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Team Pivoteers

Who Are We?

Pivoteers Group shot.png

We are a group of final year students, who have gotten together to embark on this final "challenge". We are hoping that upon completion of this project, we will leave SMU with sweet memories of hard-earned victories as we begin another milestone in life. Pun not intended ;)

Team Members' Roles & Responsibilities

Pivoteers roles.png

Project Overview


Project Description

Our goal is for Pivotal Expert to be an easy platform for outsourcing of small, flexible IT-related development projects by local SMEs to local tertiary students. By connecting local SMEs with local tertiary students, we aim to create a winwin situation for both the SMEs, by providing a one-stop centre for quality local talent, as well as for students to gain industry experience and also earn some extra income. A unique "Work by Iterations. Pay by Iterations" scheme will also be used to differentiate Pivotal Expert from current potential competitors.

Storyboard Video

Pivotal Expert Storyboard: Pivotal Expert Promo Vid


Although there are other online platforms that allow hirers and talents to meet (e.g. oDesk, eLance), we have identified some problems or what we call "pains" in these current available solutions.

Pivoteers Motivation2.png


Pivotal Expert aims to address these problems and provide benefits to both the Hirers and Students.

Enable HIRERS to:

  • Find local talent for IT-related projects through a trusted one-stop source
  • Lower outsourcing cost

Enable STUDENTS to:

  • Gain industry experience on various projects
    • Out-of-classroom learning and skills application
  • Ensure flexibility in taking on various projects
    • More options on deciding when and how involved they want to be

What's Different?

  • Primarily ensures that the pool of talent developers within the portal are students from local tertiaries here in Singapore
  • "Work by Iteration. Pay by Iteration" business model
    • The Hirer and the Student would have to agree to pay and be paid per iteration delivered.


Pivoteers stakeholders.jpg

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain knowledge on a few new programming languages
  • Creating a project on an unfamiliar framework
  • Project and Scope Management
  • Able to confidently handle challenges such as translating sponsor’s business logic can requirements to IT functionality
  • Team Collaboration Skills
  • Going beyond the IT requirement and adding business value to the project
  • Project iteration completion using Pivotal Tracker ("eat-own-dog-food" principle)

Project Link

Access our deployed project at Pivotal Expert

Project Management

Project Scope

Business Flow

  • Registration

Pivoteers Registration.png

  • Project Posting & Bidding

Pivoteers project posting and bidding.png

  • Proposal Selection & Completion

Pivoteers proposal selection and completion.png

  • Payment

Pivoteers payment.png

Project Timeline

Pivoteers New timeline.png


  • Learning of Python, Django & Google App Engine
  • Gathering of requirements


Iteration 1 (17/12/10 - 31/12/10)

  • Development of project metrics and risk management
  • User interface (design, prototype)
  • Building of Profile Management

Iteration 2 (1/1/11 - 8/1/11)

  • Create UI static pages
  • Build Profile Management
    • Login, Logout, Register, Reset PW, Email validation

Iteration 3 (14/1 - 21/1)

  • Integration of Janrain
  • Complete UI mockups


Iteration 1 (22/1 - 28/1)

  • Build Profile Management
    • View, Display, Edit
  • Build Project Management
    • View, Post, Upload

Iteration 2 (29/1 - 4/2)

  • Build Bidding Management
    • Plan, Create, Edit
  • Build Project Management
    • Create workroom, Post comment, Delete project

Iteration 3 (5/2 - 11/2)

  • Build Bid Management
    • Cancel, Compare
  • Build Project Management
    • Confirm project allocation, Confirm project acceptance, Submit iteration
  • UAT

Iteration 4 (12/2 - 18/2)

  • Build Project Management
    • Decline, Request, Drop provider, Invite user

Iteration 5 (19/2 - 25/2)

  • Build Project Management
    • Search project
  • Build Payment Management
    • Verify, Transfer, Escrow, View transaction history

Iteration 6 (26/2 - 4/3)

  • Build Merit Management
    • Singpath badges, Rating and ranking, Request admin skills approval
  • Build Admin Module
    • Create badge


Iteration 1 (5/3 - 11/3)

  • Build Admin Module
    • Verify request for badge
  • Enhance main page
    • View statistics, View star developers, browse users by school

Iteration 2 (12/3 - 18/3)

  • Test plan
  • Usability testing

Iteration 3 (19/3 - 25/3)

  • System testing
  • UAT II
  • Update system with feedback/results

Iteration 4 (26/3 - 1/4)

  • Poster creation
  • Compilation of system documents
  • Finalise Wiki
  • Final presentation preparation

Milestone and Deliverables

Pivoteers schedule metric8.jpg

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker allows our group to keep track of the progress on the functions that we are to complete in each iteration.

