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EnTech Team Logo

Welcome to EnTech page

EnTech Team Members

  • Peh Chin Chuan | Email: ccpeh.2008@smu.edu.sg
  • Calvin Leong | Email: calvinleong.2008@smu.edu.sg
  • Jasmine Teh | Email: jasmine.teh.2008@smu.edu.sg
  • Teo Xue Kun | Email: xuekun.teo.2008@smu.edu.sg
  • Thomas Tan | Email: thomas.tan.2008@smu.edu.sg


  • Benjamin GAN (SIS Professor, SMU) | Email: benjamingan@smu.edu.sg | Phone: +(65) 6828 0267 | Fax: +(65) 6828 0919

Roles and Responsibilites

Role In-Charge Responsibilities
Frontend Developer Peh Chin Chuan
  • User interface
  • User interaction design
  • HTML / CSS / Javascript / Flash
Project Manager Jasmine Teh
  • Resource management
  • Monitor and update project progress
  • Time keeper
  • Organize meetings (location/time)
  • Record Minutes of Meeting
  • Handle and vet all Documentation
  • Manage Subversion files and records
Business Analyst Xue Kun
  • Ensure deliverables meeting client expectations
  • Stakeholder management
  • Project mediator
Lead Tester Calvin Leong
  • In-charge of testing the application to make sure that it is performing as planned
  • Keep track of bugs report
Lead Developer Thomas Tan
  • Build master
  • Responsible for the underlying architecture for the application
  • Manage code review

Project Overview

Project Description

Canact Portal is a project for Canact Asia, which aims to automate part of the company’s manual processes and develop analysis tools to grow its business as a SME. Currently, Canact Asia’s business process has been fully manual, and extensive time has to be spent daily on processing administrative tasks.

This project would solve Canact’s issue and develop of the system’s infrastructure and applications to support their day-to-day processes and decision-makings. In addition, Canact Portal will utilize the cutting edge Cloud Computing to support a Business Intelligence and Human Resource System. This portal will alleviate the staffs of Canact of manual tasks so that they can increase efficiency in their core business.

The development of the web-based system would be primarily based on open source resources. As Canact is a new startup company, we suggest development/support costs to be as low as possible.


  1. Cloud computing
  2. Project to go live
  3. Develop a new portal to automate their process


The main motivation of this project sparks off over lunch with a colleague with Canact Asia, where one of EnTech’s team mate was interning with. The company had great vision of the expansion of the company to support a tuition centre as well. It aspires to be a people developer: to have many coaches/trainers under its lead. EnTech realizes that this goal would be difficult to attain in the coming 2 years,

As a new startup, Canact have limited funds it can direct to building this infrastructure. However, there are many competitors in the Education/Training industry, hence Canact must keep up with the technologies to manage its businesses and make timely decisions.


Canact Asia will be able to establish the following:

  • A structured server infrastructure
    • Coupled with standardized data reporting process for or efficient management, sharing and tracking.
    • Future applications can be built upon it with ease.
  • Business Intelligence system, to facilitate timely and accurate business decisions:
    • Daily/Monthly/Yearly reporting and analysis for Gebiz awarded listings (http://gebiz.com.sg).
    • Ability to identify the capabilities of trainers/instructors working under Canact Asia, and to map them to the relevant training modules.
    • Ability to study the feasibility of events conducted by Canact Asia.

Project Stakeholders

Sponsor Wong Wei Peng, founder of Canact Asia

Internship employer of one of the EnTech teammates.

  • Work with team to produce requirements/vision/business case/research case/etc. and expectation of the changes to these information
  • Provide knowledge or direct students to sources of knowledge necessary for the project.
Clients Canact Asia’s employees
  • Provide feedback for Canact Portal and participate in close BETA testing
Advisors/Supervisors Benjamin GAN Kok Siew, SIS Professor, FYP Project Supervisor
  • Advice, direct and supervise the project team.
  • Guide the project team along the course objective


The project will focus on these key areas:
1.Partial automation of selected manual workflow processes.
2.Design of system architecture for efficient data sharing/access.

a.Using cloud servers for infrastructure as a service (IaSS) for applications and databases to be stored.

