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Team Cup of Tea

Its Over!!!

Dated: 18/4/2010

A Million Thanks To The People Below

Prof Zhu Feida, Our Wonderful Supervisor

Prof Li YingJiu, reviewer

Prof Ben Gan, course manager

Team Members

The team!
Clement Hu Guo Ren [1]
Kelvin Huang Yao Min [2]
Yuen Wing Kui Anthony [3]
Richard Laurence Forbes Edmunds [4]

Team Roles

Clement - Client Advocate

Kelvin - Project Manager

Anthony - Develop Lead

Richard - Quality Assurance & Secretary

Team Supervisor

Professor Zhu Feida [5]

Poly Natural Health Process Pte Ltd

Project Overview

Project Description

Our project aims to deliver a comprehensive inventory and warehouse system to relive manual work and replace the highly vulnerable legacy system which is only operated by a single user. The project aims to meet the client's expanding business need and better manage their invoice and warehouse. The team will strive to provide a modern and efficient solution while trying to maintain a familiar GUI to minimize the change reaction for the client. Most importantly the teams wants to inculcate the value IT can add and how IT facilitate business operation.


All 4 members are third year students and have been exposed to a wide range of business enabling technologies. We believe that it is time for us to make full use of our knowledge and skills set in the real world. We look forward to a rewarding learning experience in an uncontrolled environment unlike anything that we have had in school. The chance to negotiate the requirements with our sponsor and make them understand the feasibility of their requirements will also be extremely beneficial when we are working in the real world. Moreover, having a member that is an acquaintance of the sponsor spurs us to be more vigilant and also drive us to deliver something that is truly useful and usable to our clients. Ultimately, we would like to put what we have learnt in school to practical usage and to have hands on experience in aligning IT and business needs.


A new warehouse management system with bar code scanning ability to replace the current old system.

Value Statement

Our client will be able to efficiently and accurately management their inventory with the bar code scanning ability. And also a more user friendly and efficient way to keep track of orders and accounts. These will greatly reduce the effort and time required to carry out their daily warehouse operations.


Stakeholder Name Description

Poly Natural Health Process Pte Ltd

  • Poly Natural Health Process Pte Ltd, established in 1988, is one of Singapore’s leading manufacturers and international exporters of bottled bird’s nest, tonic essences and herbal beverages, traditional Chinese medicines and various other health and beauty supplements. Together with our sister company Poli Medical Company, which was founded in 1971 and specializes in manufacturing traditional Chinese herbal medicines, we have garnered more than 35 years of experience in the industry.
Client Miss Nicole
  • She is a manager in the company.
Supervisors Professor Zhu Feida
  • Our beloved supervisor:)

Project Documentation

Project Proposals and Reports

Version Date Description File
V1.0 Project Proposal Project Proposal
V1.0 Mid Term Reflection Report Midterm Review

Bug Tracking

Screenshot from Unfuddle showing our bug management
  • Using www.Unfuddle.com for all our bug tracking needs!


Please go to the link below to download our meeting minutes

Iterations/Check Points

System Flow.jpg

1. Invoice Management System

  • Online invoice management system (Signed Off Week 11)
  • Database setup and normalized (Signed Off Week 14)
  • Finalize GUI overall look, feel and direction (Signed Off Week 4)
  • Ensure that it is in tune with Client's business process before proceeding (Signed Off Week 14)
  • Payment System (Signed Off Week 14)

2. Inventory Management System

  • Integrate Barcode Scanner to business process (Signed Off Week 11)
  • Mass Check in/out of goods (Signed Off Week 14)
  • Inventory Alert System (Signed Off Week 11)

3. Report Generation

  • Transaction Table (Signed Off)
  • Generate Reports Using PHP for the following criteria in printable format (Incomplete)

- Report of Annual and Monthly sales By Product

- Sales and Products Brought By Client

4. Web Shop (Signed Off)

  • Will use an open sourced PHP Web Shop Script and integrate it with our Inventory Management System
  • Complete Integration With CupOfTea System

Key Challenges

  • Uncommitted Team Member
  • Unfamiliar with warehousing and sales business process
  • Team with weak programming skills and no prior experience in designing a full web page
  • Have to pick up new programming skills: Javascript and PHP
  • Difficulty in meeting with Clients
  • Difficulty in communicating requirements to the clients as they are pure business users with little IT knowledge

Weekly Progress Summary

Week 1

  • Communicated with clients about requirements
  • Started programming the Invoice Management System
  • Cost Analysis for the bar code scanner

Week 2

  • First versions of the Invoice System GUI complete
  • Database Normalization
  • Identify our "X-factors" for the project

  • Met with Client
    • Showed the Client 3 possible versions for the UI
      • UI still needs to be refined
    • Received budget for the bar code scanner
    • Tried to talk to client about X-Factor of the project (pushing web application to function on mobile web platform, bar code scanning on mobile phone)
      • Did not receive very positive response from client
    • Worked out the important fields for the invoice to further normalize database fields.

