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Autobots, a faction of Aspiring Students from the School of Information Systems, is an IS480 group started in year-end 2009 in the fictional universe of the Singapore Management University. Their main mission is to conquer WebXTravel Back-End system by fighting to survive the 15 weeks of intensive planning and development using C# and Microsoft SQL Server 2008! Although they are new to those technologies, they believe that their will and determination will allow them to defeat and surpass the demands of their supervisor cum client, Ms Ilse!

AutoBots Motivation

Our main source of motivation comes from the challenges that we will be facing in the next couple of months. Having been in SMU for a considerable period, although we have already been accustomed to the long project hours, this FYP offers us an opportunity to explore and learn new things such as C# and the SQL server. Besides, one of our group members will also be undergoing her last semester which increased our motivation to help her put a memorable end to her undergraduate studies in SMU. These factors, combined with Professor Ilse’s help in securing this challenging project, will continue to drive the team on as we look forward to its commencement.

Members and Roles

Project Manager: Clara/Yuchun
Resource Manager: Amber/Angeline
Database Manager: Zhenqian/Fengru
Lead Developer: Yuchun/Zhenqian
Lead Designer: Angeline/Clara
Lead Tester: Fengru/Amber

Project Description

Please feel free to visit Team Autobots Project Site for the latest information on our project.