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Final Wiki Page

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Midterm Progress Wiki Page

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Team Members

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Role Scope In-Charge
Project Manager
  • Managing Project Scope, Schedule, Resources
  • In Charge of UAT and Wiki
Wee Yuting
System Analyst (UI & PHP & Database)
  • In Charge of User Interface Design
  • Research on the most appropriate Technology
  • Main Developer of the web portal
  • Provide guidance to team mates in need of help
  • In Charge of Integration
James KOH Yi Zhi
System Analyst (R Language & Linux Environment)
  • Main Developer of the R Language Portion
  • Understand & Operate Linux Environment for Deployment
PAN Liang Hua
System Architect
  • Organize the Data Flow of ISES
  • Research on the most appropriate Technology
  • Main Developer of the web portal
HE Feixiang

KopaWheel - WorkBreakdownStructure.png


Role Name Position Project Involvement
Client Marcus Lee Academic Director for the Institute of Service Excellence at SMU (ISES) Provide user requirements

Provide feedbacks

ISES Analysts ISES Analysts provide data analysis and manage the web portal Provide technical and administrator requirements
Advisors/Practitioners Benjamin GAN Kok Siew Practice Associate Professor Provide guidance and advices to the team
Beneficiaries Corporate Clients of ISES Marketing Department of the Corporate Clients of CSISG Provide user requirements

Driving Singapore's Service Excellence

Driving Singapore's Service Excellence is an initiative developed by the Institute of Service Excellence at SMU (ISES), in an aim of raising service standards and promoting a culture of service excellence in Singapore.

Project Overview

We have built an interactive and dynamic web portal for its corporate subscribers to better understand the various service indices, such as the Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore (CSISG). These indices offer businesses an objective appraisal of customer satisfaction levels of their company and its competitive insights into other organisations industry wide.

Business Process

As Is Process To Be Process


Project Description

The aim of the project, Driving Singapore's Service Excellence, is to build an interactive and dynamic web portal that allows corporate customers to better understand their company's customer satisfaction through analyzing the Customer Satisfaction Index. It also allows them the freedom to individually create their own customized reports of the CSISG in a guided environment. The web portal will be a comprehensive and flexible tool to replace existing methods of producing and delivering manual reports. To achieve this vision, KopaWheel will conduct thorough usability research into the needs of the corporate clients, catering for both simple and advanced users. The features of the web portal consist of: (1) Dashboard, (2) Explorer, (3) Predictive Analysis, (4) Report Organizer (5) FAQ and (6)Administrative Functions: Builder & User Management.
The web portal will be customized based on dynamic portal engine(Joomla) through secure hosting on ISES premises.

Business Value

Business Value


Deployed the CSISG online web portal for ISES on http://csisg.org:8080/ after 2 user acceptance testing. The online web portal is deployed on ISES's standalone Apple Xserve that is running Mac OS X Server 10.6.


  • Interactivity and Usability of the Web Portal
  • Flexibility in accommodating to client's change request

Functionalities Overview

There is a total of 6 functions in our web portal.

  1. Dashboard
  2. CSISG Explorer
  3. Predictive Analysis
  4. Report Organizer
  5. FAQ
  6. Administrative Functions
    1. User Subscription
    2. Builder

For detailed scope, please click here.

Project Documentation

Specifications Documents
Use Case Diagram Use Case Diagram
ERD Diagram ERD Diagram
UI Mockup UI Mockup‎
Deployment Diagram Deployment Diagram
Corporate Client Manual Guides User Manual for Corporate Clients
Administrator Manual Guides User Manual for Administrators
Deployment Manual Guides CSISG Online Deployment Guide

Technologies Used

Technologies Used
Please refer to detailed explanation of what each of the technology is about and applied in the development of our web portal.

Project Management


Our team will be using a combination of RUP and Scrum methodology to carry out the project. This approach will be ideal for our project where requirements change will occur throughout the duration of the project. By planning a overall schedule consisting of a number of iterations (in the construction phase) and buffer time as well as having an initial detailed scope, we are adopting the RUP approach. The plan is end-date driven and consist of milestones.

On top of this, we will be also adopting a part of the Scrum methodology as we will be holding weekly sprint(iteration) review meetings with our client. This is to ensure that the objectives set out at the start of each sprint (iterations) has been met at the end of the sprint (iterations) before the next sprint (iterations) begins. The Scrum approach will also allows us to understand the complex business sce

Project Schedule

Planned vs schedule.jpg

Click here to view the detailed project schedule.

For detailed schedule in gantt chart, please click here.

Change Request Management

Change Request Log
This is a change request document that keeps a record of all the changes in requirements. Click here to view.

Change Request Document
This is a list of Change request document, detailing the specific changes in the project scope. Click here to view change request 1.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Our team have conducted 2 UATs during the course of the project. Details of the UAT are as follows:

UAT Description Date Time UAT Test Scripts UAT Results
UAT 1 The purpose of this UAT is to conduct a Functional Testing with our client(ISES) and their Corporate client. We have managed to get 1 UOB Client & 4 ISES Staff to do the User Acceptance Test. The UAT is guided with the test scripts provided.
  • 19 & 20 September 2011
10:30am UAT1 Results & Feedbacks
UAT 2 This UAT has been divided into 2 parts: functional test and usability test. The objective of functional test is to get our client and their corporate clients to test the functionality and the usability of the web portal. Whereas for the usability test, the objective was to get both technical and non-technical students to test out the usability of the web portal.
  • Functional Test
    • 9 & 10 November
  • Usability Test
    • 9 to 15 November
11:30am UAT2 Results & Feedbacks


Identified Risks

Identified Risk at the start of the project:

Category Detailed Explanation
Project and Team Risks Project and Team Risks
Client Relationship Risks Client Relationship Risks
Technology Risks Technology Risks
Resource Risks Resource Risks
Risks Occurred in the duration of project

Week 2 - Dependency Risk
Week 3 - Technology( R Scripts) & Resource Risk
Week 4 - Technology( R Scripts) & Unexpected Difficulty of Admin Function
Week 5 - Technology ( R Scripts & Graphiz)
Week 8 - Technology (D3 Technology)
Risk occurance.JPG


1. Schedule Metric
2. Bug Metric
3. Burn up Chart

Collaboration Tools

Kopa Wheel Collaboration Tools

Technical Complexity

Technology architecture.jpg

Meeting Minutes Repository

Click Here to View Minutes

Learning Outcomes


  • Learn about managing and organizing the project with various stakeholders
  • Learn new tools and understand how these tools can help to transform business requirements into an online portal


  • The amount of effort to bring a seemingly possible scenario to fruition is more than expected
  • Keeping the team motivated is very important. Finding a source of motivation for the team is difficult


  • Hopes to better analyze client's business requirements and transform them into a system's functional and non-functional requirements

Liang Hua

  • Wants to create new ideas and translate client's verbal/written requirements into system requirements, which can be troublesome, and making amendments accordingly


Resourses & References

  • General Resources

  • Knowledge Base
    • Joomla: Content Management System
    • PHP: Programming Language
    • XAMPP: Server Package
    • R Language: Statistical Computing & Graphics
    • JQuery: JavaScript Library
    • canviz : Visualisation of dot language on html
    • Graphviz : Converts dot language into various outputs, it will feed canviz
    • WKHTMLTOPDF: Converts our data into PDF Format
    • D3 Technology