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JPT Logo.
Project Team Logo: JPT
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Project Sponsor: Singapore GP Pte Ltd
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Collaboration Partner: ST Electronics
J.P.T Poster
J.P.T Team Poster

Just Pure Tandem

We are a group of year 3 students who have been working together for quite some time. We find that we are able to work together very well.

Thus, Just Pure Tandem.

Team Members

JPT consists of : Gloria Yeo Geok Eng, Low Yi Yang, Lau San San, Lin Xuankuang, Stanley Ng Wee Kiat, Vivian Choo Hui Ting.


Our supervisor is Kevin Steppe 1.

Project Overview

Project Description

Singapore Grand Prix has been organising the Formula One night races, also known commonly as the F1 races, in Singapore for the past 3 years. Each F1 race is a major event which requires year long preparations and huge amounts of manpower. They have much difficulty managing manpower manually, especially with registrations, payroll, paper forms, collection of uniforms as well as training. As such, the objective of the project is to provide solutions to the Singapore Grand Prix (GP) manpower management and employee training needs. In view of that, the solution is divided into two separate components, namely Manpower Management and E-Learning.


Manpower Management:

• To provide Singapore Grand Prix (GP) staff a streamlined process of the management of manpower through proper verification and registration processes on a web-based system, moving away from the current manual processes.

• To provide users a means of management of information accordingly to the nature of the user.


• To engage students in an interactive and intuitive learning environment that aids in knowledge retaining.

• To provide ITE students, government bodies and SGP personnel the means of learning and re-learning the areas regarding the setup of the race zones and so on that lacks understanding.

Project Motivation

We are much honored to be able to work closely together with such a prestigious organization like Singapore GP. The scale of the project allows us much flexibility to work with. We will also be exposed to different kinds of programming language (e.g. JSP, Flash, etc.) and gaining experience by working closely with the organization with the challenging scope. On top of that, this project allows us to be able to apply what we have learnt in our academic curriculum into good use in this industry. Our group looks forward to not only achieving the expectations but also, exceed the expectations of Singapore GP and learn the most out of this exciting experience.


Stakeholder : Sarah Martin
Role : Operations Director
Involvement : Provide user requirements and feedbacks for the application and oversee the project development

Stakeholder : Jonathan Wong
Role : ITE Manpower Management in charge
Involvement : Provide user requirements and feedbacks for the application and oversee the project development

Stakeholder : Melissa Phua
Role : Recruitment and Training
Involvement : Provide user requirements and feedbacks for the application and oversee the project development

Stakeholder : Kevin Steppe
Role : Project Supervisor
Involvement : Advise and supervise the project team

Project Scope

Manpower Management System
The proposed Singapore GP Manpower & E-learning Management system is a web-based system to facilitate registration and verification of registrants’ details. The functions are grouped by users:


  • Register
  • Log In/Out
  • Update Particulars
  • E-learning Modules


  • Register
  • Log In/Out
  • View Students
  • Approve Students
  • Search and Sort Students
  • E-learning Modules

Admin (SGP personnel)

  • Register
  • Log In/Out
  • Approve Students
  • Search and Sort Students
  • View Students
  • Edit Student Particulars
  • Manage User Accounts
  • Run Reports
  • Import/Export Student Info
  • Import/Export Other User's Info
  • E-learning Modules

This is an interactive-learning module in the Manpower & E-learning Management System to educate potential personnel with regards to SGP information, including site knowledge and so on.
The system consists of:

  • 5 highly interactive e-learning modules
  • an assessment of 10 randomly generated questions at the end of all the modules with maximum of 3 attempts
  • revisit the knowledge content viewed previously
  • save the progress of each user

Project Screenshots

Manpower Management System

Login Screen
MMS login screen

Administrator Filter Screen (Search All)
Admin Filter Screen

Administrator Export to Excel File(Select Fields)
Admin Export Excel Screen

Sample of exported excel file
Admin Sample Exported Excel File

Administrator Download User Photos
Admin Download User Photos

E-Learning Portal

Start Page
E-Learning Start Page

Main Menu Navigation
E-Learning Main Menu Navigation

Drag n Drop Functionality
E-Learning Drag N Drop

Hover Over Effect
E-Learning Hover Over

E-Learning Animation

Mini Quiz Start Page
E-Learning Mini Quiz Start Page

Mini Quiz Sample Page
E-Learning Mini Quiz Page

User Test Profile Page
E-Learning User Test Profile

Project Progress

December Holidays

  • Client meeting to gather requirements and content
  • Setting up of environment for project development
  • Working on final proposal:

-Project Requirements
-Work Breakdown Structure
-Development Diagrams
-Software Development Model and Framework

Week 1

  • Working on and submission of final proposal
  • Tried to start on the project in pairs and assigning work
  • Research and read up on Hibernate and Spring framework

Week 2

Manpower Management

More detailed content was received from Client. Team started to try integrating frameworks into development.


