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Team Exoro - "To prevail upon, entreat successfully"


Li YingJiu



Project Description

Zii Device

The proposed application will be developed as an interactive game, where the games will utilize hardware components of the Zii devices which will be activated during the three main stages of the game. The application will take on the role of introducing and bringing users to places of interest, through a guided tour where they need to perform certain task at the location in order for them to proceed to the next place. The purpose of this application is to set up a generic platform for where similar scenario can be implemented or expanded in the future. In this application, we have chosen a storyline where users are brought to Singapore’s places of interest, namely the National Museum, the Merlion statue and the Esplanade.

Whats with the ‘Green Man’ and ‘Zii’ thing?

Android Logo

The green man universally represents Android, an open source mobile programming language that is gradually getting implemented by mobile manufacturers in their smart phones. It was originally seen a competitor to the highly successful iPhone, Google, the developer of Android had launch their first Android phone, Nexus, which is entirely powered by Android. Like the Nexus, Zii, pronounced as ‘zee’, was created by Creative Technology to showcase its rich and media processing capabilities, it also uses Android as their operating platform on top of the self-developed Plazma O/S.


At the completion of this project, the application should showcase the capabilities of the Zii Egg and Android Operating System through our game application, the functions developed should address the case of re-usability and scalability. Zii World


The diversity of android programming language allows creation of interesting and useful application, this project hopes to leverage on the team’s capabilities and resources of our client to help develop an interactive game as a platform which can be further expanded to help improve the client’s services and gain substantial knowledge for our own.


Role Name Position in Organization Project Involvement
Sponsor Mr. Vincent Chua Business Director, Internet Services – Zii Pte Ltd (Creative Resource) Identified the need for this project
Client Mr. Kevin Goh Manager, Business Solution, Internet Services – Creative Resource Oversee the project development, provide feedbacks on the deliverables
Technical Advisor Mr. Peh Sek Boon Software Engineer, Creative Resource Provides technical expertise on Android and Plazma o/s
Supervisor Prof. Li Yingjiu SIS Lecturer, SMU Guide and advise the team


Our functionalities over the three game stages include:

Stage 1

  • Provide login function (user's authentication to Cloud)
  • Activation of camera function
  • Tagging of Photos into Contact Profile
  • Create contact profile user interface
  • Save contact profile as VCF format
  • Upload Contact profile to cloud

Stage 2A

  • Upload encrypted text message to cloud
  • Reading of 2D QR-Barcode
  • Retrieve text message into Zii device

Stage 2B

  • Decrypt text message using key from barcode
  • Create Stage 2 user interface

Stage 3

  • Access accelerometer in Zii device
  • Provide stage 3 user interface

Project Schedule

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The Droid Adventure Weekly updates

Whatever happened and we got our meeting minutes to prove it, yes, we do meet alot....

Countdown to Project initiation

Getting the Right people together - Meeting Minutes 1 - Meeting Minutes 2

Sourcing for Companies - Meeting Minutes 3

The Right Team for the Right Job - Meeting Minutes 4

Born of Team Exoro + Project registration - Meeting Minutes 5

Let's Go, Lets Go

Setting up Enviroment - Meeting Minutes 6 Discussion on Requirements - Meeting Minutes 7

Meeting The Client

Selling our ideas - Meeting Minutes 8

BrainStorming and Project Proposal

We spent quite a number of session discussing the type of project that will be beneficial to both parties. Yes our initial idea was 'shot' down... - Meeting Minutes 9, Meeting Minutes 10, Meeting Minutes 11, Meeting Minutes 12

Start of the adventure

We now embark on the development process, starting with the setting up of the development environment specifically to the Zii device. - Meeting Minutes 13

Tweaking the project

They always say nothing goes as planned. - Meeting Minutes 14, Meeting Minutes 15, Meeting Minutes 16, Meeting Minutes 17, Meeting Minutes 18

Life after mid-term reflection

Well, the GUI does not really appeal to most users, the team spent much time refining the graphics and game play experience - Meeting Minutes 19, Meeting Minutes 20

Getting ready the poster - Meeting Minutes 21

Final leg of project development

The team has been trying to keep up with the project schedule despite external commitments, the team will be pouring in more hours to achieve the final deliverables - Meeting Minutes 22, Meeting Minutes 23, Meeting Minutes 24, Meeting Minutes 25

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles Primary Secondary
Project Manager Dean Wei Yann
UI Designer Jason JunZhe
Documentation Manager Wei Yann Jason
Technical Lead Zhi Wei Dean
Resource Manager Junzhe Zhi Wei

Game Play Images