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Ascension Midterm Wiki

This is Ascension's Midterm Wiki page. Click to return to our team's Main Wiki Page.

Project Progress Summary

Project Highlights

For mid-terms, the highlights of the project progress is as follows:

1. Completion of 80% of our core functionality. The remaining core functionality is on management report.

In addition to the core functionality, we understood through our recent UAT that user experience is a great motivation for them to use the system that we have designed. Hence, we will turn our focus to enhance that area in our project.

Project Management

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Project Status

System Function Status Confidence Level Comment
Management Portal Administrative functions

- Photo Management

- Project Management

- Access Control

- Account Management

Fully deployed. Tested 100% 1 -
Maze Configurations Fully deployed. Tested 100% 1 -
Progress Report Fully deployed. Tested 100% 1 -
Traffic Management Fully deployed. Tested 100% 1 -
Student Management

- QR code generator

- Upload participation list

Fully deployed. Tested 100% 1 -
Operations Tracking Application (OTA) Connection and Updates Fully deployed. Tested 100% 1 -
Facilitator Notes Fully deployed. Tested 100% 1 -
Scanning of QR code and manual registration of participants Fully deployed. Tested 100% 1 -
Grouping function Fully deployed. Tested 100% 1 -
6 Tracking module

- Node Dollar

- Comment


- Supermarket

- Scenario

- Prioritization

Fully deployed. Tested 100% 1 -
Swype function Fully deployed. Tested 100% 1 -


System Function Status Confidence Level Comment
Management Portal Management Report 0% 0.85 Cheong Hing has worked on BIRT report. He is currently researching on how to input graphical charts into the report.
Instant Messenger 0% 0.75 Wei Kiat is researching on how Google talk can be integrated into the management portal and Android App.
Operations Tracking Application (OTA) Instant Messenger 0% 0.75 Jing Hui is assisting Wei Kiat in the research.

Project Schedule (Plan Vs Actual)

Iterations Planned Actual Schedule Metric Comments
1 1. Requirements gathering

2. Mock up on web-front

12th May 12th May 1.0 On Time
2 1. Requirements gathering

2. Mock up on Android and Management Portal

28th May 28th May 1.0 On Time
3 1. Revision of mock up

2. Finalized and developed web front

3. Proposal Submission

21st June 21st June 1.0 On Time
4 1. Refinements of tracking module requirements

2. Developed node dollars, comment and MCQ

3. Report algorithm refinements

4. UAT A

22nd June 22nd July 1.0 On Time
5 1. Developed Supermarket

2. Developed Traffic Management

3. Progress Report – Half completed

4. UAT B – Acceptance Presentation

12th Aug 22nd Aug 1.6 The other half of progress report could be developed in time due to the learning curve in BIRT. We rescope after acceptance as the project idea was not focussed.
6 1. Developed scenario and prioritization module

2. Developed progress report configurations

3. Improvements on Traffic

2nd Sep 2nd Sep 1.0 On Time
7 1. Developed maze configurations

2. Completed Progress Report

3. Completed UAT C – Mid term presentation

4. Implemented Swype function

29th Sep 29th Sep 1.0 On Time. Replaced speech to text with swype function.

Project Metrics

Schedule Metrics

Midterm Schedule Metric

Our first major road block comes in iteration 5, where we slipped our project timeline and was reminded that our scope was too wide and complex to follow.

We made some shift, dropped some functions and got back on track in iteration 6 and 7.

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Bug Metrics

Midterm Bug Metric

Score of our bugs recorded are declining, this is due to the fact that

1. We have gradually research and learn more about our topics and are able to resolve the bugs quicker 2. There were increased amount of time used for debugging and a more frequent quality check done to find and solve bugs.

To see how we calculate the scores and their respective action plans, click to view our Main Metrics.

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Project Risks

Business Risk

Midterm Business Risk

Technical Risk

Midterm Technical Risk

External Risk

Midterm External Risk

Technical Complexity

The following are ranked accordingly to the level of difficulty.

1. Designing and aligning Android UI

2. Coding for complex user interactions and controls and integration of features such as QR code reading running on open-source applications.

3. Coding algorithm used to output the individual report where it convert input from tablet into report output. The algorithm have to take in various forms of input and produce a consistent output

4. Utilising BIRT technology to organize data into meaningful output for individual report. When designing the layout, we have to understand the features and API provided by BIRT in order to have a customizable report.

