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Project Highlights

After acceptance, we realised that we had a misconception of requirements/ideas with our Client. We had to, therefore, redo whatever development that was previously done to match what our Client actually required/visioned.

Luckily, it was still considered to be an early stage of our developmental phase and managed to rectify our previous misalignments with project requirements. However, this brought us back by an iteration as we had to reassess the requirements of our project and re-plan any 'new' functionalities.

We also came up with a mockup UI to ensure that what we will deliver matches our Client's needs, before commencing development.

Midterm slides

To view our Midterm presentation slides, please click here.

Project Status

Pivoteers has managed to work with our project deployed on GAE. As of now, we managed to conduct our UAT via the cloud platform and this would largely benefit us as we can avoid the deployment woes as we reach the end of FYP. We are maintaining our current scope as of this mid term and we foresee that new scopes are not likely to arise. We split our team into 3 sections to handle our team's overall development where Philip/Lynn manage the main system programming, Kelvin/Fidelis manage the javascripts/jQuery and Shaun/Cheryl manage the user interface of our portal. Our confidence level for completion is set at 0.7.

Project Schedule (Plan Vs Actual)

Screen shot 2011-02-18 at AM 10.06.42.png

Our planned schedule during the acceptance has a cushion of buffer for the team to rely on in case we overrun. At our actual progress now, we are behind by 2 weeks because of our UAT and preparation for mid term. Hence, our weekly deliverables have been pushed backwards and the buffer time has been used up.

Project Metrics

Tardiness Metrics


Bug Metrics

Pivoteers bugmetrics.png

Project Risks

Pivoteers risk.png

Our group identify two major risks that may potentially impact our team. Firstly, miscommunication of our client is a risk that we encounter at the beginning of our term. We realised through the experience that we need to constantly receive feedback from our client as we do our development so that we know we are on the right track and this would also reduce our chances of diverging from our client's requirement.

The second risk is the under-estimation of our project functionality. We realised that as much as we plan what we really want to achieve before our development, we cannot fully gauge the complexity of each functions until we started developing them. Hence, our mitigation plan is to review our deliverables in the plan vs actual schedule on a weekly basis.

Quality of Product


Simply use your Google, Facebook or Yahoo login to access our site at:



  • Date: 10-11 Feb 2011
  • No. of Users: 17 students
    • (9 in-person, 8 OTOT)
    • Only carried out testing with potential developers of the system
  • Tested the UI, business flow and some other bugs
  • Collected feedback on Google Form. For detailed test form, please click here.
  • Also met up with professional web designer, Andy Croll of deepcalm.com, for expert advice on UI


  • UI is generally well-received (colours, fonts, layouts)

Pivoteers UAT UI.png

  • Need to work on site navigation

Pivoteers UAT navigation.png

  • Further enhancement of UI (based on Andy Croll's feedback)

For detailed UAT I results, please click here.


Kelvin Ching

Understanding client requirement is crucial. Our team endured a week long of halt just to correct our mismatch in terms of how the UI flows with the business logic. Learned to meet our client regularly before we proceed with our development.

Always pair up with someone in the team when it comes to allocation of work. Two heads are better than one.

UAT helps us to understand real user needs.

Shaun Tham

FYP has indeed been a HUGE (literally) module that has taught me much, it has certainly broadened the "working with a client" aspect as unlike all projects, in this we face a real client and would be accountable to the client directly. Apart from that, FYP has likewise taught me the hard skills to learn many different things. At this midway mark, FYP has indeed taken its toil on me but with the great teammates, it looks to be an "exciting" 2nd half ahead. :)

Lynn Chang

7 weeks into the project, I must say that along the way we have experienced both ups and downs. Early into our project, we failed to grasp our client's requirement well. Leading to somewhat of a mini crisis. Also, tasked to be a developer, a role that I wasn't really comfortable in. I struggled to learn python and the framework, django on google app engine. It was frustrating to be putting in a lot of time reading a django book, yet have no product (codes) to show.

All these initial hurdles were extremely daunting. But looking back from this midway mark, I must say we have made improvements. We are definitely wiser from the mistakes we made. Personally, I am feeling more comfortable with the technologies and maybe enjoying it a little more! The remaining weeks will not be easy. But I'm feeling hopeful about the end product!

Also, a great big thanks to my fellow pivoteers (for the food, jokes and encouragement)!

Pang Kah Chuan

FYP is one of the heaviest module that I ever took in SMU. However, I have learned several useful technical and soft skills such as new programming languages and on how to communicate and manage client expectations through this process.

FYP also provided me with real-time experience to work with a real client which is different from taking the normal academic modules. The main difference is that for normal modules, we are usually required to follow course requirement to complete the assignment, however this is not true while working with real client. We would need to think and understand exactly what the client want and how are we going to value-add to our client in our project, besides just delivering all the basic requirements.

I felt that teamwork plays a crucial role in FYP as each of us has different strength and it is important that we are able to tap on each other strength and overcome the weaknesses.

Cheryl Jo

FYP has been extremely time consuming and it is hard having to balance the workload among the other projects and school work. The experience of working with my friends have been pretty interesting, though seeing each other so often is limiting my social circle. Haha. It was a struggle trying to figure out how to make the UI look good with the limited HTML and CSS skills I had, but after about 9 weeks of trying to get it to look right, I'm actually beginning to like HTML and CSS. The process has been quite fulfilling so far, though it gets a bit discouraging when things don't work they way you want them to. However, I believe this is all part of the learning process that will help me to become a much more effective worker.

Fidelis Tan

It has been an interesting journey thus far. I have learnt the importance of project scheduling and the true meaning of "To fail to plan, is to plan to fail". A good project schedule ensures that we will always have a common (weekly) goal, to work towards to.

Learning the use of jquery and its plugins has been a fun experience. It is amazing how much can be done through the use of jquery plugins.

I also learnt the importance of constantly matching our client's requirements with what we perceive/understand. Misunderstandings are commonplace. It usually takes 2-3 explanations of the same requirement before expectations are matched.