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Welcome to Paradigm Shift


Paradigm Shift is a team of 5 passionate SIS undergraduates who possess different expertise.
This project, Gecko English Teacher, is an educational system which aims to increase the literacy of English among foreign workers.
The team wishes to build an interactive and engaging system for these foreign workers with the help of the basic technology, Internet.


Member Roles & Responsibilities

Roles Members Email Responsibilities
Project Manager / Client Advocate Mohamed Asheeq S/o Mohamed Rafie masheeq.mr.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg
  • Responsible for the overall undertakings of the project
  • Tracks schedule and reports progress status to team and stakeholders
  • Lead System Developer Diwanand Davar diwanandd.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg
  • Responsible for planning overall system design and architecture
  • Leads team in system development
  • Project Administrator Soh Fang Yi fangyi.soh.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg
  • Responsible for analyzing business and functional requirements
  • Leads team in aspects of business process re-engineering
  • Database Analyst Nur Muhammad Rifqi Bin Rohaizat nurmrifqi.r.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg
  • Responsible for planning of database design
  • Coordinates and integrates database with system
  • System Developer / Asst. Designer Mohamed Ali Jinnah S/o Abdul Aziz malij.aa.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg
  • Responsible for assisting lead system designer in system design and architecture
  • Research on technologies appropriate for project development

  • Our Supervisor

    Kevin Steppe

    Our Clients

    Primary Client
    Short Street Tamil Methodist Church

  • Rev James Nagulan | Pastor
  • Barnabas | Teacher
  • Rajan | Teacher
  • Isaac | Teacher
  • Habib | Teacher

    Secondary Client
    Indian Muslim Social Service Association
  • Sheikh | Teacher

    Progress Summary

    Current Progress (As of 17 March)

    Complete the project.
    FINAL PRESENTATION @ 7.30pm SIS SR 2.3 We are LIVE:

    Project Highlights

    Unexpected events/issues:

  • Some team members were not around due to holidays etc.
  • Members are busy with other commitments

  • Our initial client ceased his operation as he went bust suddenly in early January
  • A team member had to drop the IS480 module and as such, withdrew from the team
  • The team engaged new client,Short Street Tamil Methodist Church, as the main contact point for requirements gathering.

  • The team engaged another client, Indian Muslim Social Service Association, for the team to get constant feedback, suggestions and test the flexibility of the outreach of this system
  • Difficulties integrating the XNA game with our existing system due to Microsoft Silverlight
  • Unable to go LIVE as the server was down for a significant period (19 Feb to 28 Feb)
  • Server issues due to this being our first time deploying onto a dedicated (live) server

    Project Management

  • Project Status
  • Project Schedule
  • Metrics
  • Milestone
  • Project Risk(s)
  • Technical Complexity
  • Gecko English Teacher (Details)


    To develop a web based system to facilitate the learning and comprehension of English.


    Gecko English Teacher is a web-based educational system. Its target group is foreign workers who lack basic English Language skills. This system will facilitate the foreign workers’ learning of the English language through reading, speaking and writing (in the form of typing) to various proficiency levels.

    Project Period

    The project will be developed from 31st October 2010 to 17th March 2011.

    Development Environment

    The system will be developed in a C# environment, using Visual Studios 2008, with SQL Server as the backend database. Subversion will be used to maintain and consolidate work done by the team. It will be tested and run on our own machines under a Windows 7 operating system before deployment on a server.

    Selling Point

    • It's free
    • User-generated content
    • No requirement to download any software
    • It's interactive
    • All-in-one system comprising of conversational, grammar and vocabulary skills
    • Currently, the only English educational system cater for foreign workers from India

    Project Features


    • All the users using this system have very limited knowledge of the English language
    • They are however, well-versed in Tamil
    • Application will be deployed and used in tuition centers to generate sufficient user content.
      It will then be further deployed to developing countries with adults that speak fluent Tamil and very little English.


    • Hands-on testing by users (foreign workers, teachers, tutors)
    • Test on:
    1. Ease-of-usage
    2. Words accuracy
    3. “Level of fun” (so that users are interested)
    4. Difficulty

    Sample User Interface

    Software Used

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    Final Presentation

    Click HERE for more details on our FINAL PRESENTATION.


    Meeting minutes

    Final Deliverables

    • Speech to Text Recognition
    • Text to Speech
    • Text Association
    • Progress Chart
    • Quiz
    • Generate PDF
    • Learning Dashboard
    • View/Monitor Student’s Progress
    • Upload Resource Content

    Learning Outcome

    • Plan for the unexpected, plan for the worst case scenario
    • Challenged and tested our boundaries
    • Double edged sword working with friends
    • Don’t limit your resources
    1. Microsoft does not always have the best solution for the problem/issue

    Online examples

    Resources and Reference