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Project Overview

Client Requirements

Requirements List

Item Set Description


  • Delayed chain payments
  • Configure PayPal for live deployment
  • Create live PayPal account
  • Go live with PayPal
View Profile
  • Create profile view
  • Create profile model
Edit Profile
  • Create profile view
  • Create profile edit view
Post/Edit Project
  • Create Post/Edit Project View
  • Create Project Model
View Projects
  • Create Projects View
Create Bid
  • Create Bid View
  • Create Bid Model
Accept/Reject Bid
  • Create Bid Logic
  • Create Workroom Model
Edit Iteration Plan
  • Create Edit Iteration View
Accept/Reject Deliverable
  • Create Deliverable Logic
  • Create Workroom View
Post Comments in Workroom
  • Create Comments View
Search Project
  • Create Search Project View
  • Implement Janrain API
Email Verification
  • Create Verification Logic
Sort/Filter Projects
  • Create Filter Project Logic
Sort/Filter Developers
  • Create Filter Developers Logic
Receive Email
  • Create Email View
  • Create Email Model
Submit Feedback
  • Study Get Satisfaction API
  • Implement Get Satisfaction API
Negotiate Pay Raise
  • Create Pay Raise View
  • Create Pay Raise Model
Integrate Singpath Badges
  • Research on methods of integrating the Badges
  • Implement the methods
Social Networking
  • Post a project link to Social Networks
  • Share a link to your Pivotal Expert profile
  • Implement documents repository suggestion system
  • Implement badge suggestion system
  • Implement school suggestion system
Location Identification
  • Calculate User's Geographic Location
View Google Analytics
  • Create Google Analytics View
  • Implement Google Analytics API
Submit/View Return-on-Time (ROT)
  • Create ROT View
  • Create ROT SQL Statements
View Pivotal Expert (PE) Analytics
  • Create PE Analytics View
  • Create PE Analytics SQL Statements
View Advertising Recommendations
  • Create Advertising View
  • Create Avertising SQL Statements

Project Sitemap