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Ascension Learning Outcome

Ng Choon Teck

There are a few things I want to take away from this course.

1. Communication skills

Everyone has been mentioning about this importance, but until you devote yourself to a project for a significantly long period of time, it difficult to appreciate the fact that communication (as far as we think we are good at it) can be disastrous. Always seek clarification and understanding from client that they have acknowledged and understood what was communicated to them, especially any form of IT abbreviations should be avoided as much as possible. Bringing clear instructions and communicating negative information to them is always difficult. The perceptions and tone of communication has to be well measured.

2. Business-IT Alignment

No matter how many times i tried to do this in any project, it is always an extremely challenging task. In order to enhance our client understanding, many communications has to take place to engage them and for them to participate in the project. The idea that business outcome take precedence is also another big factor that always results in Business –IT misalignment, simply because business outcomes are always changing. However, it means that our solution has to be flexible to react to changes and schedule has to be robust enough to handle those changes. This are some of the interesting pointers that I hope to take away from the project.

Au Cheong Hing

There are a few things I want to take away from this course.

1. Develop skills to understand business needs and to provide useful IT solutions aligned to those needs.

2. Learn to handle a project which is able to provide a similar environment to the actual industrial settings.

3. Understand BIRT technology for reporting functions.

Chen Junfan

I would like learn more about aligning the business needs to IT, which I believe would be of utmost importance in my future internship or career where ideas are not fed, but are suggested by one.

Chee Jing Hui

What I hope to learn/achieve:

1. Understand how the business side works and how I can enhance and provide increased business value through effective IT solutions

2. Improve my methodology of learning when I go through the learning curve of picking up new programming skills

3. Learning to handle the client and project manager to go through the process of understanding, negotiating and finally agreeing to project requirements.

Peh Wei Kiat

At the end of this course, i would like to gain a better understanding of the business and IT linkage in the industrial settings and also the entire project life cycle from requirements gathering to the delivery of the end product. On top of that, i would also like to learn some new programming language such as PHP and JQuery. Lastly, i would also like to take this opportunity to enhance on my other skills like communication, team work and the ability to work under intense pressure.