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Team Tsubasa

The meaning behind the name

Tsubasa means wings in Japanese. The name Tsubasa has 2 primary significances for our team.

The first is significance comes from its direct meaning wings. The possession of wings translates the ability to fly. Having wings and being able to fly signifies the freedom to go as high as possible for only the sky is the limit. This presents our team’s first values of wanting to “fly” as high as we can and achieve the best that we can. Through the FYP project, we wish to push ourselves beyond our limits and achieve new heights in terms of our technical skills, project management, software designing and teamwork.

The second significance is our choice for using the Japanese language for our team name. As a team, we would like to instill the infamous Japanese philosophy of Kaizen which means continuous improvement. Team Tsubasa aims to implement this philosophy into every aspect of our project. By embracing kaizen, our team aims to produce a quality end product and workmanship.

The Crew

DSC 1077.JPG

The table below summarizes the members within our team and their respective roles. We believe in the principle of duality. Each member will take on a primary and a secondary role.

Team member Primary role Secondary role
Clement Wong Yik Meng Lead Developer and System Analyst Database Designer
Kelvin Tham Wen Han Chief Database Designer Project Manager
Mercy Suryasin Chief Resource and Liaison Manager Testing and Quality Manager
Mohamad Fauzi bin As’ad Chief Project Manager Web Designer
Ng Rafie Bin Rosli Chief Web Designer Developer and System Analyst
Serene Ngian May Fang Chief Testing and Quality Manager Resource and Liaison Manager

Each of us is assigned to the primary role in the area that we are most proficient in. This is done in view that we are answerable to our sponsor, iForce, and that the team is responsible in delivering a working prototype at the end of our tenure. Having each of us working in the area we are best in reduces the risk of doing otherwise and ensures more efficient allocation of team resources.

Meeting the academic side of the FYP equation provides our team the motivation to allocate a secondary role for each team member. Each member is given the secondary role that he is weakest in or has no prior experience in. This allows each member to learn and mentor under another team member.

Through this methodology of roles designation, we are confident in being able to balance the academic and sponsor expectations in the deliverance of our project.

Our Project

Project Description

Our project is called Project iCRM. iCRM involves in realizing and developing a customer relationship management (CRM) application targeted mainly at the sales and marketing departments. The application allows a salesperson to track and monitor the different stages of the sales process. At the managerial level, the application allows a comprehensive view of the business unit in terms of sales made, its past trends and its forecasts. Another benefit that we would like the application to induce is better management of leads and after-sales feedbacks.

Other details of the project are as follows:

  • Sponsor: Paul Lim, Director, iForce Consulting Pte Ltd
  • Target group: Small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • Target size: 10,000 firms with estimated 10 CRM users each

Project Features

iCRM is developed mainly for the sales line, with the primary users being the Sales Manager and Sales personnel; while Marketing and Sales Support personnel playing a supporting role. With the development of iCRM, Team Tsubasa hopes that the following objectives will be achieved:

  • A CRM tool that is flexible enough to be adopted by SMEs of various sizes.
  • Allow both the sales manager and sales personnel to track and manage opportunities, leads and sales at team and personal level respectively.
  • Facilitate and enhance user's understanding of customer needs and trends
  • Increase work efficiency of sales teams
  • Helps with the sustainability of the business as the company grows and develops

iCRM consists of the following modules:

  • Member
  • Site Owner
  • Campaign
  • Dashboard
  • Account
  • Leads
  • Opportunity
  • Sales
  • Sales Support
  • Email
  • Campaign Report
  • Leads Report
  • Opportunity Report
  • Sales Report
  • Account Report

Our Progress

Week 1

Task Completed by Completed on Remarks
Completed the first UI design Rafie and Clement 17 Aug 2009
Completed Member Module Rafie and Clement 20 Aug 2009
Completed Dashboard Module Kelvin and Serene 18 Aug 2009 Module to be revisited and populated upon the completion of Report Generation modules

Week 2

Task Completed by Completed on Remarks
Completed Site Owner Module Rafie and Clement 27 Aug 2009
Completed Campaign Module Kelvin and Serene 28 Aug 2009

