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Project Progress Summary - Mid Term

What started out as a requirement gathering session quickly led to the idea of a Learning Central Management System (LCMS) with cool open source and social media network functionality integration. We have spent the first half of the term working hard on integrating cool technologies like Google Docs API, Zend GData framework, JPGraph Library and the LinkedIn Social Media API into the Moodle LCMS source.

Project Highlights

Wk 2 - Learning of PHP and sourcing for Google DOCS API library for PHP took 2 weeks. This problem was reflected in the long completion of functions in the Google Docs Function (See schedule, iteration 1)
Wk 3 - After much consideration, OCR is dropped due to complexities in setting up.
Wk 4 - Google Docs PHP client has limitations, resulting in the need to code more than expected.
Wk 5 - UI evaluation is subjective, taking more time than we expect, and hence our 1st integration results in problems.
Wk 7 - Busy week for all team members due to mid terms, presentations, and project UAT.
Wk 8 - Server problem before Mid Term Presentation (Our project is deployed).

Changes since project acceptance

Changed from developing on the Oxwall (CMS) Source code to implementation on the Moodle (LCMS) Source Code. This change was due to feedback during acceptance phase. We did a more thorough CMS comparison before settling on Moodle. Reason was that it is more suited towards educational purposes and it has an extensive support. In addition, design and interface can be changed with more flexibility as it runs on CSS themes and source is written in PHP.

Dropped one proposed functionality, the archiving of files from image, ppt, pdf to text document using OCR technology. This was because of the technical complexities involve in setting up the OCR library source and also because of the overlap with Google Docs as Google Docs supports OCR as well.

Project Progess

Task completed before Mid Term are:

Resource Management: SSO, View, Download, Upload, Edit, Delete.

Class Participation: View Progress, Assign Scores.

Social Networking Integration: Fetch LinkedIn Profile.

UI: Mainpage, Resource Panel Tab, Integration.

Task to be done (after feedback from UAT):

Resource Management: Preview panel switch to JQuery pop up.

Class Participation: New table to be created to manage participation scores, display post view by user being assess on participation.

UI: Refinement to UI (Interactive Flash).

We will include these tasks into our 2nd half of our schedule, ideally they should be implemented and tested asap.