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Team Members

Team Members
NameRolesEmail AddressContacts
Warren WOO Xiong Wei Project Manager xwwoo.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg 91790418
CHEN Yanjing Design Expert yanjingchen.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg 91061094
Patrick CHER Boon Pin Technical Expert patrickcher.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg 91178740
Annette CHOO Meow Ling General Secretary annettechoo.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg 96731803
LIM Yi Hao Business Analyst yihao.lim.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg 91459882
Pearleen OW Ming Li Quality Assurance Expert pearleen.ow.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg 96753810


LI Yingjiuyjli@smu.edu.sg+65 6828 0913 (DID)

Christine TanTan.Christine-Su-Yong@sc.com+65 90215778 (mobile)
  • Standard Chartered Bank iLab, Project Manager

Program Manager

Koh Lian Cheelckoh@smu.edu.sg+ 65 6828 0569 (DID) / + 65 9455 8469 (mobile)
  • Standard Chartered Bank iLab, Program Manager

Roles and Responsibilities

Name Roles Responsibilities
Warren WOO Xiong Wei Project Manager
  • Manages the project scope, schedule and planning and allocating resources to achieve the project’s objective.
  • Manages the team and the dynamics of the team – such as motivational factors, conflicts resolution, goals and vision.
  • Provide the appropriate training – team development – and acquire the appropriate resources: hardware and software for the team.
  • Reports to and manages the stakeholders – sponsor, program manager and supervisor.
CHEN Yanjing Design Expert
  • Leading designer for the team.
  • Expert in various CASE tools and graphic creation softwares.
  • Work closely with various roles to ensure all development and testing is in line with the project design documents.
  • Drafts wireframe for paired developers, and advises on usability, navigation and aesthetic features.
Patrick CHER Boon Bin Technical Expert
  • Leading programmer for the team.
  • Acts as the primary point of contact for troubleshooting and software debugging.
  • Advises the PM on the procurement of various resources, and implements them.
  • Works closely with the Business Analyst to keep functionalities objective.
Annette CHOO Meow Ling General Secretary
  • Prepares the agenda and minutes of various meeting held.
  • Organizes and manages the PM documents and project design documents.
  • Manages the Gantt chart and WBS on behalf of the PM.
  • Works with various roles to consolidate metrics and notifications.
  • Operates as the primary procurement officer for necessary resources and assignments.
LIM Yi Hao Business Analyst
  • Subject matter expert – well-versed with the various functionalities supported by the project’s application.
  • Able to translate those functionalities (project’s application) into measurable business objectivity and value.
  • Instrumental with the prioritization of project features to meet project scope, and in gauging user expectations and experience when interacting with the proposed features.
  • Acts as deputy project manager when PM is unavailable.
Pearleen OW Ming Li Quality Assurance Expert
  • Expert at software testing.
  • Handles and leads the team in performing UAT tests at various stages of the SDLC.
  • Creates the UAT test-case documents.
  • Responsible for managing the team’s software bug tracking throughout the SDLC; while reporting bug metric data to the General Secretary for consolidation.

Project Deliverables


Learning Outcome