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Project Metrics

Metric 1 : Work Quality Metric

This metric basically tracks the work quality contributed by each member. This is accomplised when the PM creates different levels of expectations, upon hitting a particular level of expectation, members would then score a point. The objective of the metric is not to create competition, but rather to allow each member to compare their performance with each other member and work towards an equal level of contribution.

Level Breakdowns

  • Level 1: Bare minimum, you must at least accomplish this. (e.g. the original hastily-done FYP proposal with reasonable formatting)
  • Level 2: A bit more work, but by accomplishing this, you make everyone’s life much better.
  • Level 3: Everyone will be extremely impressed. (e.g. the FYP proposal after Dit Ching beautified it)

Example Task List

Task (1)

Create UI design for the main page, you can work or improve from previous proposed UI’s

  • Level 1: Sketch your take on the perfect UI on paper
  • Level 2: Put UI on slides with correct dimensions, slide reflect exactly how the end product will look like
  • Level 3: Put in considerations for multiple message entries and other elements on the page (manga feature, video highlight, deep zoom features), include stuff that Microsoft might have missed out or personal suggestions to make the page better
  • Fail: Nothing written on paper, saying that you thought about it in your head does not count.

Metric 2 : Time Management Metric

This metric tracks the time taken for members to complete their respective tasks. Using time already spent and % completed, a function will estimate the likely time that the member will complete his/her task. The calculated estimated time will be compared with the pre-determined time to give a final value which corresponds to a Red, Yellow or Green Zone. Depending on the zone colour, action would be taken to help the member get back on schedule (e.g. assigning more members or going into buffer time).

Zone Colour Breakdown

  • >90 Red
  • 70-90 Yellow
  • 1-69 Green

Zone Calculation Formula

Zone Value = ((100-CurrentProgressCompletion%)*TimeTakenSoFar)*100

The various points of the Zone Colours are set on the basis of all scheduled tasks being natively assigned 30% more time. Hence, members who are on schedule would always be in the Green Zone and not be warranting any action, members in the Yellow Zone would be put on "Focus" and preparations would be made to delay the schedule or assigning another member to help with the task, and members in the Red Zone would immediately be assigned another member to help and schedule adjusted accordingly.