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Features List

Anonymous users can browse the Geek Tab, read other users’ posts and comments and access content in the video banner. Registered users can access all features stated below. In this document, the term “users” refers to registered users unless specified otherwise.

1) User Registration & Login

  • Login will be done via username and password.
  • New users will register for an account through the user registration application.
  • We would track the following details:
- Username
- Password
- Contact Email
  • In case he/she forgot username and/or password, he/she can request the current username/new password to be sent to his/her registered email.
  • Upon creating an account, users would be able to connect their accounts with their Facebook or Twitter account, and thereafter, log in via their Facebook or Twitter accounts.
  • If a user logs in via Facebook or Twitter and is not tagged to an INSG account, he/she will be prompted to create an INSG account or to log in to an INSG account to complete the connection.
  • (Late Stage) Registered Users should be able to see a list of other online Registered Users.
  • (Late Stage) Registered Users should also be able to log in via MSN Live.

2) User Profile

  • Users will be able view his/her own and other user’s profile and change personal password or email.
  • Users will be able to send and receive private messages to other users.
  • Users can view his/her collection of badges and personal posts (like FB Profile)
  • There would be a notification area to notify users of new developments. For example, achieving a new badge or new PM’s.

3) Main Page (Wall Feature)

  • Users would be able to see a list of currently ongoing posts and participate in them by commenting or creating new posts.
  • Users are able to add:
Normal text messages
- Videos (with preview)
- Images (with preview)
- Add URL links with preview
- Play videos natively
  • Users are able to rate posts in either 2 ratings: Like & Dislike
  • Upon clicking a post, he/she’ll be taken to a dedicated page to see the entire conversation.
  • Posts can be deleted, but not edited. (Programmatically, such posts are “hidden”)
  • Post creation time will be captured and displayed.
  • Users would have the capability to report a post for offensive content.
  • Users would have the ability to share a post unto Facebook or Twitter.

4) Main Page (Silverlight Video Banner)

  • A separate page for Admins will be created
  • Admins will have to upload an image with preset dimensions (likely 16:9) with a video link tagged to it. Videos would conform to 16:9 dimensions
  • The video banner should ideally contain an element powered by Microsoft Deep Zoom.
  • The Silverlight application should
- Act as a fully functional media player.
- Video Player will exist side-by-side with the Deep Zoom feature.
- By default, play a rotating set of 5 highlight videos.

5) Badge System

  • User will receive a badge for satisfying the criteria of this badge
  • Badges are divided into 2 types – Behavioral and Custom
- B: Tracks user activity on site
- C: Given by Admin or via Codeword
  • Add to his/her collection and can be viewed on his/her Profile page
  • Admins are able to create event badges:
A dedicated event page is created (alternatively, an “enter codeword” page)
Users enter a secret codeword on page
If codeword is correct, event badge will be awarded
  • Fields to Track:
Badge Name
Badge Description
Badge Write Up
Badge Display Start Date via Calendar
Badge Validity Period (Infinite, Date-to-Date) via Calendar
  • Admins will add a new badge via a form where fields change upon the selection of the different types (e.g. when selecting the “custom badge” option, relevant form fields will be displayed e.g. “Code word” field to allow admins to enter the codeword they have chosen.)
  • Admins are able to manually assign users a badge. (e.g. Best Contribution of the Month Badge, or Director’s Cut Badge)
  • Upon clicking on a badge, users would be taken to a display page where they could see a high-res image of the badge and other writeup of the badge. On the display page, users would also be able to see the list of other users who have attained the badge.
  • Admins should have a function to display all users who have achieved a certain badge
  • There is no need to create links from the original INSG blog.

6) Administrator

Besides those mentioned above functions, the administrators can have additional functions:
  • Ban/Mute users
  • Edit entries (eg. Replace offensive content with “offensive post.. begone!”)
  • Add Notification