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Please access our Final Wiki to view the most updated content

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Final Wiki

Final Wiki

Prototype link

Login Details

Access to the site will be given on a case-by-case basis. Please email a Grouper near you for login details. Email addresses can be found below

Note that the system is still under development and hence not all functions will be usable. Functionality that is not working is Fund Management and Reporting.

UAT Test Cases

  • Note: All testers please get a sample excel sheet (for upload function) from team groupers.

Download UAT Test Case

Project Status

Week 27 (Term: Week 15)

Presentation Week!!!

Week 26 (Term: Week 14)

Final UAT was conducted in UWCSEA on tuesday. The team were separated into pairs and they guide each client on UAT process. Overall, there was no bugs found.

Week 25 (Term: Week 13)

The team met up with client on saturday and they showed archiving and reporting function to them. The client was satisfied with what the team had done. Client will be starting the data entry this week and they will continue to give the team feedbacks on how they feel about the system, thus giving suggestions on how to improve on it. The team is also in the midst of preparing test cases (for internal testing and uat scenarios (for client).

Week 24 (Term: Week 12)

The team will be meeting client on this sat to show them a complete compilation of all functions. Also, the team will be discussing with client on the data entry for the remaining 200 odd students.

3 more weeks to go!!!!! Groupers!!! keep fighting!!

Week 23 (Term: Week 11)

Reporting function has been revamped successfully. In this week, the team will be doing a complete testing on the system and try to solve any bugs that they can find. The team will also be arranging a final complete UAT with client on 15th Nov.

Week 22 (Term: Week 10)

Designing of poster, Revamping of reporting function in progress............

Week 21 (Term: Week 9)

4 members - Kenneth,Guofeng, Weikang and Lihua are having mid term break (NTU).

The reporting function is progressing well and the team is planning to compile by Thursday 21 Oct. The team has met up with client on 23 Oct and they have gathered feedbacks about reporting function. The team has decided to allocate one more task to Iteration 6 to set aside time to make the necessary changes.

In terms of documentation, the team has delegated the stuffs that needs to be uploaded to wiki and the team will kick start on Iteration 7 immediately after they are done with Iteration 6 (Ends on 31st oct).


Week 20 (Term: Week 8)

Fund management function has been completed and deployed to server. Client was given IP address to test out fund management function. Team has gathered some feedbacks and is currently improving the fund management function. The team has also conducted a UAT (tutorial) session with UWC scholars and they feedback to the team that its very user friendly. Good thing is that they took relatively short period of time to learn how to use it!

There is some delay in reporting function as the team has spent quite some time on developing the backend for reporting. It was extremely SQL intensive as most of the retrieving are not as straightforward as the previous functions. E.g. Retrieving of student who is not funded between 2000-2005 and they must have a school within this period etc.

Week 19 (Term: Week 7)

The team has successfully conducted their UAT with team GURU and clients. Overall feedbacks was positive, especially on the simplicity and user-friendliness of the system. However, we managed to collect some bugs from their testings too. This is defnitately a good sign as it help us to find bugs that we did not notice previously. The team's presentation will be conducted on 28th Sept. Good luck to them!!

Functions in progress: Fund management, Reporting

Week 18 (Term: Week 6)

The team is currently rushing out the new search function and preparing 100 test data records for UAT. Updates: The team is done with the new search fortunately!

Functions in progress: Access rights, Last modified user, New search, Export (lost students)

Week 17 (Term: Week 5)

UAT Testing falls on this week. While preparing data for UAT, the team faced various problems. They discussed over the previous meeting and voiced out the various difficulties they faced, the team then compiled a list of uncertainties and sent to UWC for clarifications. To cater time for these changes, the team will be pushing back the UAT date to end of this week.

Functions in progress: School, Student Management part 2, Profiling, Export (Active/Inactive students)

Week 16 (Term: Week 4)

The team had completed an informal demo of functions from iteration 1 to 3 in UWC on 7th Sept. This is to get feedbacks and ensure that the team has ample time to make the necessary changes before mid term presentation.

Week 15 (Term: Week 3)

The team has deployed a compiled version of iteration 2 to UWC server successfully. Demo to client was done and the team is currently improving the system based on the feedbacks given by clients.

Week 14 (Term: Week 2)

The team has deployed a compiled version of iteration 1 to UWC server successfully and they are currently proceeding with functions in Iteration 3 (Planned to complete by 2nd Sept).

Week 13 (Term: Week 1)

The team's project has just been accepted! Based on the feedbacks given by clients and supervisors, the team has extended their iteration 2's deadline to 20th Aug.

Project Overview

Project Description

Our goal is to develop a database management system (DMS) for the Tsunami Education Fund (TEF), setup by our main stakeholders UWC SEA, Yayasan Amal and volunteers in Banda Aceh to fund school children in Banda Aceh who were orphaned by the tsunami in December 2004. The DMS will serve as a centralized database to profile these students, supporting their fund approval process and outfield data collection missions in Banda Aceh. Thus, our challenge lies in implementing a responsive system to support both our local and Acehnese stakeholders. We will also adopt Web 2.0 technologies and practices to ensure a user-friendly system and as well as adopting data warehousing concepts such as “drill ups” and “drill downs” to implement reporting features required by our stakeholders.


