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Project Name

B1G1 Business Networking Site

B1G1 logo medium.png

Project Description

The project is an online web application for Buy1GIVE1 Pte Ltd. The proposed system is a dynamic website which allows business-owners, who are interested in transactional based giving around the world, to congregate and communicate. By doing so, it promotes participation in transactional-based giving at B1G1. Secondly, the website acts as a platform, used by B1G1, to showcase regular updates of news, events and others happenings related to its business. Lastly, the website also includes social-networking functionalities which promote interactions between B1G1 and their members as well as amongst the members themselves. In short, the system will be a Business Networking Site. The project will span across 15 weeks from 4th January to 16th April for Term 2 of 2009/2010.


There are 2 motivations – the social value of the business and the immense knowledge that could be gained through taking up the project. Firstly, the cause of the project and the vision of B1G1 are unique. They focus on giving back to the society. B1G1 aims to create a world full of giving by promoting the ‘Buy one Give One Transaction-Based Giving’ to SME businesses and corporations around the world. Their visions inspired and motivated us to take up the project where we can do our part to contribute back to the society. The next motivation is the vast potential of technical skills and knowledge that we can gain from this project. It is very different from other e-Commerce websites as it allows SMEs to make social contribution to their desired cause as compared to a typical shopping cart website. On top of that, the project also requires content-based management as well as social networking elements.


The objectives of the project are as follows:

  • To create an attractive, user-friendly & content-rich website that will attract and retain members
  • To create a business-networking platform to enhance the communication between B1G1 and business-owners who are interested in transactional based giving around the world
  • To promote transactional-based giving
  • To simplify the information flow and server structure
  • To integrate all databases and keep it consistent
  • To create a platform that provides functionality to enhance collaborations between business-owners who are interested in transactional based given around the world
  • To create a platform that allows all business-owners to improve their businesses


The scope of this project is to mainly fulfill the following goals:

  • Create an Business Networking Site that provides a gateway for individuals & businesses to communicate & collaborate
  • Create and integrate content sharing & management functionalities to support rapid updates of dynamic contents.
  • Create and integrate business networking functionalities to encourage interactions:
  • Between B1G1 and members (individuals and business owners)
  • Between B1G1 and visitors
  • Amongst members (individuals and business owners)
  • Create a user-friendly and intriguing interfaces to give users an extraordinary user-experiences to encourage continuous use of the system
  • Create a consistent branding for B1G1 through the design of the website.

Team Members

Alex Owyong, Chen Wenhao, Chen Xuanyi, Gifford Loh, Oh Chongheng

Role Primary Secondary
Project Manager Xuanyi Wenhao
Lead Developer Alex Xuanyi
Lead Tester Gifford Alex
Lead Designer Wenhao Gifford
Lead Documenter Chongheng Gifford
Liaison Chongheng Gifford


Masami Sato, Paul Dunn


Li Yingjiu

Semester Weekly Progress Summary

Week 1 (04 January to 10 January)

  • Discussed on functionalities and came up with a list of questions to be clarified with clients
  • Attended lesson (Introduction to IS480) conducted by Professor Benjamin GAN on 04 January 2010
  • Discussed on project X-Factor, Bug Tracker, test plan and check on system configurations
  • Team members to read up and research on the development of Drupal's modules
  • To begin the development on the functionality of "user account sign up"
  • Meeting with Team Proteus to discuss and collaborate on the database structure

Week 2 (11 January to 17 January)

  • Meeting with Team Proteus to discuss on the development of the database structure
  • Meeting with clients (Masami Sato and Arun) on 14 January 2010,clarified list of questions with clients
  • Updated developments and problems encountered to the clients
  • To begin the development on the functionality of "Create/Edit Business Profile"

Week 3 (18 January to 24 January)

  • First Iteration of BTG Members "Create/Edit Business Profile" functionality
  • Draft development of BTG Employee Members functionalities “Read Message sent by BTG Member to Employees”
  • Discussion on switching to PHP as Team faced restriction imposed by Drupal framework
  • Informed client for switching to PHP, client approved

Week 4 (25 January to 31 January)

  • Setup Database and testing on SQL statements
  • Experimenting with Bugzillar and Bughost, configuration and setup for UAT
  • Creating user interface with client’s designed template

Week 5 (01 February to 07 February )

  • Integration of Modules
  • Setting up test cases
  • UAT with Bughost

Week 6 (08 February to 14 February )

  • Integration of Modules
  • Meeting with supervisor and client (Date and time not confirm)

Week 7 (15 February to 21 February )

  • Integration of Modules
  • Demo for supervisor and client on 17/02/2010
  • Review midterm reflection to be submitted on 19/02/2010

Week 8 (22 February to 28 February )

  • Met up with Team Proteus and finalized required email address for login
  • Deployed system in client server for testing
  • Received new client's requirements on 26th February

