 1 Aloysius and Tianxiang Click Here
Develop private message function Back-end coded 100%, needs to be deployed and tested. 0.5 Tianxiang to continue on this function

Midterm Project Schedule

Midterm Schedule Overview

6-bit MidtermScheduleDiagramOverview.png

6-bit MidtermScheduleDiagramOverview2.png

Technical Main Problem's Complexity

In the order from most complex problems faced to least complex problems faced:
PayPal Integration

  • PayPal lacks API documentation
    • Do not know exactly how the payment process is programmatically
    • Do not know how to capture the transaction ID of a payment
  • Learn from PayPal developer forums and blogs to find out how to do integrate
  • Read PHP and Javascript codes to understand how the payment process flows
  • Trial and error to capture transaction ID

Dynamic Images' Dimensions

  • UI requires different image dimensions
  • Cannot expect users to upload different dimension of the product images
    • Need to learn how to manipulate images programmatically
  • Need a dynamic algorithm to centralised and crop the original images

HTML parser

  • Needed to crawl content and images of a URL- need to cater to multiple URI patterns
  • Crawling images is the main challenge due to the paths that the websites used
    • Relative path
    • Full path
    • Deep re-direction paths

Midterm Metrics

Schedule Metrics

Schedule Metrics Formula: Click Here
Schedule Metrics Current Value:

6-bit ScheduleValue.png

Bug Metrics

Bug Metrics Formula: Click Here
Bug Metrics Current Value:

6-bit BugValue.png

Risk and Mitigation

Risk Diagram: Click Here

Intermediate Deliverables

Project Management

Minutes: Click Here
Metrics: Click Here


3 Main Functions: Click Here


Use Case Diagram: Click Here
Sequence Diagram: Click Here
Business Process Diagram: Click Here


Class Diagram: Click Here


Test Case: Click Here
Test Plans: Click Here


Test Server: http://beta.chapalang.com
Live Server: http://www.chapalang.com

User Testing

User Testing Questions: Click Here
User Testing 1 Results:
6-bit UT1 results.png 6-bit UT1 recommendation.png

User Testing 2 Results:
6-bit UT2 groups.png 6-bit UT2 results.png 6-bit UT2 medianclicks.png 6-bit UT2 mediantime.png

6-bit UT2 recommendation.png

Team Reflections

Reflections of the Team

We learn about the importance of teamwork, and that no man is an island. Our project requires the hands of each and every team member to create and bring to fruition. The moment one of us is unable to contribute to the project as much as before, the entire team’s progress as well as morale is affected.

Our project is relatively huge. And thus our team’s cohesiveness and willingness to carry each other’s load and burdens is essential if we wish to see Chapalang come alive at the end of IS480.

We also learnt the importance of user testing. Sometimes what is intuitive for us may not be as user friendly to the end users. Bringing people to comment on our application and stress test our baby gives us new insights into how we can better Chapalang for the end users and understand more how users react to certain elements in our website.