TEF is in its 5th year and as their members grew, they realize there is a need to manage their data better between the stakeholders in both Singapore and Aceh.

The motivation driving all of us is to help the tsunami-stricken orphans in Banda Aceh to get them back onto their lives again.


Our sponsor and client is the Tsunami Education Fund (TEF) Team, United World College SEA (UWC), Singapore.

The TEF team consists of:

Name Role
Wayne Founder
Jumiah Coordinator, Student data collection
Patricia (Pat) Database, Student data collection
Qamar Bank, Student data collection
Rani Student data collection
Fata Funds coordinator and point-of-contact in Banda Aceh
Ai Funds coordinator and point-of-contact in Banda Aceh
Christopher Koay IT Manager for UWC

Project Supervisor

Practice Associate Professor Benjamin Gan

Learning Outcomes

The team aspires to achieve these outcomes during the course of the project:


Introducing Groupers

The Team!

Groupers had their humble beginnings way back into 2007, where everyone began their SMU life as freshies. The team first met as classmates in the same ELW class, and had been friends and fellow project mates ever since.

Our team consists of:

  1. Han Lihua
  2. Lim Min Yu Ashley
  3. Khoo Guofeng
  4. Kenneth Yip Kean Wei
  5. Liang Weikang
  6. Kuah Ziyang

Roles and Responsibilities

"The only source of knowledge is experience." - Albert Einstein

The following shows who are accountable for our roles based on our strengths and weaknesses

Role Accountability Name
Project Manager Ensures that project is aligned with the schedule, making sure that the higher priority task should be completed first Han Lihua
Lead Developer Ensures that all the codes follow the best practices Khoo Guofeng
Lead Tester Ensures that the application has no bug, develops test cases. Kuah Ziyang
Lead Designer Overall in charge of interface design. Ensures that user interface is kept simple, clean, user friendly and fits client requirements. Kenneth Yip Kean Wei
Lead Admin Ensures that all documents are kept properly in organized manner. Ensures that team members follow the template done by the Lead Lim Min Yu Ashley
Liaison Officer Ensures that the team meets clients to update them about our progress regularly Liang Weikang

During the project period, all of us are responsible for the project. This includes analysis, documentation, coding and etc. However, after finish their task, they should update the people above.

Minutes Taking Schedule

Week Minute Taker
1 Han Lihua
2 Lim Min Yu Ashley
3 Liang Weikang
4 Khoo Guofeng
5 Kuah Ziyang
6 Kenneth Yip Kean Wei
7 Han Lihua
8 Lim Min Yu Ashley
9 Liang Weikang
10 Khoo Guofeng
11 Kuah Ziyang
12 Kenneth Yip Kean Wei
13 Han Lihua
14 Lim Min Yu Ashley
15 Liang Weikang
16 Khoo Guofeng
17 Kuah Ziyang
18 Kenneth Yip Kean Wei
19 Han Lihua
20 Lim Min Yu Ashley
21 Liang Weikang
22 Khoo Guofeng
23 Kuah Ziyang
24 Kenneth Yip Kean Wei
25 Han Lihua

User Interface Design

Week Members Responsible
1 - 25 Kenneth Yip / Lim Min Yu Ashley

Pair Programming Pairs

We decided to adopt pair programming as not every member in the team is technically inclined. The technically inclined shall guide those who are not during the entire project.

Pair Tasks
Khoo Guofeng & Lim Min Yu Ashley
  1. Login/Log out
  2. Fund Management
  3. Upload File
  4. School Management
  5. Archiving
Liang Weikang & Kuah Ziyang
  1. Fund Management
  2. Student Management
  3. Guardian Management
  4. Export PDF
  5. Access Rights
  6. Reporting
Kenneth Yip & Han Lihua
  1. Member Management
  2. Photo Management
  3. Export CSV
  4. Reporting

Project Management

The System in a Nutshell

Our aim is to design the system to support TEF's data collection and fund management process and not to reinvent their processes unnecessarily.