Week 3

  • New GUI's released according to Clients requested changes
  • Met with Prof Zhu
    • updated on projects progress
  • Met with Client to verify and confirm direction of GUI
    • Current version of UI accepted
  • Bar Code Scanner Purchased
    • (require model details)

Week 4

The New UI accepted by client
The New UI, logged in as warehouse user
  • Started programming the Inventory Management System
  • Started programming the barcode scanner and adapter (between scanner & system)
  • UAT Test:
    • Invoice GUI Completed
  • Consolidation of GUIs 1,2,3
  • Create dynamic table for all table needs

  • Met with Client
    • Approval for the mainframe of UI
    • Walked-through the first version of the Invoice Management System
    • Received product samples to test the Inventory Management Systems bar code scanner
    • Client emphasizes the need to keep things simple and does not want too many change from the original legacy system.

  • Business Intelligence Updates
    • Transaction History For Each Customer
    • Sort by item, or month/year
    • Item Sales by month/Year
    • Charting Forecasting
    • Customer Relations
      • Show Last Transaction History, if more than a certain time, a prompt will be forwarded!
    • Sort Customers By Different Level, so have different privileges
    • Item sales tracking via location so to better stimulate sales like 7-11 Japan Case Studies.

Week 5

  • Preparing for mid-term review
  • Finalized the following:
    • Show a demo version of system
  • Show a “story”
  • Be able to trace system
  • Aim to have refinement and UI changes left
  • For report: show where you are currently and if project is on track or not
    • Development of Invoice and Inventory System Continues

Week 6

  • Iteration 1 has expanded to include parts of Iteration 2(Inventory System) as team realized some of it are linked.
  • Meet with Prof Zhu on 10/02/2010
    • Updated on projects progress
    • Will tweak system to allow users to choose imputs instead of self-type to avoid human errors and boost productivity.
      • e.g. have a populated dropdown list for product ID.
    • Advised to keep single process e.g. Add New Stock, in a single screen.
      • Team will make use of dynamic tables or Server Side Processing to integrate processes as much as possible to a single screen
      • Will check with Clients post CNY to change according to their needs.

Week 7

  • Initial Invoice and Inventory System completed and integrated!
  • Met with Client on 15/02/2010
    • Update on project status
    • Client requested for an online shop to be built on top of the current project requirements
  • Meet with Prof Zhu on 19/2/2010 for Mid Term Evaluation
    • Identified Project Weakness
    • Identified areas to improve
  • Unfuddle now to be used in bug tracking
    • Set up user accounts for all team members
    • Unfuddle will now replace our current Wiki Bug Tracking Page currently employed
    • Log in to view our bug tacking at Unfuddle
      • Username: richard2007
      • Password:

Week 8

  • Bugs bugs bugs!
    • Team continues to solve pesky bugs
  • New UAT Scheduled for Week 9
  • Currently incorporating system wide form validation
  • Team currently working on:
    • Inventory Alert System
    • PO System
    • Payment System
  • Inventory Alert System
    • Will be employed to link the PO System and Invoice System up with the Inventory System so that warehouse employee will be able to know and distinguish between incoming and outgoing goods.

Week 9

  • Integrated Inventory Alert System
    • Completed and integrated into main program

Upcoming Plans

  • Bar code scanner auto-fill
    • one scan auto fill fields
  • Shopping Cart
    • scan multiple items and add them into so called 'shopping cart'
    • mass checkout of items
  • Admin Page
    • Add supplier
    • File upload
    • Edit account name
    • To be implemented after all functions working
  • Data Verification

Week 10

  • Major Team Management Issued raise to Prof Zhu
  • Started building on Multi-item Checkout For Inventory System
    • Currently facing issues on the final checkout, this should be resolved soon (hopefully!)
  • Design and template For Report Generation/Business Intelligence Out
  • Ran through UAT with Prof Zhu before meeting client 19/03/2010

UAT Comments from prof

  • PO
    • Shift the invoice PO table up to the top of the page
  • Inventory Alert System
    • Remove Available Field
    • Remove fields such as Price which warehouse worker should not have access to

