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Goodmix RIBA Final Wiki
Page Content Page Content Page Content
Who Are We? 1. Good Mix History

2. Member Profile

3. Acceptance Learning Outcome

4. Midterm Team Reflection

What is This? 1. RIBA Story

2. Problems and Solutions

3. Stakeholders

4. Our Goals

Goodmix Final Wiki 1. Project Progress Summary

2. Project Management

3. Quality of Product

4. Reflection

Our Journey - Minutes 1. Supervisor Professor Chris Boesch

2. Sponsor Dr. Kam Tin Seong

3. KOOPrime Client

4. National Parks (Singapore) End Users

It is all about the system 1. System Architecture

2. Technical Specifications

3. Use Case & Descriptions

4. Deployment

5. UAT

Requirement Specification List of functionality and its descriptions
Project Metrics 1. Requirement Evaluation Matrix

2. Risk Assessment

3. Bug Tracking

Time Tracker 1. Development Process

2. Project Scheduling

3. Dynamic Scheduling

4. Midterm Schedule

5. Final Schedule

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