  • User interface
  • Email functionality
  • Registration functionality

Week 3

Manpower Management

Bugs surfaced while trying to deploy the system even though codes had no error. The application was only able to work perfectly only on one computer. Team discussed possibility of dropping frameworks.


  • Login/Logout
  • Email/Registration
  • Registration (Phase 1 Data-collection)
  • Registration (Phase 2 Data-collection)
  • User

One of the team members gave the team a tutorial on flash. Each team member was to come up with a mini flash application to get some hands-on.

Week 4

Team prepared for the demonstration of registration and login functionality of Manpower Management System to client on the following Monday.


  • Brief Design (Screens/Sketch) on Powerpoint
  • Navigation Structure

Week 5

Project was delayed by 7 days due to the difficulty in incorporating the frameworks.
Hibernate Framework was removed and half of the group started to work on E-learning modules in order to make up for time lost.

Manpower Management


  • Login/Logout
  • Email/Registrationy
  • Registration (Phase 1 Data-collection)
  • Registration (Phase 2 Data-collection)
  • User


  • Detailed Story Boarding for modules 1 and 2

Week 6

Manpower Management

Due to worry about lack of time in the Manpower Management System, we decided to drop Spring as well and focus on the validation of the different user fields.

  • Finishing up the functions and testing


We were already able to start development of the E-learning system. However, the client has delayed in giving us the content which was subject to major changes. While it did not delay our schedule, our productivity was compromised.

  • Final Template and Storyboard for Modules 1-3

Week 7

The information for the E-learning was just received. However, the group was set on working on the midterm reflection. In week 8, we plan to finish at least 2 modules of E-learning.

Manpower Management

  • View Students/Employees for Admins

Week 8

E-learning module 1 is almost completed, except that we need to resolve the font conflict between Mac OSX and Windows. E-learning module 2 cannot be completed yet due to the lack of content materials. Module 3 is completed till the display of the uniform.

Manpower Management

  • Role based authentication (Teachers/Students)
  • Search/filter for Teachers
  • Email verification

Week 9

Modules 1-3 are taking longer than expected as there is much delay in receiving information from SGP. Also, there have been some difficulty dealing with Action Script 3.0.

Key Points

  • Integration among modules 1-3
  • Quiz information is changed from static to dynamic
  • Concept of using database to track scores

Manpower Management

  • Advanced user registration page
  • Teachers’ Login (Distinct values from DB with search functionalities)

Week 10

Key Points

  • Revamp of User Interface
  • Quiz of module 3

Manpower Management

  • Teachers’ Login (Paging of search results)
  • Stress Test of System
  • Administrator functions

Week 11

Key Points

  • Linked up modules 1 - 3
  • Drag n Drop Functionality for chain of command in module 3

Manpower Management

  • Student editing of personal profile
  • Administrator editing students' profiles

Week 12

Key Points

  • Progress tracking of module 1 and 2 with their respective mini-quizzes

Manpower Management

  • Export data from database to excel file
  • Uploading of users' photographs

Week 13

Key Points

  • Tooltips for hovering indication
  • Linkage of modules to original starting screen(map)
  • Progress Tracking of the remaining modules

Manpower Management

  • View All/20 per page for both teacher and administrator's search functionality

Week 14

Key Points

  • E-Learning Test Cases
  • E-Learning login page for contractors
  • User Acceptance Testing

Manpower Management

  • User's photo upload and photo validation(file size, dimensions)
  • Downloading of all users' photos into a zip file
  • User Acceptance Testing

