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Project Features


Main features

  • Text association (Comprehension)
  1. Teach vocabulary/context
  2. Understanding of words
  • Speech recognition (Speaking or conversation)
  1. Correct pronunciation
  2. Simple conversation dialogues
  • Grammar capability (writing)
  1. Through pictorial-based learning
  2. Matching of elements to pictures
  • Quiz
  1. Measure user’s capability after the “session” of learning
  2. Will allow user to advance to the next stage if he “passes” the test
  • Learning dashboard
  1. Track user’s advancements
  2. Easy to view format
  3. Engaging and interactive

Nice to have features (Additional)

  • Games
  1. Developed to engaged with the user and increase their interest in using this system to learn
  • Generate PDF
  1. Allow the user to download the modules as PDF

Basic Features Description

  • Login / Logout

This feature allows the users to login to the system by providing a user name and password as well as to logout of the system by clicking on the ‘Logout’ button.

  • Register

This feature allows the user to register himself to become a student or teacher in the system, by providing a username, password, email and birthday details.

  • Create Resource (Upload)

This feature allows the user (teacher) to create a resource. A resource can either be a picture, sound file or sentence, and has associated questions and an answer, all of which have to be provided by the user.

  • Retrieve Resource

This feature allows the user (student) to access a particular resource, and use the resource by answering the associated question and check their answer.

  • Edit Resource

This feature allows the user (either teacher or admin) to make changes to the resource i.e. change the answer for the question, add/removes answers or questions etc.

  • Delete Resource

This feature allows the user (either teacher or admin) to remove a resource from the database.

  • Retrieve Profile

This feature allows the user (all) to view their and others user profile.

  • Edit Profile

This feature allows the user (all) to update their user profile to keep the information accurate and up to date.

  • View Learning Dashboard

This feature allows users (all) to view their own learning dashboard, or those of other users should they have the priority to do so i.e. teachers, admin.

  • Take Quiz

This feature is for the user (student) to take the assessment at the end of each module to determine his knowledge retention from the text association, speech recognition and grammar stage of the module.

  • Generate PDF

This feature is to allow the users (teachers and admin) to download the existing modules as PDF.

  • Play Game

This feature is to allow the user (student) to browse and play games that have been provided.

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