Project Metrics

Schedule/Efficiency Metric

  • Measures efficiency in our project progress

Pivoteers schedule metric.png

Tardiness Metric

  • For every 10mins late, we will be fined $1 that is to be paid to the "treasury"
  • Measures overall amount of tardiness through amount of money in "treasury"
  • "Treasury" to be strictly controlled by the PM

Pivoteers tardiness metric2.png

Bug Metric

  • Measures number of bugs on project
  • Tracked via Pivotal Tracker

Pivoteers Bug metric.png

Risk Management

Risk Type Probability Impact Exposure Level Mitigation Strategy
Unfamiliarity with new programming languages that can delay project progress Project HIgh High A Prepare by reading more relevant books and ensure members understand after every iteration
Team members to go for holiday, unable to complete task according to schedule Team High Medium A Having sufficient accountability to our work and always having another member to cover the responsibility
Lack of time for functionality completion Project Medium Medium B Drop functionality and replan schedule

Risk Matrix (Exposure Level)

Risk matrix.png

Project Documentation

Document Link
Use Case Diagrams
Use Case Descriptions
UI Mockup Deck
ER Diagram
Business Flow

Technical Complexity

Development Technologies Used

  • Python
  • Django
  • JQuery
  • CSS
Development Technologies Used

Production Environment / 3rd-Party Technologies

  • Google App Engine
  • Janrain
  • Paypal
  • Gravatar
  • GetSatisfaction
  • AddThis
Development/Production Environment

Collaboration Methods

  • Google Docs
  • Pivotal Tracker
  • Assembla
  • Dropbox
  • Email
Collaboration Methods

Progress Summary

Project Status

Term: Week 15

Continued improvements on our system as well as prepared for our final presentation on Friday! Can't believe that the end is finally near!

We have completed the final presentation and glad that everything went as planned :) In the midst of completing the handover to our client (codes on github, shared google doc on project requirements/functionalities, configuration manual).

Term: Week 14

Conducted our UAT at the start of this week. Improved on our system based on the feedback that was given!

Term: Week 13

We have identified some bugs and minor UI fixes that need to be done. As these are currently being worked on to ensure that our system is ready for UAT, we have pushed back our UAT from this Friday, to next Tuesday.

Term: Week 12

Have completed integrating PayPal with our system. Payment module now works! Intensive internal testing will now be done.

Term: Week 11

Have successfully integrated SingPath to show the Singpath badges on our profile page.

Term: Week 10

We have successfully implemented our 'Search' function. However, we are currently still in the midst of integrating Paypal with our system. We have scheduled a meeting, next week, with a Paypal representative to clarify any doubts and questions.

Term: Week 9

Iteration 5 is nearly complete. Some functionalities, such as 'Request termination/Drop provider", is in its finishing stage.

Term: Week 8

Through team work and determination, we have completed Iteration 4. On track to start Iteration 5 next week.

Term: Week 7

It's a week of mugging and preparation for our FYP Midterm presentation on Friday.

Term: Week 6

UAT testing this week! Have put current iteration 3 on hold

Term: Week 5

Happy Chinese New Year!! :)

Term: Week 4

So far, except for some bug issues in 'Edit Profile', we are on schedule!

Term: Week 3

This week has been spent firming up and reviewing the exact UI and business flow according to our Client's expectations as he wants us to get it right before we start coding. As such, features that were supposed to be completed in the previous iteration as well as in the current iteration had to be pushed back. We are 1 week behind based on the previous week's schedule. Therefore, the project schedule has been updated based on the delays and re-assessed based on the importance of certain features.

Term: Week 2

Have successfully integrated Janrain for our system login! Bids for projects can now be placed. We have also done a major overhaul of our UI after last week's feedback from our Client.

Term: Week 1

We have updated our project schedule based on feedback given during our Project Acceptance presentation. We have increased the number of functionalities and consequently, the iterations within the Construction phase have risen from 4 to 5. The number of tasks within the Transition phase have also been increased to fully utilise the time available during this period.

A review with our Client made us realise that we have been going off tangent with respect to the project requirements requested. A thorough revamp of the system will, therefore, need to be done asap to ensure that our group does not deviate too much from the planned schedule.

Term: Week 0

Despite some small hiccups at the start of our Project Acceptance presentation, we managed to finish and glad to have been accepted!

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Midterm Progress Wiki

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Final Closing Video

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