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Project Deliverables

IS480 Team wiki: 2010T1 TouchPoint:TouckPoint Mid term Wiki - Mid term evaluation report

IS480 Team wiki: 2010T1 TouchPoint:TouckPoint Final Wiki - Final project delivery

IS480 Team wiki: 2010T1 TouchPoint:TouckPoint Initial Wiki - For reference. Some information may not be up to date.


TouchPoint Team members

Name Email Role Responsibility
Sum Wai Yuan Hedren waiyuan.sum.2007@sis.smu.edu.sg Project Manager/ Liaison Officer
  • Manage time and resource
  • Identify, manage and mitigate risks
  • Setting expectation of the team and provide performance feedback
  • Client liaison
Dalaphone Pholsena d.pholsena.2007@sis.smu.edu.sg Business Analyst/ Lead Tester
  • Define client requirements
  • Define the scope of testing within the context of each release / delivery
  • Perform testing
  • Control quality of each features
Luong Thanh Khanh tk.luong.2007@sis.smu.edu.sg Lead Developer
  • Design software architecture
  • Choose methodology/techniques used in developing
  • Provide necessary training to the team
  • Developing the application
Nguyen Thank Khoa khoa.nguyen.2007@sis.smu.edu.sg Front-end Developer
  • Design and develop user interface
  • Ensure seamless user experience
  • Developing the application


TouchPoint supervisor: Prof. Chris Boesch (cboesch@smu.edu.sg)

Project Description


Team TouchPoint is developing a working prototype of the Mobile Amenities System for Hotels (MASH). The system will allow hotels to provide access to their amenities and services to their guests through the use of mobile platform. With a goal to value-add hotel guests’ experience, the solution will evolve around a Apple iPhone application to handle available amenities and services requests from hotel guests in a quick and convenient manner through their fingertips. The solution will minimize waiting time of guests and allow hotels to make and launch changes to their services and amenities (e.g. food menus, hotel facilities, etc.) quickly.


Stakeholders Name and Designation Project Involvement
Sponsor Mr. Jean Philippe Lovotti

Rooms Division Manager Pan Pacific Singapore

• Work with team to produce requirements/vision/ business case/research case/etc. and expectation of the changes to these information

• Provide the necessary resources and content required from Pan Pacific Singapore

Clients (Hotel Staff) Relevant Hotel Staff of Pan Pacific • Provide feedback for improvement of CPS

• Participate in testing of system

Clients (Hotel Guests) Hotel Guests of Pan Pacific

MASH will be suitable to any hotel guests staying in Pan Pacific Singapore

Due to sensitivity concerns from the hotel, there will be no involvement for hotel guests. However, a group of sample audience, which may comprises of hotel staffs will participate in testing of the system.

Scope and Functionalities

MASH is an iPhone App that targets staying guests and non staying guests who owns an iPhone. This app aims to provide an additional advertising channel for the hotel as well as to provide hotelʼs guest an convenient access to the hotel services on the go.

Staying guest: A person who has checked in as a hotel guest. His status will be changed when he check out from the hotel.
Non-staying guest: a person who has not checked in as a hotel guest.

As for this IS480 FYP, the iPhone App will be developed as a working prototype using Apple iOS 4.0 SDK and XCode IDE.


1. Facilities and service browsing
For both types of guests to browse for information on the following facilities and services:

  • Recreational
  • Culinary
  • Business

Available information includes operating hours, location and current promotions.

For guests to call the relevant hotel staff directly to make a booking, reservation or further enquiries

2. Room browsing and booking
Users can view details of different types of room and make a booking through hotel reservation centre or the hotel website. Guests will be able to view 360 degree picture of each type of room.

3. My Profile
For Staying guests to view his booking details and personal information.

Guest who have not made room reservation cannot use this feature.

4. Attractions
For guests to view attractions around the hotel - information about the place and how to get there.

5. Get direction
Detects user's current location and provide a route on the map to his destination (back to the hotel or to one of the attractions on the list).

Resource and Reference

Project Management and Collaboration Tools

  • Dropbox
    • Project collaborative tool, repository for project documents (eg. Proposal, Reflection) and design artifacts (eg. UML Diagram, ER Diagram)

  • Webfaction Hosting Unfuddle
    • Testing host for server application
    • Online project management tool and Subversion server

System Development Resource

  • XCode and IPhone API
    • IDE for developing mobile application

  • Netbeans
    • IDE for developing PHP server application

Programming References and Training

  • iPhone API
    • For programming reference

  • Introduction of Hotel Room Facilities and Amenities by Hotel Staff
    • For initial understanding of the available facilities and hotel operations

Other Resources

  • Hotel Room Catalog
    • For project reference and content

  • Time from Hotel Staff
    • For UAT testing of application

Project Management

Project Risks and other details are available at our mid-term and final wiki pages.

Project Schedule

Phase Start Date End date
Inception 07/06/10 14/06/10
Elaboration 1 08/06/10 28/07/10
Elaboration 2 07/06/10 12/08/10
Construction 1 12/08/10 08/09/10
Construction 2 09/09/10 01/10/10
Construction 3 01/10/10 20/10/10
Construction 4 21/10/10 28/10/10
Transition 29/10/10 08/11/10

For more detail, refer to "project schedule" file in dropbox and milestones on unfuddle.

Feedback from Client

The following feedbacks are excerpts from client emails.

20 Sept 2010 - After seeing the screenshots of the new UI

"The screenshots look great and I can't wait to see more about your project."

- Mr. Jean P. Lovotti

30 Sept 2010 - After UAT with Client

"The first development are promising, clear in the design and concept. The completion of the project will change the way both hotel associates and clients receive and share information. It will also open the gate to a wider spectrum of possibilities. Keep up the good job!"

- Mr. Jean P. Lovotti

20 Nov 2010 - After seeing the final product

"This app has a great potential for both clients and hotel associates. Its design needs to be further refined, so is the organizations of information. Each section could be addressed to deliver a more pleasant interface and comfort in reading pleasure. Keep up the good work to finalize this exciting project."

- Mr. Jean P. Lovotti