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Project Overview


Use Case Description

Use Case Description


Pay through PayPal
  • Implement embedded PayPal payments so that Owners will not have to leave Pivotal Expert in order to escrow their next payments.
Create/Edit Project
  • Owners can post their projects for developers to bid, and edit them at later stages.
Accept Bid
  • Owners can accept or reject a bid from a developer.
Accept/Reject Deliverable
  • After a developer submits his work for an iteration, the Owner can accept or reject it.
View Project Bids
  • When the owner selects his project from the projects list, he will see all the bids for his project.
Sort/Filter Developers
  • Allow Owners to filter developers through various categories, such as technical competency.
Log Bugs
  • Owners will be able to log bugs to be fixed in following iterations.


Create Bid
  • Developers can bid for the projects that they are interested in.
Edit Iteration Pan
  • Developers will be able to edit their iteration plan and submit to the Owner before the iteration starts.
Change Iteration Order
  • Developers can also shift the order of the iterations to re-prioritize.
Submit/View Return On Time
  • Developers can key in the number of hours they took to complete an iteration. This data will be aggregated and used to display their productivity levels for each programming language they have used in projects under Pivotal Experts.


  • Users can log in to Pivotal Experts through their Facebook or Google Account.
Edit Profile
  • When new users first log in, they will be prompted to create their profile. If they want to edit it in future, they can do so from the dashboard.
View Profile
  • A user can see the details of his profile, as well as those of other users
View Projects
  • Users can view the available or completed projects.
View Workroom
  • The workroom will only be seen by the owner and the developer of that project. It displays the title, project wall, and the iterations breakdown, also known as the project work plan.
Write on Project Wall
  • Both the owner and developer can write notes on the project wall.
Comment on Iterations
  • Users can post comments on iterations within the workroom to discuss about that particular iteration.
View Dashboard
  • When a user logs in, he will see a dashboard which contains his profile, news feed, projects and some important figures such as money earned/spent.
Feedback through Get Satisfaction
  • There is a feedback tab on the left side of the browser which allows user to post ideas, questions, problems and compliments to getsatisfaction.com for Pivotal Expert.
Send Messages
  • Users can send messages to each other’s inbox in Pivotal Expert.
Change Iteration Status
  • A developer can start or deliver an iteration, while the owner can accept or reject it.
View Developers
  • Any user can view a list of all developers in Pivotal Experts.
Search Project
  • Users can search for projects using different keywords.
Sort/Filter Projects
  • Allow users to filter or sort projects through various categories, such as payments.
Negotiate Pay Raise
  • Enable developers to ask for a raise after their 2nd completed iteration.
  • Owners can choose to accept, decline or ignore a weekly raise request by a developer.
Share links through Social Networks
  • Users can post their projects to their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.
  • Users can share a link to their Pivotal Experts profile through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
Suggest Schools
  • Users can request for new schools to be added into Pivotal Expert’s database.
Suggest Badges
  • Users can suggest badges which are not included in Singpath.
Suggest documents
  • Users can suggest documents such as educational materials.


View Google Analytics
  • Administrator will be able to view the charts of important data such as the pages with the highest number of views.
View Pivotal Expert Analytics
  • Create a dashboard for the admin that shows a quick snapshot of all important Pivotal Expert numbers.
View Advertising Recommendations
  • Enable demand shifting to international Owners with Adwords integration.
  • Create the funnels and track from click to conversion.
  • Use search data to raise Adwords Cost Per Click to the maximum to break even.


Email Verification
  • System will be able to verify if the developer’s school email address is valid.
Integrate Singpath Badges
  • System will be able to pull a user’s badges from their Singpath account if he has one.
Identify Location
  • System will use the longitude and latitude based on the user’s IP address to locate the user’s region.
Compare Locations
  • Before a transaction is made, the system will compare the locations of the developer and owner. If they are from different countries, Pivotal Expert will take a commission fee.

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