Week 15

E-Learning & Manpower Management
Key Points

  • Project completion and hand-over
  • Project support

Week 16

E-Learning & Manpower Management
Key Points

  • User Guide/FAQs
  • Support training of admin/users

Group Meeting Minutes

Meeting 1: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_01_(02122009).docx
Meeting 2: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_02_(03122009).doc
Meeting 3: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_03_(09122009).docx
Meeting 4: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_04_(15122009).doc
Meeting 5: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_05_(22122009).doc
Meeting 6: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_06_(05012010).doc
Meeting 7: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_07_(13012010).docx
Meeting 8: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_08_(15012010).docx
Meeting 9: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_09_(18012010).docx
Meeting 10: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_10_(20012010).docx
Meeting 11: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_11_(25012010).docx
Meeting 12: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_12_(27012010).docx
Meeting 13: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_13_(01022010).doc
Meeting 14: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_14_(01022010).docx
Meeting 15: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_15_(03022010).docx
Meeting 16: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_16_(08022010).docx
Meeting 17: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_17_(10022010).docx
Meeting 18: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_18_(11022010).docx
Meeting 19: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_19_(17022010).doc
Meeting 20: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_20_(22022010).doc
Meeting 21: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_21_(24022010).doc
Meeting 22: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_22_(03032010).doc
Meeting 23: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_23_(05032010).doc
Meeting 24: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_24_(08032010).docx
Meeting 25: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_25_(10032010).docx
Meeting 26: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_26_(15032010).docx
Meeting 27: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_27_(17032010).docx
Meeting 28: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_28_(22032010).docx
Meeting 29: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_29_(24032010).docx
Meeting 30: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_30_(29032010).docx
Meeting 31: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_31_(31032010).doc
Meeting 32: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_32_(01042010).doc
Meeting 33: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_33_(07042010).docx
Meeting 34: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_34_(08042010).docx
Meeting 35: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_35_(12042010).docx
Meeting 36: Media:JPT_Meeting_Minutes_36_(16042010).docx

Supervisor Meeting Minutes

Week 1 Dec: Media:JPT_Supervisor_Meeting_Minutes_01_(03122009).docx
Week 1: Media:JPT_Supervisor_Meeting_Minutes_02_(07012010).docx
Week 2: Media:JPT_Supervisor_Meeting_Minutes_03_(13012010).docx
Week 3: Media:JPT_Supervisor_Meeting_Minutes_04_(20012010).docx
Week 4: Media:JPT_Supervisor_Meeting_Minutes_05_(27012010).docx
Week 5: Media:JPT_Supervisor_Meeting_Minutes_06_(03022010).docx
Week 6: Media:JPT_Supervisor_Meeting_Minutes_07_(10022010).docx
Week 8: Media:JPT_Supervisor_Meeting_Minutes_08_(24022010).docx
Week 9: Media:JPT_Supervisor_Meeting_Minutes_09_(03032010).docx
Week 10: Media:JPT_Supervisor_Meeting_Minutes_10_(10032010).docx
Week 11: Media:JPT_Supervisor_Meeting_Minutes_11_(17032010).docx
Week 12: Media:JPT_Supervisor_Meeting_Minutes_12_(24032010).docx
Week 13: Media:JPT_Supervisor_Meeting_Minutes_13_(31032010).docx
Week 14: Media:JPT_Supervisor_Meeting_Minutes_14_(07042010).docx

Client Meeting Minutes

Meeting 1: Media:JPT_Client_Meeting_Minutes_1_(03122009).doc
Meeting 2: Media:JPT_Client_Meeting_Minutes_2_(16122009).doc
Meeting 3: Media:JPT_Client_Meeting_Minutes_3_(11012010).docx
Meeting 4: Media:JPT_Client_Meeting_Minutes_4_(25012010).docx
Meeting 5: Media:JPT_Client_Meeting_Minutes_5_(08022010).docx
Meeting 6: Media:JPT_Client_Meeting_Minutes_6_(22022010).docx
Meeting 7: Media:JPT_Client_Meeting_Minutes_7_(05032010).docx
Meeting 8: Media:JPT_Client_Meeting_Minutes_8_(15032010).docx
Meeting 9: Media:JPT_Client_Meeting_Minutes_9_(29032010).docx
Meeting 10: Media:JPT_Client_Meeting_Minutes_10_(05042010).docx
Meeting 11: Media:JPT_Client_Meeting_Minutes_11_(12042010).docx

Knowledge Repository

Flash Tutorials

Create, Drag a Mask with Actionscript 3.0

Tweening with Actionscript 3.0

ActionScript 3 Basics : Tween

Basic ActionScript 3

Introduction to Flash-PHP-MySQL Communication with ActionScript 3

Video Tutorials on Flex, Air, Flash with ActionScript 3

Sample Tutorials - Drag & Drop 1

Sample Tutorials - Drag & Drop 2

Site to download vector graphics