  • Secretary Alert System
    • Once goods check in or out, an alert should be sent to secretary about the inventory change
  Group proposed to let secretary have access to the inventory alert system and so if task is gone, means that goods are checked in/out
  • Report Generation
    • Report generation should at least include the major basic reports such as end of week, end of month, end of quarter and end of year
    • We should focus on completing this even though the client has requested the web shop. The web shop was requested after the mid term break, whereas the report generation was an initial requirement. Prof would rather see the report generation completed before web shop or have a 100% complete report generation and 80% completed web shop and not the other way round. With this in mind we have stopped working on the web shop and focused on getting the report generation complete.
  • Invoice System
    • Profile should not be a func panel
    • Toolbar - Home what exactly does home refer to? Perhaps look at rewording
    • Panel needs better organisation

Week 11

  • Went through UAT with client on 23/3/2010
  • Client signed off the following (FINALLY!!!):
    • Alert System
    • Check in of Goods
    • Invoice/PO System
  • Came to compromise with client that we cannot deliver a full report generation/business intelligence but will deliver a usable web shop
  • Client pleased with progress thus far
  • Sent poster for Prof Zhu Review
  • Application schedule is behind time!!
  • Payment System is 90% done, and inventory system undergoing final coding process
  • Initial Final Presentation Outline done

Week 12

  • Submitted our project poster. Take a look =)
  • Starting work on final report documentation
  • Prof will be away till 6th April
  • Complete the shift from using dropbox as versioning system to using SVN.
  • Bugs solving and white box testing set into full swing as functions near completion
  • Completed user access control as well as how the system will be presented to the users
    • e.g. Different startup page for different users.

Week 13

  • Main Warehouse Management System completed, now integrating and finalizing Webshop and Report Generation
  • Payment System Completed
  • Going through whitebox testing
  • Identified GUI improvements to add Mouse Over assistance via CSS Span method
  • Report Generation

Invoice (by month) – invoice, customer, item o Customer id o Customer name o Invoice id o stkCode o itemName o quantity

Payment (current) – customer, payment, receipt, invoice, po o Customer id o Customer name o Total owned o Total payable

Item (annual) – invoice, item o stkCode o itemName o Total sales

Week 14

  • Report Generation Completed!!
    • Added Transaction Table to track all in/out stocks movement
    • Managed to come out with a printable invoice format!!
  • Wednesday Meeting Assigned Final Report Documentation roles and responsibilities
    • SD For In and out stock (Antony)
    • ER Diagram (together)
    • Presentation Slides (Clement)
    • Wiki Update (Clement)
    • Gantt Chart (Kelvin)
    • White Box Test Cases and Results (Kelvin)
  • Meeting with Prof Zhu coming Friday for UAT and subsequently Prof Li Yingjiu for review
    • Prof Zhu feida’s comment today abt the presentation
      • Let the programmer demo his own section (user must be very familiar with the system)
      • 3 to 5 min of the company, business practice, daily process, bottle neck, key issues, value of the system (list them down, efficiency, can check stock level)
      • Only focus on the main flow
      • 1 or 2 slides of the architecture diagram, big picture!!!

  • Completed Webshop Integration to the System!!
    • Availability will automatically be reflected
    • Linked via Database
  • Meeting with client for final sign off postponed to Saturday

Week 15

15/4/2010 - Final Presentation

18/4/2010 - Final Reflection Submitted!!

Its All Over!!! Thank you everyone who has been following this Wiki!!!

Client Feedback From UAT

Week 4

  • Client emphasize the need to keep things simple and does not expect too much changes from the original legacy system.
  • Requires us to not stray from the legacy GUI
  • Client requested us not to use system intensive processes. Team has identified flash as being too taxing for one of the Pentium 3 system that the Secretary is using.

Week 7

Unofficial Chinese New Year Visit

  • Client is pleased with the system we implemented thus far
  • Client requested for additional functionality of a WebShop to be integrated with the current system

Week 11

  • Went through UAT with client on 23/3/2010
  • Client signed off the following (FINALLY!!!):
    • Alert System
    • Check in of Goods
    • Invoice/PO System
    • IT Process and Business Process Alignment

Week 14

  • On 10 April 2010 Team CupOfTea Has Gotten Their Final Sign OFF!!!!
  • Functions Listed As Below
    • Payment System
    • Webshop

  • However, sad to say, not all functions are completed and are listed as below:
    • Report Generation

Project Photos

  • Snaps from one of our trips down to the clients offices