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Member Name Primary Role Secondary Role
Gabriel YEE Qi Ming Graphics Designer (Storyboard + Audio) Wiki Person
LEE Heng Pei Programming Team 2 (DB Admin) Secretary
Mervin YONG Wei Yang Programming Team 1 (Backend + Game Logic) Business Liaison
NEO Yi Wen Graphics Designer (Animator) Assistant Project Manager
POH Seow Theng Programming Team 2 (DB Admin) QA Tester
TAN Junlong Project Manager Programming Team 1 (Backend + Game Logic)

Project Details


We are developing an educational game platform for Edunamics Pte Ltd in Flash using ActionScript 3.0. Our platform will contain 2 created Flash games, with an option for Edunamics Pte Ltd to add more games in the future.

Our platform and games will target dyslexic children from ages 4 to 15 years old, by making our games fun, attractive and appealing. Away from entertainment, our games will train the child spelling, keyboarding and cognitive skills.

To ensure that the platform will also be useful to the trainers, our platform will include functionalities that track each child's progress and actions. Currently, functionality like these are missing from most commercially-available educational software that are catered for dyslexic kids.


This project ties in two of the common interests that our team members have.

First, we are interested in developing games and this project gives us the opportunity to do so, as our client has requested that we develop a flash-based literacy game.

Second, some of our members have considered taking psychology as their second major solely due to interest in the topic. Since the main business of Edunamics Pte Ltd is working with children to target specific educational needs and help improve their attention span, reduce activity levels and conduct psycho-educational assessments, this gives us ample opportunity to experience an aspect of child psychology.


Yael Sasson, Occupational Therapist, Edunamics Pte Ltd
Provide business requirements and feedback about the application

Richard C. Davis, Assistant Professor of Information Systems, SMU School of Information Systems
Provide assistance and guidance on the Flash games

Resource Support
Anne Lyle, Teacher, Edunamics Pte Ltd
Provide background information on how the game should be designed to target the specific cognitive processes

Ng Tock Soon, Senior Lecturer of Information Systems, SMU School of Information Systems
Advice and supervise the team on the project and provide feedback as to whether the project fulfills the client requirements


As an Educational Tool

  1. To help the students (4-15 year old dyslexic children) at Edunamics Pte Ltd learn spelling, keyboarding and cognitive skills with more interest and efficiency

As a Training Tool

  1. To develop a training tool that will help teachers at Edunamics Pte Ltd access and track their students progress.
  2. To develop a platform in which teachers have the flexibility to easily modify lesson content and difficulty


  • Develop a platform that captures data on student error rates and improvement over time
  • Keyboard Game
  1. Number (and %) of mis-typed letters
  2. Frequency of mis-typed letters
  • Spelling Game
  1. Words that student has spelt correctly (over a period of time)
  2. Number (and %) of words consistently spelt correctly in sets of 100 most commonly used words
  • Design and develop graphics that appeal to children from 4-15
  • Create/select audio that is appropriate
  • Event sounds
  1. Successes should reflect a pleasant and rewarding sound
  2. Mistakes should not be made to sound like a big deal
  • Background musics
  1. Not entirely a must, but should not be too distracting for the student
  • Develop 2 games that is able to do discrimination, sequencing and rhyming
  1. Able to change level of difficulty
  2. Different grades
  3. Re-test "learnt" words and teach "new" words
  4. Summarise activity and performance
  5. Select words/content to test
  6. Competitive enough to boost confidence
  7. Implement a reward system for successes in the game

Game Design

Use Case Diagram

TI UCD v3.1.png

Game Concepts

Game 1

TI Game 1 - Phase 1 Draft.jpg

Game 2

TI Game 2 - Phase 1 Draft.jpg


Menu, Profile and Loading Screens

TI Menu and Profile Screens - Phase 1 Draft.jpg TI Loading Screen - Phase 1 Draft.jpg


TI Characters and Units - Phase 1 Draft.jpg

Scenery and Background

TI Scenery - Phase 1 Draft.jpg