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23 Nov - The team is excited to hear that there will be a team who will be taking on the phrase 2 of the project! We wish the next team all the best and we will help them as much as we can to transit into the next phrase.

24 Oct - We have concluded our project. A big thank you and special mention our supervisor Professor Kyong Jin Shim and our reviewer Professor Benjamin Gan for supporting us on our journey. We wish Epiphany Education, our client, all the best on the Realm of Seven application and their endeavors ahead.

23 Oct - The day has arrived! Our Final Presentation! *crosses fingers*

22 Oct - We are preparing for our Final Presentation tomorrow! It's been quite a journey for Team Eureka but we are looking to blow our reviewers away with our application and presentation. Wish us luck!

20 Oct - We have successfully concluded our User Acceptance Test at Millenia Institute. We have gotten good feedback from our sponsor and also the student testers and we will be consolidating our findings for our Final Presentation.

19 Oct - We are at Millenia Institute waiting for our UAT to start. Hope the students are enthusiastic about our application.

18 Oct - It is confirmed! We are doing our UAT on 19th Oct at Millennia Institute with actual students of the school. This will be the first time Eureka is testing our platform with real users. Stay tuned for more details about the UAT!

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