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Our team name is ECHINO. Our team has chanced upon this flower called Echinacea and found it's name interesting so we decided to adopt the Greek meaning of the flower, echino as our team name!

Team Members
We are a 5 member team which consist of Yong Fah Yi Celine, Yu YiChen, Loo YiLin Cheryl, Chong MingMing and Lee Sze Hwee Kristen. We are all currently in our third year of studies in SIS =).

More about US

Our supervisor for this IS480 project is Professor Ilse BAUMGARTNER [1]

Project Overview

Our client

We are currently working with Strata Logistics. Strata is a local SME logistics company which provide lorry crane services as well as other logistic services such as transport services, warehousing, transshipment and containers. The company’s mission to strive to deliver Just-In-Time logistics solutions by providing secure, reliable and on-demand logistics service to delight their customers. So in accordance with the company’s mission to provide just-in time logistics solution, Strata will require an application to replace its current paper based system so that it will expedite their daily operations task and improving their work efficiency.

Project Description

This is an application system for Strata Logistics’ internal use. The proposed system will provide a user-friendly interface for employees to perform daily operational task such as taking in delivery orders, human resource management, vehicle records, sales records and so forth. The system will also be able to generate various types of reports in areas such as sales, customer, diesel (fuel consumption) and so forth which are crucial for the management to analyze and track Strata’s performance.

Our team has chosen this particular project due to the following reasons:


  1. The company has little IT infrastructure in place hence in the process of building an in-house application system, we also have to be able to take into the considerations of the various IT software and hardware that we could use and recommend a viable solution to meet our client’s current and future needs.
  2. Due to the nature of the business, there are many data that need to be stored and managed properly .Since the company doesn’t have an existing database, we will have to work from scratch to provide Strata with a robust yet flexible database management system as such this will expose us to explore more in depth about data management.
  3. Since we will be using a technology that is relatively new to the team, all team members will be able to pick up a new programming language or further our knowledge of programming language for the project.

Our team is confident that we can break through all these challenges that are ahead of us and build a solution that is robust, usable and sustainable for our client.

Our team has always been keen to learn more about data management hence through this project, it will exposed to huge amount of data that we can work with and probably build a good data management application for our client.


  1. Client: STRATA Logistics Contact person: Qiao Ling - Administrator (herein thereafter referred to as ‘Admin’)
    Position: Owner of the company
    Involvement: Provide project requirement and information, feedbacks for application and overseeing the project development.

  2. Supervisor: Ilse Baumgartner
    Skill sets: Project management, vast experiences in working with Microsoft products.


  1. To develop a usable and expandable application system to solve Strata’s current issues – paper based system, archiving of files and data
  2. To provide Strata with a proper reporting and analysis tool so as to help the company analyze its performance.
  3. To develop a database that will be able to support Strata’s current and future needs.
  4. To empower Strata with IT application to improve their current business process.

List of Deliverable

  1. An internal web application system which:
    • Provides the employee an interface to input and retrieve data efficiently
    • Provide top management with reporting and analysis tools to measure the company’s performance
  2. Create a corporate logo and image for the company
  3. User manual and training

The X-factor of our project that differentiates us from rest is we are building an application from scratch as Strata Logistics is still a traditional company where all the work is done on paper. Therefore, the application can help improve the company’s efficiency and also allow the top management makes better decisions based on the customized reports.

Project Schedule(Planned)

Project schedule table.jpg


Schedule metric

Quality metric

Our progress

December Vacation

  1. Meeting with Qiao Ling from Strata
  2. Work Breakdown Structure / Gantt Chart
  3. Assumption and risks
  4. Use Cases
  5. Sequence Diagram
  6. Logical diagram
  7. Metrics
  8. Design samples of logos for Client
  9. Design samples of UI for Client
  10. Update project schedule
  11. Design selected UI and amend selected logo/s
  12. Server Quotation
  13. Update wiki

Week One

  1. Submission of Proposal
  2. Use of Google Calandar
  3. Software Installation
  4. Setup SQL Database by Qiao Yang and Celine
  5. Self study on ASP.Net

