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Organization Overview

Friends of the Disabled Society (FDS) is a non-profit organization that establish programs liaised between the able-bodied and disabled friends together with help from members and well-wishers. Among these programs, the Skills Enrichment Program currently conducts training to advance the skills and creativity of the disabled people in handicraft and jewelry making.

Project Overview

FDS currently has a shopping website hosted on a blog. However, it, firstly, is not designed for disabled people and so they have to go through multiple steps to sell their products. Secondly, the current website cannot assist the buyers and sellers in processing orders, managing products and generating reports.

With all these limitations and more, the potential of collaboration between the customers and disabled people is hindered. Our team believes that applications that involve interactions with a disabled person should be more effective while being kept simple. Therefore, we are determined to introduce a proper and professional eCommerce website that can help solve these problems.

Through this project, our team aims to create an online shopping system for the Skills Enrichment Program. Using this system, the disabled friends can manage and sell conveniently the handmade gifts they make independently. Buyers can search and purchase the products. Moreover, people can spread the product news by sharing it through their Facebook walls and Twitter feeds. We will keep the back-end interface simple and user friendly so that it will be easy for the disabled friends to employ. The system will also generate sales reports for the organization.

Who is in?


Kevin Steppe

Team eNable

  1. Erene ONG Yiling
  2. KHINE Tharaphe Din
  3. KYAW Zin Hein
  4. Lu Mon KYAW
  5. Soe Thet AUNG


  • Ms. S Roogmanny (Executive Director, Friends of Disabled Society)
  • Mr. Joel Chiang (IT Manager, Jweeb Solutions Group)

Roles & Responsibilities

Role Primary Responsibilities
Project Manager Din - Plan meeting agenda and milestones

- Make sure the team is on the right track and in progress

- Resolve internal conflicts, if any

Chief Programmer and Designer Erene - Translate clients' requirements into functionalities

- Integrate frontend design and backend logic

- Create designs for user interface and update the design documentations accordingly

Chief Tester Kyaw - Track and prioritize bugs

- Develop test plans to ensure a smooth application

Database Administrator Soe Thet - Create and maintain the server and database tables
Public Relations Lu Mon - Communicate with all external parties

- Resolve external conflicts, if any

Project Diagrams

Use Cases