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Project Overview

Standard Chartered Bank credit card holders earn reward points for transactions made with their participating cards. These points accumulated allow them to make redemptions for a variety of rewards offered by participating merchants under the bank's Reward Program. Currently two channels are provided for card holders to make their reward redemptions - via the Phone or the Online Rewards site.

The bank aims to improve the existing channels as well as looking into a new channel to provide more options for card holders to enhance customer experiences. While the Online Rewards site provides full fledged functionalities for card holders to do that, the bank requires a mobile version of the Online Rewards site that is accessible within the limitations of mobile phone web browsers, particularly of the Symbian operating system (OS). The increasing adoption rate of the Apple iPhone has also triggered the bank's interest to explore ways of bringing the Reward Program closer to card holders who are iPhone users through an iPhone application.

Project Description

Team Ubique# has been tasked with two deliverables upon completion of the project:

  1. A mobile website that offers similar functionalities as the current Online Rewards site. The mobile website will work within the limitations of the web browsers of the Symbian OS phones. Any additional requirements to cater for browsers on other mobile phones will be highlighted to the client for future evaluation purposes.
  2. An iPhone application that provides the functionalities for credit card holders to make their reward redemptions. The application residing on the iPhone will adhere to the human interaction design principles laid down by Apple for the iPhone.


Keen interest in mobile phone application development has led the team to take up the project and apply our knowledge and experience to meet the client's requirements and expectations. Being adopters of the Macintosh OS, the team has always been fascinated by the comprehensive aesthetics designs of Apple's products and are excited at the opportunity and challenges of developing an application capable of passing the Apple App Store's stringent assessments.


Our project aims to address the bank's business needs of reaching out to more card holders with improved channels of reward redemption through fulfilling the expectations laid down by the client. In addition, the team aims to provide these card holders with better reward redemption experiences through suggestions on ways to improve the process involved in the current Online Rewards site. These improvements will be incorporated into our final deliverables of the mobile website and iPhone application.

Team Members

Roles Primary
Project Manager Koh Yunqi Ivan
Technical Lead (iPhone) Yap Ching Kiat Bryan
Technical Lead (Mobile-Web) Jaclyn Huan
Database Architect Low Cheng Sing


Role Name Position in Organization Project Involvement
Business Sponsor Christine Tan Staff, Standard Chartered Singapore Mentor and provides upper management link with Standard Chartered Business stakeholders for the project
Provide user requirements and feedbacks for UAT
iLab Project Manager Koh Lian Chee [1] iLab Program Manager Monitor and track team project progress
Provide iLab resource if required
Project Supervisor Ng Tock Soon [2] SIS Lecturer, SMU Provide guidance and supervision of team

Project Updates

Week 1: (Start of School Term)

- Signed off Functional Specifications (Mobile-Web & iPhone) by Business Sponsor, Christine.

- Set up and populated Database, programmed all database access

- Completed static Mobile-Web UI

- Commenced development for Customer Management Modules (Mobile-Web & iPhone)

UP-TO-DATE: Project is on schedule.

Week 2:

- Completed Customer Management Modules (Mobile-Web & iPhone).

- Re-calibrated project business focus with Christine (Business Sponsor)

UP-TO-DATE: Project is on schedule.

Week 3:

- Tested and Debugged Customer Management Modules (Mobile-Web & iPhone)

- Completed UAT for Customer Management Modules (Users: Christine & Tock Soon)

UP-TO-DATE: Project is on schedule.

Week 4:

- Commenced development for Rewards Catalog Management Modules (Mobile-Web & iPhone)

- Deployed and debugged application (Mobile-Web & iPhone) on actual hand sets, works as per UAT.

UP-TO-DATE: Project is on schedule.

Week 5:

- Completed Rewards Catalog Management Modules (Mobile-Web)

- Rewards Catalog Management Modules are behind schedule for iPhone

- Prepared demonstration materials for business sponsor. Senior Executives in SCB requested for demonstration of Mobile Rewards Redemption System on the 17th September 2009.

- Started working on mid-term reflection.

UP-TO-DATE: Mobile-Web is on schedule. iPhone is slightly behind. Team is confident of getting back on track by next week.

Week 6:

- Tested and Debugged Rewards Catalog Management Modules (Mobile-Web)

- Rewards Catalog Management Modules still in progress for iPhone

- Commenced development of Order Management Modules for iPhone (concurrent with above)

- Commenced development of Order Management Modules for Mobile-Web

- Sponsor's demonstration date changed to 28th September 2009.

UP-TO-DATE: Mobile-web is ahead of schedule. iPhone is still slightly behind. Some changes made to the project schedule for iPhone.

Week 7:

- Sponsor's demonstration date changed to 2nd October 2009.

- Order Management Modules for Mobile-Web still in progress

- Order Management Modules for iPhone Completed.

- Rewards Catalog Management Modules for iPhone still in progress

- UAT Phase 2 Completed with 100% pass rate.

UP-TO-DATE: Project is on schedule. Team plans to get ahead of schedule next week to allow room for refinement, enhancement and user-friendly tests.

Week 8: (Term Break)

- Reward Cart Management for iPhone is current under development

- Integration and testing for all Mobile-Web modules

- UI revision for Mobile-Web modules

- Started on IP Patent documentation

UP-TO-DATE: Project is on schedule.

Week 9:

- Reward Cart Management for iPhone is currently under development

- Extensive testing of mobile-web modules

- UAT 3 is shifted to Week 10 as there were no suitable date to meet with the UAT testers.

UP-TO-DATE: Project uses up a week of buffer. No impact on deadlines.

Week 10:

- UAT Phase 3 Completed. 100% pass rate for mobile-web, 1 failed case for iPhone.

- Development of ALL modules for both platforms are completed.

- Final UAT will be held in week 12, failed cases + incorporated UI feedback will be tested. System will be tested end-to-end again.

- Scenario-based Usability testing is being considered by the team.

- Business Sponsor's demonstration has been shifted to 1st week of December.

UP-TO-DATE: Project is on schedule.

Week 11:

- Mobile-Web has completed their testing for ALL modules. They have begun to look at how the UI can be improved. UAT documents are being prepared for next week.

- iPhone has bumped into a database commit error. No solution to the problem so far.

- Submitted Industry Scan Report

UP-TO-DATE: iPhone team is behind schedule

Week 12:

- Final UAT week. iPhone unfortunately is unable to deliver their system. A solution has not been found. The team has approached some iPhone developers for help but to no avail. The team has exhausted their options and are considering what to do now. UAT for iPhone will be pushed back to Week 13.

- Mobile-Web was ready for UAT. 100% pass rate with very constructive comments from Lian Chee, Tock Soon, and Christine.

- Instead of a full end-to-end UAT, the team decided to proceed with a scenario-based test instead. This test aims to allow the team to observe the testers as they complete their scenarios. The scenarios are built to be vague, so that the usability of the system can be thoroughly tested.

UP-TO-DATE: iPhone team is still behind schedule

Week 13:

- Mobile-Web team is a very happy team. They have completed all their deliverables and have proceeded to start on the presentation, final reflection and handover documents.

- iPhone team is however happier than them. They SOLVED THE BUG! UAT has been pushed to week 14 Monday as none of the testers were able to make it on Friday. iPhone team has been improving their UI and hope that the coming UAT/Usability test will yield fruitful results. There after, they will begin on their handover documents as well.

- Both systems (Mobile-Web and iPhone) have met ALL functional requirements.

- Plans for Week 14: Usability Test with other iLab teams for both systems

UP-TO-DATE: iPhone team finally caught up with schedule.