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Project Progress Summary

Project Status

The team has completed all the functionalities that it had proposed during fyp acceptance.
For speech recognition we have changed from Microsoft's Speech SDK to WAMI (MIT). As for the game functionality, we have changed from Microsoft XNA to Adobe Flash due to technology limitations we have in having to pick up another language in the form of Microsoft Silverlight in order to integrate.
For more information, please refer to the link: Project Status

Project Highlights

Unexpected events/issues:

  • Some team members were not around due to holidays etc.
  • Members are busy with other commitments

  • Our initial client ceased his operation as he went bust suddenly in early January
  • A team member had to drop the IS480 module and as such, withdrew from the team
  • The team engaged new client,Short Street Tamil Methodist Church, as the main contact point for requirements gathering.

  • The team engaged another client, Indian Muslim Social Service Association, for the team to get constant feedback, suggestions and test the flexibility of the outreach of this system
  • Difficulties integrating the XNA game with our existing system due to Microsoft Silverlight
  • Unable to go LIVE as the server was down for a significant period (19 Feb to 28 Feb)
  • Server issues due to this being our first time deploying onto a dedicated (live) server

    Project Challenges

  • Technologies
    Limitation due to Microsoft Imagine Cup, the team needed to use technologies by Microsoft. However as you may know by now, the Microsoft Speech SDK was unable to be deployed as web application. The team adopted to WAMI instead.

  • Client
    The previous client, Nurture Language School, went bust. Therefore the team had to engage new clients, Short Street Tamil Methodist Church & Indian Muslim Social Service Association.

    Project Management

    Project Schedule (Planned VS Actual)

    After the mid terms, the team's schedule is push back by 2 weeks after the mid term due to the previous delays.
    For more details, please refer to the link: Project Schedule

    Project Metrics

    The data is collected by the team throughout the project duration, the metrics are schedule and workman hour metrics.
    For the graphs of our metrics, please refer to the link: Schedule & Workman hour Metrics

    Technical Complexity

    Please refer to the link for more details: Technical Complexity

    Quality of Product

    Project Deliverables

    Stages Specification Modules
    Project Management Minutes Meeting minutes
    Metrics Schedule & Workman Hour Metrics
    Requirements Storyboard Storyboard
    Analysis Use case Overall
    Business Process Diagram Before & After
    Sample Screenshots Sample Screenshots
    Testing Test plan Test Case
    UAT feedback forms Student Feedback

    Teacher Feedback

    Handover User Manuals Student User Manual

    Teacher User Manual
    Admin User Manual


    The team conducted various testing with:

  • Existing client
  • Private tutors/teachers
  • Other foreign workers (eg. the school cleaners in SMU)


    Team's & Client's Reflections


    Home Page