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Weekly Progress

Week Progress
Week 1
  • Connections between clients and server working reliably
  • Able to send custom objects over the network
  • Found freelance designers whom are willing to collaborate with us on the project
Week 2
  • Players are able to move around the screen using the client joystick
  • Milestone Multi device connectivity achieved
  • Met up with design team to conceptualize the game art
Week 3
  • Finalization of game art for characters
  • Solved the issue of 4th player unable to join the game
  • Creation of component classes
  • Health component created
Week 4
  • Animation of paladin character completed
  • Integration of paladin character into game
  • Fixed sprites display
Week 5
  • Paladin character is able to turn to opposite direction
  • Formation of database for entities and components using JSON
Week 6
  • Paladin is able to perform primary attack
  • Finalize game UI design
  • Convert components to be database driven
Week 7
  • Insertion of temporary enemy assets using black version of paladin
  • Insertion of client UI
  • Develop AI for enemy assets
  • Develop collision detection between assets