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Paradigm Shift

Welcome to Paradigm Shift!

Our Team

Roles Memebers
Project Manager / Client Advocate Diwanand Davar
Lead System Developer Mohamed Asheeq S/o Mohamed Rafie
Administration IC Soh Fang Yi
Database IC Nur Muhammad Rifqi Bin Rohaizat
System Developer / Asst. Designer Mohamed Ali Jinnah S/o Abdul Aziz
User Interface Designer Manish Ishwar Nathani

Our Supervisor


Our Sponsors


Our Client

Trisha Ng | Manager, Jweeb Solutions

Joel Chiang | Director, Jweeb Solutions

Sales Management System (SMS)


To develop a web based system to facilitate the tracking and monitoring of sales and clients by sales organizations and personnel.


Currently, most CMS softwares are targeted towards larger firms, are unaffordable or simply do not meet the requirements of SMEs. A simple to use, basic, yet effective management system will allow small-medium enterprises to better track and monitor their sales increasing their ability to compete in the marketplace. Hence, the project will be an affordable solution to complement their business needs.

Therefore we are planning to build a customized web-based Sales cum Client Management System. The system is targeted towards the service industries e.g. technology solutions providers, entertainment providers etc, and allows them to track their sales and clients. The system has to be scalable, yet implementable by new users.

Project Period

The project is to be developed over the course of our upcoming semester (16th August 2010 to 3rd October 2010). We plan to have weekly meetings with the sponsor, upon the project’s commencement, to allow for constant evaluation and feedback to be received. System alterations can thus be addressed early in the development cycle. Research into the project has already commenced, with the team looking into similar systems and their capabilities, to see features that will be key, and decide a list of features that would add value to the product offering. We are currently working with the sponsor to generate a comprehensive list of the system’s potential features.

Development Environment

After consulting our client, we have decided to develop the system based on a JSP environment in order to capitalize on the both the growing trend of web applications and the platform-independent nature of Java. As this is not a full production build, we plan to test and run the system from our local machines.

Feasibility & Assumptions

The development team looks forward to embark on this project. Although we are familiar with programming in JSP environment, we do foresee potential challenges that may arise. One potential challenge we may face is the ability to create meaningful tracking and monitoring algorithms which will enable accurate predictions of future sales targets and client interests. However, the team feels that this challenge can be overcome with due diligence in order to make the project a success.

The team has a strong Java foundation, which however is only partly what is required to complete the project. There are certain domain areas such as business intelligence which we will require to pick up during the course of this project. Additionally there is a chance that the requirements for this project are susceptible to change and that such a change would be towards an increase in functionality, thus increasing the amount of work and time needed.

The added functionality might be a problem, as it might require knowledge that we might not currently have e.g. interfacing our system with Outlook Email System. The project will also be done in concurrence with our existing course work and schedules, so time constraints are sure to exist. The mitigation steps the team has planned include weekly meetings with the sponsor to manage the possible change in requirements. Getting a few of the team members to research business intelligence techniques and tools, and share the knowledge with the group. And finally, minimizing schedule and time conflicts by integrating our school and personal calendars.

Project Plan

Project Scope


We will be adopting the iterative approach with regards to the development of this project, as there is a high risk for requirements creep. With an iterative process, we will be able to time box the models and ensure we do not overrun the scheduling constraints. As such, we expect to have certain deliverables at the end of each task. For example, at the end of the requirement gatherings phase, we will have a detailed list of system requirements which will not be drastically changed at any later period. Similarly, at the end of each development phase, we will have a working system that can be tested and from which feedback and improvements derived.

Tentative Milstones


Project Management

Meeting Mintues


Meeting 1
Meeting Issues:
1) Group Name
  a) Paradigm Shift (a shift in thought)

2) Project Ideas
  a) Sales Management Portal
    For individual sales personnel, i.e. from insurance, investments, Real Estate & MLM. A lot of businesses are also small. Help them manage their sales and clients.
    i) Additional
      - GUI
      - Ajax powered site
  b) Real Estate Portal
   Enable real estate agents & agencies to post up their listings.
    i) 3 “views”
      - Public
      - Administrators
      - Real Estate Agents / Agencies
    ii) Additional
      - Public
        + GUI
        + Popups
        + Google directions
        + Amenities
      - Administrators
        + Edit the content
      - Real Estate Agents /Agencies
        + Log in/out
        + Agents/Agencies profile

3) Meeting Client
  a) Date: 14 June 2010, Monday
  b) Time: 10am
  c) Place: Jweeb Solutions @ Geylang Lor 25

4) Project Proposal


Meeting 2
Meeting Issues:
1) Team common time slot

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
12pm - 3pm ALL ALL ALL
3pm - 7pm ALL ALL ALL ALL
7pm - 10pm ALL ALL

2) Project Acceptance Presentation
  a) 13 August 2010, Friday at 10am
  b) SIS meeting room 4.4

3) Tentative supervisor and sponsor meeting
  a) Supervisor
    i) Friday, 9am
  b) Sponsor
    i) Friday, 3pm


Meeting 3
Meeting Issues:
1) Revised of project proposal
  a) Timeline

  b) Scope
    i) Client Management
      -Client registration System user is able to create a client profile based on the contact information received. This helps to record customer information for further processing.
      -CRUD of client information
      This allows the user to maintain the existing client information previously received.
    ii) Job Management
      This is an overview system that allows the user to manage the quotation, orders and payment details.
      This component of the system is to allow the user to maintain quotation details upon receiving enquiry(s).
      This component of the system is to allow the user to maintain order details upon having sent the quotation.
      This component of the system is to allow the user to maintain payment details. The actual processing of the payments will be done through paypal.
    iii) Profiling tool
    Generate business intelligence reports (analysis based on past sales and individual sender) This function is to allow the user to generate business intelligence reports to identity key
    opportunities for future transactions through the analysis of past sales and sender information.
    iv) Consolidation
    This is the grouping and sorting of the interaction between the client and the user (eg. Orders sent, payments, enquiries and etc) based on their correspondence
    v) Dashboard
    The dashboard will integrate the above mentioned functions into an easily visible web portal.



Acctual Working Schedule

Bug Tracking

Project Progress

During December (Before Week 1 )

Week 1 to 5

Week 6 to 10

Week 11 to 15

Resources and Reference!