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Team Cobra

Team Members

Roles & Responsibilities

Roles Responsibility Who
Project Manager Oversee the progress of the project and manage the team. Liu Xinghui
Liaison Liaising with the client and become a contact point in the team. Tauhid
Subject Matter Expert Being well versed with current technology i.e. PHP Muhammad
System Analyst Understands the overview of the system architecture Rishabh
Head Programmer Vets the codes produced and inspect the codes to meet the standards Yee Yong
Knowledge Management Editor Updates the wiki and create required documentations for the project Nassa

Team Goals & Objective


To create a system to capture customer details and track their purchase history, able to automate sales order process and integrate a partial inventory management control.


  1. Be nominated for Best Project award
  2. Develop a value added application for our client

Project Deliverables

Project Management

Project Plan & Milestones

Part1.jpg Part2.jpg Part3.jpg

Meeting Minutes