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Midterm Reflections

Team Reflection:

We managed to reschedule our current project schedule to take into account the changes in our requirements. We did so by reducing the scope of our project. However, one thing that really helped was that we planned a lot of buffer days in our initial project schedule, which made rescheduling much easier.

We are currently training in Java Swing by taking notes from a Java Swing Tutorial that we found online. Also, to understand better the architecture and MVC framework that Java Swing offers, we have been looking information on the web. We have shared our resources in the IS480 Knowledge base.

Chula Sulagaesuan

  • Back End Coding is a headache
  • Need to maintain code structure to allow codes to work with each other

Mervin Yong Wei Yang

  • Learning Java Swing is tough, Alot of Project Documents have to be tracked constantly
  • Tough to Match clients' requirements with project

Neo Yi Wen

  • Front End Designing and UI Coding is very taxing
  • Integrating the Front end and Back end gets tougher as complexity of functionalities increase

Tan Junlong

  • Change of project requirements changes the schedule drastically
  • Time management is essential for the projct

Supervisor Reflection

Benjamin Gan Reflection

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