3.Business Intelligence System

a.Trending of awarded listings on GeBiz. The manager will rely on this tool to make informed decisions on pricing of each deals based on the trends as demonstrated.
b.Feasibility study for executed events. Based on a fixed set of responses, the system calculates the overall responses of the events.

4.Human Resource System

a.Rating and matching of instructors/coaches skill sets and their relevancy with certain workshop genres.

Project Plan

This plan describes the resource required, allocation, schedule, etc. The plan provides a basic execution description of the project based on current knowledge of the project.

Project milestone

Define the work breakdown structure with key milestones. Use a project graph or table to list the methodology used. Define the iteration breakdown with functions/features list and UAT. If you are not using iterations, explain. List specific dates for your milestones! Using the IS480 schedule as a guide (you may indicate earlier datelines). You should plan to demo your system during project acceptance, midterm and finals. Each milestone should have clear goals/functions. Missing these goals could subject to filling an Incomplete grade.


Assumptions Risk Risks Exposure Likelihood of Risk Mitigations Steps
The portal will go “live” during final year project presentation. EnTech encounters technical difficulties while developing the portal. High Medium EnTech will plan a buffer period and ensure that all technical difficulties are overcome.
EnTech will have fortnight meetings with Canact to debrief on progress. Busy schedules of staffs of Canact. Low Medium EnTech will have a mutual agreement with Canact that meetings will be held fortnightly. Meetings will be held after business hours if required.
Canact will oversee the entire project and give comments on how EnTech can make improvements to the project. Canact does not give sufficient amount of their time and resources for the project. Low Low EnTech and Canact will have a mutual agreement that this project is important to both parties and that time and resources must be spent on this project.
Canact will not provide any technical help. EnTech faces technical difficulties during the project Medium High EnTech will spend time researching and seek assistance whenever possible to ensure that technical difficulties are overcome.
EnTech will ensure that all deliverables are delivered on time.
  • Canact make major changes project requirements.
  • EnTech does not put extensive thoughts when planning project schedule and milestones.
High Medium
  • EnTech and Canact will have mutual agreement that no major changes to the requirements which will affect the schedule, disallowing project to be delivered on time, will be made.
  • EnTech will have a proper project schedule and ensure that the schedule is being followed closely.
No additional members will be added to EnTech. SMU students want to join EnTech. Low Low EnTech will send a professional rejection email.
Members of EnTech are expected to spend at least 25 hours a week on the project. Members of EnTech do not spend sufficient time on the project due to other commitments. High Medium
  • Members of EnTech will vouch that upmost effort will be given.
  • Members of EnTech will give valid reasons if upmost effort is not given.
Members of EnTech will assist one another throughout the entire project.
  • Members of EnTech remain quiet when difficulties are faced. Members of
  • EnTech do not help one another throughout the entire project due to conflict.
Medium Low
  • Whenever difficulties are faced, members of EnTech should voice out to seek assistance.
  • Members of EnTech will ensure that conflicts are handled professionally, maturely and solved.
EnTech will be using Cloud computing (Rackspace) as an infrastructure for the project. Canact do not want to spend funds on Cloud computing. High Low Entech will submit a proposal to advise Canact on why Cloud computing should be used.
EnTech will use open-source software whenever possible. EnTech is unable to find open-source software to assist in development and Canact does not want to spend funds to purchase software. Medium Low EnTech will inform Canact that open-source software will be used whenever possible. If no open-source software is suitable, EnTech will submit a proposal.

Resource and reference

What do you need? Training on programming (list books, web pages, hardware, software, gadgets, contact, client time, tester time, supervisor time, training course, money, trips), etc.

Learning outcome

The team is responsible for defining the learning object in the IS480 team wiki pages. This section is not required in this proposal.

Project Management Diagrams

[PM Diagrams]


[Internal and client meetings schedule] + [Attachment]