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10 January 2012


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Summary of Meeting
  1. Updates since IS480 Acceptance Presentation
    • Updated Wiki Pages
    • Detailed functional description
  2. Meeting with Sponsor on 2 Jan 2012
    • Provides an updated admin / user mobile application wireframe
    • iPad Devices for Testing
      • Prof Menkhoff will secure 6 x iPad from IITS for both UAT session.
      • He will also speak to IITS to loan an iPad for the duration of our FYP. Else, he will purchase one for us.
    • UAT 1 – tentative booked on 16 Feb 2012 with Prof Menkhoff’s class, but will most likely to be cancelled and conduct with invited users.
    • UAT 2 – confirmed on 29 March 2012, trail details will be provided by another group of students
    • Will provide link up with National Heritage Board
    • Suggest to approach SMU IIE
      • Understand from George deadline is 30 Apr 2012, will focus on application development first instead.
  3. Delayed for Iteration 5
    • Due to some integration issues for phoneGap and jQueryMobile
      • Back log from Iteration 3 and 4
      • Intention is to delay Iteration 5 for a week and resolve iteration 3 and 4.

Remarks: Supervisor Meeting

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