The following is an overview on how the system will support TEF in their business processes:

Fund Management Process

Groupers TEF Main Business Process.png

Data Collection Process

Groupers Data collection process v2.png

Project Scope

Overview of TEF DMS

The system consists of an “Admin” view, containing 10 following functions and a front-end to view the data:

  1. Member Management- Allows members in the committees to create, update, or delete. Super admin will be able to manage individual user access control from here as well.
  2. Student Management- Allows student profiles to be created, updated, or deleted by authorized users.
  3. Guardian Management- Allows guardian profile to be created, edited, or deleted by authorized users.
  4. School Management- Allows schools to be created, updated, or deleted by the authorized users.
  5. Upload File- This feature supports the data collection process by allowing users to upload data in CSV format and as well as photos.
  6. Notification- This feature notifies Pat, Jumiah and other appropriate admin(s) when student profiles are updated with the monthly reports from the bank.
  7. Fund Management- Fund management supports the funding process by allowing finance admin(s) to update bank account transactions and ensure students receive their funds.
  8. Archiving- TEF needs to keep a record of all past student information. Students who have graduated from secondary school or dropped out will be archived.
  9. Export Data- It allows easy reference of the information extracted from the system for funds transfer.
  10. Profiling- A front-end web interface that allows users to have a complete view of linkages between students, schools, siblings, guardians and their current status.
  11. Data Cleaning - The collection of data are in different formats from different schools, thus there is a need for data cleaning and standardization of data formats for a single common repository.

More details on the scope can be found in the Scope Description

The site map below shows how all the functions are linked together in the system:

Site Map

Project Milestones (Planned vs. Actual)

Groupers finalschedule 19nov.png
  • Each iteration ends with the completion of user Interface, development, testing and debugging for each functions
  • The built function in each iteration will be deployed to the production server at UWC.
  • Download Grouper's Gantt Chart here :Gantt Chart
  • Schedule summary and gantt chart updated as of 20 Nov 2010

Project Metric

Schedule Metric

To facilitate better planning, we derived a Schedule metrics to reduce the delay duration of each work task.


Mitigation Strategy


Bug Metric

We derived a Schedule metrics to facilitate better managing of bugs found:


Bug recording and resolving process:


Course of Action:

For every iteration, when bugs are found, these bugs are transferred to the team bugs tracker. After the bugs are found, the team needs to determine the severity and the priority of the bugs. Severity refers to the impact of the bugs, whereas Priority refers to how the bugs would affect the team schedule. Below is the course of action.


Project Documentation

Please click the link below to view our project documentation.

Groupers project documentation

Risks Management

Please click on the link to view our project risks and mitigation plan.

Download Risks and Mitigation Plan

Technologies used

Development Technologies used

The Core of our Project
  1. PHP
  2. MySql
  3. Apache
  4. CodeIgniter
  5. Jquery

Development Environment

  1. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
  2. VirtualBox

Production Environment

Our Project Platform

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 5

Collaboration Methods

  1. Tortoise Subversion
  2. Google Wave
  3. Google Docs
  4. MSN Live Messenger
  5. Facebook Discussion Group
  6. Email

House Rules

  1. Keep meeting duration within 2 hours
  2. Don’t be late! 15 Minutes grace
  3. Lunch and dinner must be punctual! (12pm lunch, and 6pm Dinner)
  4. Ask leads for help when in doubts! If lead in doubt, discuss!
  5. Our chain of command:
    1. Discuss among the team
    2. Consult our project supervisor
    3. Discuss alternatives with our Client
  6. A regular meeting with clients (TBA when time table is fixed)
  7. All assigned tasks must be done within deadline. Seek help earlier from the respective leads if there are any difficult problems faced.

Meeting Minutes

May 2010

  1. Minutes for 30-05-10

June 2010

  1. Minutes for 04-06-10 with UWC
  2. Minutes for 06-06-10
  3. Minutes for 11-06-10
  4. Minutes for 13-06-10
  5. Minutes for 18-06-10 with UWC
  6. Minutes for 20-06-10
  7. Minutes for 21-06-10
  8. Minutes for 24-06-10 with UWC
  9. Minutes for 26-06-10

July 2010

  1. Minutes for 03-07-10
  2. Minutes for 11-07-10
  3. Minutes for 14-07-10 with UWC
  4. Minutes for 24-07-10
  5. Minutes for 28-07-10 with UWC
  6. Minutes for 31-07-10

August 2010

  1. Minutes for 03-08-10
  2. Minutes for 04-08-10 with Supervisor
  3. Minutes for 14-08-10
  4. Minutes for 17-08-10 with Supervisor
  5. Minutes for 21-08-10
  6. Minutes for 24-08-10 with Supervisor
  7. Minutes for 25-08-10 with UWC
  8. Minutes for 31-08-10

September 2010

  1. Minutes for 07-09-10 with Supervisor
  2. Minutes for 08-09-10 with UWC
  3. Minutes for 12-09-10
  4. Minutes for 17-09-10
  5. Minutes for 24-09-10 with UWC
  6. Minutes for 25-09-10

October 2010

  1. Minutes for 05-10-10
  2. Minutes for 08-10-10 with UWC
  3. Minutes for 11-10-10
  4. Minutes for 12-10-10 with Supervisor
  5. Minutes for 12-10-10
  6. Minutes for 26-10-10 with Supervisor
  7. Minutes for 26-10-10

November 2010

  1. Minutes for 06-11-10 with UWC
  2. Minutes for 06-11-10
  3. Minutes for 09-11-10
  4. Minutes for 16-11-10 with UWC
  5. Minutes for 17-11-10 with UWC