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Team Caret

Welcome to team Caret's Wiki page.

About Caret

Members (Roles & Responsibilities)

Name Role Email
Tan Ying Xuan Project Manager yingxuantan.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg
Andre Ng Yu Choon Assistant Project Manager / Liaison Officer andre.ng.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg
Benjamin Koh Jun Rui Software Architect benjaminkoh.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg
Jonathon Khoo Kay Chin Solutions Architect kckhoo.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg
Serene Lim Shih Yuin Business Analyst shihyuinlim.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg
Teo Yi Jin Design Architect yijin.teo.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg


Client (Alexandra Health) Lau Wing Chew
Benjamin Lim Hock Leong
Advisor Koh Lian Chee
Supervisor Zheng Baihua

Project iCare



Project Scope


Technologies used

Risk Mitigation