Week Two

  1. Received Proposal feedback from Prof Ben
  2. Internal meeting on Tuesday (12.01.10)
    • Proposal review
    • Setup SQL Database on everyone's laptop
    • Setting agenda for supervisor meeting
  3. Supervisor meeting on Wednesday (13.01.10) to review on proposal and update on progress
  4. Changes made to logical diagram based on supervisor feedback
  5. Work on HR module
  6. Reallocate responsibilities

One of our team member had to drop out of the team to complete an internship. The team wishes him good Luck and have fun at work =)

Week Three

  1. Client meeting and supervisor on Monday (18.01.10)
  2. Update project schedule
  3. Update Logical diagram
  4. Create CSS
  5. HR module validation
  6. UI design for all modules

Prof Ilse introduced stored procedures to the team

Week Four

  1. Supervisor meeting (25.01.2010)
  2. HR module validation
  3. Create CSS
  4. Update Project Schedule and Metrics
  5. Stored Procedures for all modules

Our project manager, Celine had injured her leg -take care!

Week Five

  1. Supervisor meeting (01.02.10)
  2. Continue working on HR module
  3. Debug CSS
  4. Test Plan for HR

Team still faces the issue of developing CSS and creating dynamic stored procedures thus impeding the team's progress

Week Six

  1. Client and supervisor meeting (08.02.10)
  2. Update HR module according to Client's feedback
  3. Integrate HR module and login with UI design
  4. Allocation of work for next few phases
  5. Prepare for Midterm reflection
  6. Update codes with Ajax function

Team managed to solve the issue with CSS and dynamic stored procedures.
Prof Ilse introduce Ajax to the team to reduce refreshing of page when interacting with the date selection function.

Week Seven

  1. Midterm Reflection (19.02.01)
  2. Supervisor meeting (17.02.10)
  3. UI and codes integration

Team faces difficulties in integrating the codes and UI together (ajax and connection issues) will strive to complete by next wednesday
Team is currently overloaded with assignment and midterm test (Work hard everyone!!!)

Week Eight

  1. Coding of Customer, Supplier & Vehicle modules
  2. Client meeting (24.02.10)

Week Nine

  1. Coding of Search Salary, Customer, Supplier & Vehicle modules
  2. Supervisor meeting (01.03.10)

Team progress was slowed down due to mid terms =(

Week Ten

  1. Supervisor meeting (08.03.10)
  2. Test Plan for customer, supplier and vehicle module
  3. Testing for customer, supplier and vehicle module
  4. Integration with UI (customer, supplier and vehicle module)

Client meeting was cancelled as she had an emergency to attend to. Team will reschedule another meeting day with her.

Week Eleven

  1. Client meeting (16.03.10)
  2. Integration with UI (customer, supplier and vehicle module)
  3. Coding of Job ordering
  4. Debugging of Search salary
  5. Research on crystal reporting

Supervisor meeting was rescheduled to the following Monday so that the team can focus on coding
Team has decided to work on pass and certificate module which the team had initially decided to drop

Week Twelve

  1. Supervisor meeting (22.03.10)
  2. FYP poster submission to supervisor (24.03.10)
  3. Coding of Job ordering
  4. Coding of reporting - Diesel usage analysis & Maintenance report
  5. Coding of Pass and Cert

Team realized that that they are unable to use crystal reporting> However team has consulted with Prof Ilse to look for an alternative plan =) - Microsoft Chart Controls for Microsoft .NET. Also team has found a way to export files to excel or pdf. Team will strive to complete Reporting =)

Week Thirteen

  1. Poster Submission
  2. Coding of Job ordering and Invoicing
  3. Coding of Reporting (vehicle maintenance)
  4. Coding of pass and certificate
  5. Final Report requirement gathering

Team is currently facing issues with the reporting module - inserting header and page number the GridView. Intensive research is done to solve this issue. Also team realizes that there may be a need to add a new entity to the database to keep information relating to belts and shackles. This is necessary for the pass and cert module. Client and Supervisor meetings are canceled as the team need to devote more time to coding but team has emailed client and supervisor accordingly on team's progress.

Week Fourteen

  1. Coding of Reporting module (diesel, salary, earning per company, earning per truck and earning per truck VS diesel usage)
  2. Integration of all modules (Job ordering, invoice, report, pass)
  3. UI design final touches
  4. Test plan and Testing for Job ordering, invoice, report, pass )
  5. Prepare UAT test plan
  6. Final Report

Week Fifteen

  1. Supervisor meeting -PAT Testing (13.04.10)
  2. Client meeting -UAT Testing (14.04.10)
  3. Debugging and testing
  4. Final Report and slides
  5. Final Presentation (16.04.10, 11.30am)
  6. Final Reflection

This will be our final stretch, JIAYOU!!!!