5. Retrieving and sending of data which includes text and images wirelessly on 2 different platforms

6. Redesigning Android in-built controls to handle exceptions and accidental clicking by users

Quality of Product

Intermediate Deliverables

Stage Specification Modules
Project Management Minutes Ascension_Meeting_Minutes
Metrics Metrics
Presentation Slides Acceptance Presentation Part I

Acceptance Presentation II

Mid-terms Presentation


Individual LOMS

Requirements Functional Requirements Storyboard v1.0

Storyboard v2.0

Analysis Use Case Use Case v1.0

Use Case v2.0

Process Flow Diagram Process Flow Diagram
Solution Architecture Diagram Solution Architecture
Design ER Diagram Implementation Schema
Testing Test Plan Milestone A

Milestone B

Milestone C


Our entire project (except the reporting module) has been deployed to Sanctuary house server.

To better understand our entire deployment, click to view our Deployment Diagram.

User Acceptance Testing

Our team has completed a total of 3 UAT.


General Client Feedback:

1. Android User interface needs to be improved
2. Report algorithm was too messy. difficult to understand how to process and use it
3. Suggested change of UI for web portal

To see the scope and what we conducted for our UAT, click to view our User Acceptance Test.


General Client Feedback:

1. Traffic Management UI to be improved.
2. Android user interface looks good.
3. Student Management function was useful, requested to add search function

To see the scope and what we conducted for our UAT, click to view our User Acceptance Test.


General Client Feedback:

1. Traffic Management UI is good. Need to resolve page refresh issue
2. Android user interface looks good, better UI interactions required for navigation
3. Student Management function was useful and looks cool
4. Maze configuration is easy and good.
5. Report configuration is much easier to comprehend and suitable for usage, however, add in duplication function
6. Report UI needs to be work through again.

To see the scope and what we conducted for our UAT, click to view our User Acceptance Test.

To view the complete test plans and test results, refer to our Main UAT.


Ng Choon Teck

It has been an incredible 4 months since we first embarked on our major project. I have never expected this entire thing to be so physically and mentally draining but yet so meaningful, vibrant and full of learning points. Working with Project Node as part of my CSP program for 2 years have made me realize how small a program can be grown into such a huge scale implementation. It has already been extremely touching just be seeing how our fruits of labour took off, and even having a trial on how our system would fit in the maze to better scope requirements back in July.

Working with clients that have no IT background, do not know exactly what they want, we ended up working on items repeatedly to meet the client demands. In the process of communicating with both clients, supervisor and team mates, I have learnt much on looking at things from different perspectives and bring communication in a concise manner to my team mates.

The end is near. We will continue to work towards meeting our goals in final presentation.

Au Cheong Hing

For myself, this project had been especially meaningful because of the history I share with the maze project. The NoDE project was a community involvement project(CSP) I was volunteering for during my first academic year. When the time came for sponsor selection for our IS480, this project was really suitable. Having been through the maze implementation, I am aware of the shortcomings and strength of the maze implementation. This understanding I have of the maze is precisely the reason why I am assigned the role of business analyst where I am to align the business needs of the maze with the technical delivery of our FYP team.

Chen Jun Fan

Through this particular project, I’ve learnt to work with different types of people. However, it was fun understanding each and every one of them, and tuning my working style to each individual. It is a different perspective of working as compared to other smaller scale school projects, as a large amount of accommodation has to be made for the team to progress.

I’ve also learnt the importance of communication and team work in this project. Without the constant encouragement from one another, we would not have gone thus far. I hope the remaining months will allow us to show greater team work and communication in completing this entire project.

Chee Jing Hui

Being a technical lead and the one responsible for the development of the Android Operations-Tracking Application has been extremely challenging especially since Android coding is new to me. I have to spend time not just to learn Android, but also to assist my team-mates when they encounter difficulties in coding. As such, there are times where I have neglected my role as a technical lead during the initial phase of the project.

Fortunately, I have a very supportive supervisor, Jason Woodard, cooperative team and understanding client whom have enabled me to ride through difficulties and in the process, understand more about each other and learnt invaluable skills and lessons through mistakes made. I am proud of what my team have accomplished so far.

Peh Wei Kiat

As the Design Analyst, I was tasked to handle all the aesthetics and usability of our product such as the web portal and management portal. I was given the chance to apply my design interest as well as learn to put myself in the users’ shoes to design an engaging and interactive user interface that they will enjoy using.

In the past few months of doing this final year project, not all has been smooth sailing. There were several challenges that occurred such as changes in user’s requirements and having to manage with the tight timeline. However, I managed to learn to adapt and cope with them.

One of the reasons that fuelled me on despite the challenges was the wonderful social cause behind what we are doing. I sincerely hope that our system will be able to help our client in facilitating the activities such as the maze so that out of it, the youths will be impacted and benefit out of the activity and our project.