Week 3

Task Completed by Completed on Remarks
Completed Product Module Fauzi and Mercy 31 Aug 2009
Completed 2nd UI Design Clement and Rafie 3rd Sept 2009

Week 4

Task Completed by Completed on Remarks
First Deployment on GatorHost server Clement 7 Sept 2009
Development of Test Cases Serene 10 Sept 2009

Week 5

Task Completed by Completed on Remarks
Completed Leads Module Clement and Serene 14 Sept 2009
Completed Account Module Kelvin and Mercy 18 Sept 2009
Debugging of deployment server Clement 18 Sept 2009

Week 6

Task Completed by Completed on Remarks
Completed Debugging Deployment Database Problem Clement and Rafie 23 Sept 2009
Implement sponsor feedbacks All 25 Sept 2009
Commencement of unit and regressive testing Serene and Rafie 25 Sept 2009

Week 7

Task Completed by Completed on Remarks
Migration to CodeIgniter Framework All Ongoing
Revision of database design for sales cycle modules Kelvin and Serene 30 Sept 2009 Ongoing
Change of encryption to MD5 hash Clement 2 Oct 2009

Week 8

Task Completed by Completed on Remarks
Completion of migration to CodeIgniter All 7 Oct 2009
Completion of sales cycle modules database design Kelvin and Serene 8 Oct 2009
Completion of Mid Term Review Report All 11 Oct 2009

Week 9

Task Completed by Completed on Remarks
Implementation of Ajax elements Clement 13 Oct 2009
Browser check functionality Rafie 15 Oct 2009
2nd cycle of testing on deployment server Serene and Mercy 15 Oct 2009

Week 10

Task Completed by Completed on Remarks
Completion of Opportunity Module Fauzi and Kelvin 24 Oct 2009
Completion of Activity Module Clement and Rafie 24 Oct 2009
CSS for Internet Explorer Rafie 24 Oct 2009

Week 11

Task Completed by Completed on Remarks
Completion of sales module Fauzi and Kelvin 27 Oct 2009
Implementation of sponsor feedbacks All 29 Oct 2009
Installation of Google Analytics Rafie 29 Oct 2009
Completion of FYP Poster Rafie 30 Oct 2009
Completion of Leads report Generation module Clement and Mercy 31 Oct 2009

Week 12

Task Completed by Completed on Remarks
Solved browser compatibility issues Rafie 4 Nov 2009
3rd cycle of testing on deployment server Mercy and Serene 5 Nov 2009
Initiation of UAT Mercy and Serene 6 Nov 2009
Implementation of sponsor and user feedback All 7 Nov 2009
Completion of Campaign Report Generation Clement and Kelvin 7 Nov 2009

Week 13

Task Completed by Completed on Remarks
Completion of Opportunity Report Generation Clement and Fauzi 11 Nov 2009
Implementation of sponsor and user feedback All 13 Nov 2009
Completion of Administration/Feedback module Kelvin and Rafie 14 Nov 2009

Week 14

Task Completed by Completed on Remarks
Completion of Issues Module Kelvin and Rafie 17 Nov 2009
Implementation of sponsor and user feedback All 17 Nov 2009

Week 15

Task Completed by Completed on Remarks
4th cycle of testing on deployment server Mercy and Serene 23 Nov 2009

Our Challenges

During the course of the project, we experienced a number of challenges. Among them are:

  • The migration of our application to the CodeIgniter framework
  • Solving the browser compatibility issues especially for Internet Explorer
  • Utilization of Open Flash Chart
  • Data manipulation for report generations
  • Balancing of academic and FYP workload
  • Managing changes and feedbacks from sponsor

Interesting Facts about Team Tsubasa

  • The boys in the team are Dota enthusiasts. Our usual opponents in this game are the members of Team The Sentinels
  • Our favorite team meals are Ayam Penyet and having steamboat at Bugis.
  • All team members are MacBook Pro users. All of us were recently converted to be Mac users by Clement
  • We consumed over 50 cans of RedBull during the duration of our project, courtesy of Ernest Cai
  • Clement makes weird noises whenever he is coding