Things to do after FYP

  1. Deployment to Client's Server
  2. User Training

Meeting Minutes

Client Meeting

Minutes #1 - 23rd Oct 2009 (Media:Client_minutes_1_231009.docx)
Minutes #2 - 8th Dec 2009 (Media:Client_minutes2_081209.docx‎ )
Minutes #3 - 30th Dec 2009 (Media:Client_minutes3_301209.docx)
Minutes #4 - 18th Jan 2010 (Media:Client_minutes4_180110.docx)
Minutes #5 - 8th Feb 2010 (Media:Client_minutes5_080210.docx)
Minutes #6 - 24th Feb 2010 (Media:Client_minutes6_240210.docx)
Minutes #7 - 16th Mar 2010 (Media:Client_minutes7_160310.docx)
Minutes #8 - 14th Apr 2010 (Media:Client_minutes8_14042010.docx)

Supervisor Meeting

Minutes #1 - 13th Jan 2010 (Media:Supervisor_Meeting_13-01-10.pptx)(Media:Sup_meeting_130110.docx‎)
Minutes #2 - 18th Jan 2010 (Media:Supervisor_Meeting_18-01-10.pptx)(Media:Sup_meeting_180110.docx)
Minutes #3 - 25th Jan 2010 (Media:Supervisor_Meeting_25-01-10.pptx)(Media:Sup_meeting_250110.docx)
Minutes #4 - 2nd Feb 2010 (Media:Sup_meeting_010210.docx‎)
Minutes #5 - 8th Feb 2010 (Media:Sup_meeting_080210.docx)
Minutes #6 - 17th Feb 2010 (Media:Sup_meeting_170210.docx)
Minutes #7 - 1st Mar 2010 (Media:Sup_meeting_010310.docx)
Minutes #8 - 8th Mar 2010 (Media:Sup_meeting_080310.docx)
Minutes #9 - 22th Mar 2010 (Media:Sup_meeting_220310.docx)
Minutes #10 -5th Apr 2010 (Media:Sup_meeting_050410.docx)

Internal Meeting

Minutes #1 - 18th Nov 2009 (Media:FYP_minutes1_181109.docx)
Minutes #2 - 30th Dec 2009 (Media:FYP_minutes2_301209.docx)
Minutes #3 - 12th Jan 2010 (Media:FYP_minutes3_120110.docx)
Minutes #4 - 8th Feb 2010 (Media:FYP_minutes4_080210.docx)

Midterm reflection

For supervisor

  1. Midterm reflection (Media:IS480_Echino_Midterm.docx)
  2. Midterm Reflection appendix (Media:IS480_Midterm_Reflection_Appendix.docx)
  3. Project schedule (Media:Projectschedule.pdf)
  4. MetaData (Media:Data_dictionary.xls)
  5. Bug metric (Media:Bug_metric.xlsx)
  6. Steps for deployment (Media:Stepsfordeployment.docx)
  7. Test Plan (Media:Test_Plan_Login_employee.docx)
  8. Video Demo Media:Video_StrataLogistics_MidtermReflection.wmv‎
  9. Source code ([2])
  10. Meeting Minutes ([3])

For reviewer

  1. About the project (Media:About_our_project.docx)
  2. Midterm reflection (Media:IS480_Echino_Midterm.docx)
  3. Midterm Reflection appendix (Media:IS480_Midterm_Reflection_Appendix.docx)
  4. Project schedule (Media:Projectschedule.pdf)
  5. MetaData (Media:Data_dictionary.xls)
  6. Bug metric (Media:Bug_metric.xlsx)
  7. Steps for deployment (Media:Stepsfordeployment.docx)
  8. Test Plan (Media:Test_Plan_Login_employee.docx)
  9. Video Demo Media:Video_StrataLogistics_MidtermReflection.wmv‎
  10. Source code ([4])
  11. Meeting Minutes ([5])

Poster Submission

Team Echino Poster ([6]) PS: File is too huge to upload =(