Week 9 (1 March to 7 March)

  • Set new milestones and functionalities to be completed
  • Update bugs and required functionalities on Zoho Project.
  • Meet up with Team Proteus to discuss the sharing of database

Week 10 (8 March to 14 March)

  • Completed change of database structure
  • Completed sign up / registration, membership upgrade, photo album upload and sending, receiving messages functionalities.
  • Met up with client for project demonstration (Friday 12/03/2010)

Week 11 (15 March to 21 March)

  • Completed photo album and Invite functions
  • Corrected all bugs found during testing
  • Preparing for draft poster
  • Draft Admin Account and testing on search business listing function

Week 12 (22 March to 28 March)

  • Preparing for Final Reflection report
  • Completed Admin Account and testing on search business listing function
  • Meeting with client on 26 March 2010, presented Admin, search and business listing function

Week 13 (29 March to 4 April)

  • Preparing for Final Reflection report and presentation
  • Draft Affiliate/Administrator/Country License accounts
  • Target to complete all "Very High" and "High" Priority functionalities

Week 14 (5 April to 11 April)

  • Planning for security testing
  • Planning for Staging and testing phase
  • Planning for integration phase
  • Planning for production phase
  • To complete all Affiliate/Administrator/Country License accounts

Week 15 (12 April to 18 April)

  • Preparing for Final Reflection report and presentation
  • Presenting on 18 April 2010, 10am (Professor Benjaimin Gan, Supervisor, reviewer and clients informed)

Project Development Status

Iteration Modules Involved Status Expected date of completion
1 Business Owners functionalities(Sign Up As Member referenced by a BTG Member (LGI)) Completed 26th January 2010
Visitor and All User functionalities(Sign Up As Member,View Information on joining BTG & charity,Search for business by country or business type) Completed 27th January 2010
2 BTG Members functionalities(Create/edit Business profile functions,Write on wall, Upload Image, View Image) Completed 10th February 2010
BTG Members functionalities(Invite their employees to join under the Inviter(BTG Members),Invite other Businesses to sign up,Send Message to 1 or More Employees) Completed 11th February 2010
BTG Employee Members functionalities(Read Message sent by BTG Member to Employees) Completed 11th February 2010
All user functionalities except BTG Employee Member(Send Message to another Member, Read Message received from another Member) Completed 11th February 2010
3 Registration for all users functionalities(Business member registration, Reset password function, Show/Hide Leverage AND Direct Giving Impact) Completed 16th February 2010
Business and member Profile functionalities(Member Profile , Business Profile) Completed 28th February 2010
Invitation for all users functionalities(Companies can send invitations to Friends for them to upgrade to a employee member type) Completed 08th March 2010
Membership upgrade functionalities(Friends have the option to upgrade to Business member type ) Completed 15th March 2010
Administrator functionalities(Create pre-created admin accounts for various users, approve, edit, delete, change member status account and create blog and news updates) For future implementation
4 Search and Business Listing functionalities(Create business listing and search feature) Completed 20th March 2010
Payment Gateway(Payment Gateway integration (PayPal and Worldpay)) Completed
Registration for all users functionalities(Registration page for Friends and feature for Friends to invite others) Completed
Country Licensees(Create Country licensee accounts (view leveraged impact of all connected members) For future implementation
Ambassador(Create Ambassador accounts (view leveraged impact of all connected members) For future implementationd

Milestones & Deliverables

  • 1. Project Proposal (Draft), 04 Dec 2009
  • 2. Final Proposal, 04 Jan 2010
  • 3. 1st development phase milestone and Midterm Reflection, 15 Feb 2010
  • 4 To complete 2nd milestone, 03 Mar 2010
  • 5. Current Focus: 3rd development phase milestone, 19 Mar 2010
  • 6. Poster submission, 29 Mar 2010
  • 7. 4th development phase milestone, 01 April 2010
  • 8. Final Presentation, 18 April 2010
  • 9. Final Reflection, 18 April 2010
  • 10. Application Documentation Finalization & Handover, 31 Apr 2010

Meeting Minutes

December 2009

  1. Minutes - 1 Dec 2009 (Media:01-12-2009.docx)
  2. Minutes - 28 Dec 2009 (Media:28-12-2009.docx)

January 2010

  1. Minutes - 07 Jan 2010 (Media:07-01-2010.docx)
  2. Minutes - 28 Jan 2010 (Media:28-01-2010.docx)

February 2010

  1. Minutes - 06 Feb 2010 (Media:06-02-2010.docx)
  2. Minutes - 19 Feb 2010 (Media:19-02-2010.docx)
  3. Minutes - 26 Feb 2010 (Media:26-02-2010.docx)
  4. Minutes - 26 March 2010 (Media:26-03-2010.docx)