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Project Overview

Project Description

The aim of this project is to build a user analytics system for the relatively new technology, Microsoft Surface System. This user analytics must be capable of detecting the number users, who are using the Microsoft Surface system, in a specified time frame. It is expected that an algorithm be used to calculate used to compute the number of users using the system. The algorithm is expected to measure with high accuracy and ease the user counting process. The project duration is expected to be of 15 weeks, from 4 Jan 09 to 18 Apr 09. There are no allocated budgets as of now since the sponsor will provide the necessary technology, such as the hardware (Microsoft Surface) and the software (Microsoft SDK, Visual Studio, etc).


Microsoft Surface is a relatively product made by the team of Microsoft that is predicted to have a high potential in the banking sector. However, there is currently no framework designed by the Microsoft team to detect the number of users in order to facilitate decision making by appropriate owner of the machine.

Our group deliberated taking the risk for this project and we concluded that we wanted to take up the project because:

- It allows us the chance to explore the new technology of Microsoft Surface before its worldwide release and acceptance

- It provides us with a learning experience in a language, C++. All of us will start from scratch and learn together providing us with a combined knowledge-sharing experience.

- It provides us with a kick start to explore new technologies in the future and handle and solve problems regarding the on our own.

With our analytics system, it will help the management to make further decisions like the necessity to improve the software or to purchase more machines so as to allow more people to use the machine. With this motivation, we will create the analytical system with high accuracy as possible.


Role Name Position in Organization Project Involvement
Sponsor Standard Chartered N/A Provide technical support, including hardware and software. Also a user for this application.
Sponsor iLab@SMU Liaison party between the team and Standard Chartered Bank Identified the need for this application and sponsored the project.
Liaison Party Koh Lian Chee iLab@SMU Program Manager Oversees the project development
Client Evan Kong Technology Analyst Provide user requirements and feedback for the application
Supervisor Ori Sasson Assistant Professor of School of Information System Will advise and supervise the team.


Our team, with the assistance of the Multi-User Analytic System, hopes to:

• Design and develop a working application that will be able to detect and compute the number of users on the multi-touch technology during one period of time

• Provide a statistic figure of the number of users with a report that would be generated for every application

• Aid managerial decision-making with useful statistic reports

• Have a highly accurate algorithm that would be able to recognize the users based on their fingerprints

• Maintain accuracy by ensuring that only one person is using the Microsoft Surface Table based on their fingerprints and blobs

• Adapt the technology to the business needs in its expansion strategy

• Provide insights for possible future application/content that favor the need of users based on the trends of the usage


Following is the list of main features of Multi-User Analytic System:

• Logging in and logging out for the administrator

• Algorithm to detect number of users with high accuracy

• User statistic report generator with a user-friendly UI

• Simple application which demonstrate the implementation of the project

• Period of time when the application usage is high so that there would be a clear trend of usage.

• Period of time a user uses a particular application to complete his transaction

This project will only produce the mentioned deliverables. However, this project will not provide our clients with any form of banking applications. As this project is initiated by iLab@SMU, the project team will not conduct a market survey to validate the core idea of this project.
Our team feels that once our basic scope has been completed, we could work further and enhance the system even more. Hence, we have decided on the following as our extended scope:
Count the number of unique users. This would help us to store the user and his profile based on his finger blob. This could also help to analyze the user preference when he browses an application and consequently, market the application specifically for the user.

The following points are the constraints for the project:

- This project must be completed before the end of term 2/2010

- Clients might not be tech-savvy, therefore application settings must be very simplified as much as possible

- The accuracy level might not be up to a 100% because of the underlying factors when using the algorithm.

Following points are the list of implementations included with the scope of this project:

- User guide which will demonstrate the deployment and usage of the application

- Test case report to notify clients of the “can-do” and “cannot-do”

- Developer documentation to facilitate developers to easily understand the user analytics system

Main Project Deliverables

Date Project Phase/ Milestones Deliverables
4 December 2009 Draft Proposal Due + Draft proposal

+ Revised algorithm

4 January 2010 Project Proposal Due + Final proposal

+ Elaborated user requirements

24 January 2010 Project Phase 1 Finishes + Completed algorithm

+ Respective documentations

15 February 2010 Mid-term Reflection Due + Mid-term reflection

+ Respective documentations

15 February 2010 Project Phase 2 Finishes + Implement Use Cases 1-6

+ Respective documentations

20 March 2010 Project Phase 3 Finishes + Implement Use Cases 7-11

+ Respective documentations

29 March 2010 Project Poster Due + Poster
4 April 2010 Project Phase 4 Finishes + All finished features

+ Client testing and Beta testing begins + Respective documentations

18 April 2010 Final Reflection Due + Final reflection
20 April 2010 Project Completed, Full Testing, Debugging, and Deployed in Client’s Server + All features integrated

+ Project handed over to the client

Resources & References

  • The NuiGroup and Touchlib [1]
  • Microsoft Surface Online Community [2]
  • Microsoft Surface SDK 1.0 SP1 Documentation [3]
  • Developing for Microsoft Surface (Video) [4]
  • Precise Selection Techniques for Multi-Touch Screens [5]