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Team's Reflections

Team's Personal Reflections

Member Reflections
Diwanand Davar Project-wise:

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are resources in abundance for us to leverage on. So, why waste this opportunity. A lesson that can be carried forward in my working life.”

“I could be enjoying life instead of this, but when this is life, learn to enjoy with what you have!”

Nur Muhammad Rifqi Bin Rohaizat Project-wise:

“Given the relatively steep curve to learn flash in a short amount of time, I must say I am quite proud of myself for being able to accomplish such a daunting task.”

“I am a joker myself. But I’ve never worked with a bunch of jokers in my team. I feel that I need to compete with everyone to be the best in this field at least!”

Mohamed Asheeq S/o Mohamed Rafie Project-wise:

“Planning is crucial to any project. However, no matter how much one plans, there are just external elements that are way beyond the control of one’s plan. Hence, the inconceivable delays in projects as a result. This occurs often in real life I’m sure.”

“I never knew how good SMU’s carpet is! Now I do! After overnighting nights after nights in school! Great quality!”

Mohamed Ali Jinnah S/o Abdul Aziz Project-wise:

“Code, code and more code! One thing I’ve learnt is to trust my groupmates with what they’ve been tasked to do. It certainly makes coding much easier and efficient to say the least!”

“Spending countless days and nights toiling on this project has definitely made us closer in more ways than one!”

Soh Fang Yi Project-wise:

“Working with a bunch of close friends on a project can be a double-edged sword. I must say we experienced the both the ups and downs of working in such an environment. However, this is a good learning experience, one that will prepare me for the future.”

“Weekends have never been equated with work. However, that has certainly changed throughout these past 4 months.. But it wasn’t all bad!”

Client's Comments

Clients Comments
Short Street Tamil Methodist Church About the team:

"They seem to be balancing their work and this project very well. They have incorporated most of our suggestions into the system within an exceptionally short time frame."

What can be improved to make this a better experience for your organization:
"I understand the students do this as an additional course to their school work. Thus they seem a bit pressured for time. Maybe a longer time frame for the project might go easier on them, thus allowing us to increase our requirements over time instead of having to compile an entire list in a short time. We would also be grateful if the school could continue to host the system for more than a year, as being a charitable organization we have limited financial resources at our disposal."

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