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Team Sentinels

Team intro.png

Team Members

Chng Soon Yeong, Kelvin [1]
Chan Pui Foong, Kevin [2]
Ong Shio Woon [3]
Tan Yi Zhuang [4]
Nyeow Siew Hui [5]
Sim Mong Cho, Jaryl [6]

Team Supervisor

Zheng Baihua [7]

Project Overview

New Sight'd UI
Web Architecture of Sight'd

Project Description

Team Sentinels is developing a prototype for the Coupon Promotion System, called Sight'd , that will allow merchants to launch, manage and track coupon promotions through the use of social media. The project will revolve around a web portal, which exposes a web service that is consumed by a mobile application that merchants will use, for tracking purposes. Further development will include other forms of promotional marketing like membership programs and stamp cards, which are designed to boost customer loyalty.

The objective for the project is to develop an easy-to-use platform that enables retail merchants to deliver coupons to consumers in an innovative and cost effective way. The scope of the project involves the brainstorming for viable business solutions for distribution of coupons and other promotion collaterals, designing and implementing a web solution, and deploying the beta product online for our clients to host their promotions online in the form of electronically distributed coupons. In addition, the developed prototype will simulate the coupon redemption process as proof-of-concept for Sight’d team during the business’s BETA testing phase. The planned project duration is scheduled for 15 weeks from 17 Aug 09 to 29 Nov 09. The development of the web-based system would be primarily based on open source resources and thus, the budget requirement for the development of the project is kept minimal.

The main technical highlight of the project is to develop the coupon promotion system using Ruby on Rails which uses REST routing to serve up pages. This routing system would also be further developed into an API as a web service for consumption within social media sites and future implementation on mobile technology.


The motivation for development of CPS began from an IS426 Technopreneurship project headed by a team consisting of Jaryl Sim, Nyeow Siew Hui, Luong Thanh Khanh and Hedren Sum under the supervision of Professor Desai Arcot Narasimhalu. As a continuation to the technopreneurship idea, our FYP team was formed to further develop the idea and to develop a prototype system.

Today, merchants rely heavily on coupon promotions to drive traffic to their physical stores. However, the resources required to launch promotions consumes too much resources (time, money and material for printing). Our proposed solution for this issue is to enable coupons to be launched on the internet, where marketers can reach out to a potentially larger crowd at a lower cost, making it less resource intensive to test and fine-tune their promotions.


The Coupon Promotion System will help merchants:

  • Launch and manage coupon promotions through a single portal
  • Enable merchants to handle redemption of coupons
  • Aid critical decision making for promotional acitivites with built-in analytical tools

The Coupon Promotion System will help consumers:

  • Keep updated with the latest promotions
  • View and manage their coupons


Stakeholder Name Designation Project Involvement

Paul, Ernest James
Vivienne M. Paul


  • Work with team to produce requirements/vision/business case/research case/etc. and expectation of the changes to these information
  • Provide knowledge or direct students to sources of knowledge necessary for the project.
Clients (Merchant) Screme,

Cottage Waffle Place,

Café / Restaurants
  • Provide team with promotional information to be hosted in CPS
  • Provide feedback for improvement of CPS
  • Participate close BETA testing




End Users
  • Advice, direct and supervise the project team.
  • Guide the project team along the course objective
Supervisors Zheng Baihua SIS Lecturer, SMU

Office: SIS Lvl 4 Room 04-39
Voice: (65) 6828-0915
email: bhzheng(at)smu.edu.sg

  • Provide feedback for improvement of CPS
  • Participate close BETA testing

Project Documentation

Milestone and Deliverables

Version Date Description File
V1.0 14 May 2009 Initial Draft document
V1.1 17 May 2009 Updated Milestones

To reflect new use cases into schedule:
- Profile Management
- Campaign Management


Project Proposal and Reports

Version Date Description File
V1.0 17 Aug 2009 Final Project Proposal Proposal
V1.0 28 Sept 2009 Midterm Reflection report

Project Demo: YouTube Link
Project Deployment Site: Sightd.com


Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C

Project Management

[Screenshot from Unfuddle depicting the project management page

Team Sentinels uses Unfuddle - a secured site that provides a one-stop solution to Project Management, Subversion Hosting and bug issuing and tracking for software development team - for the management and tracking of time and project milestones.

With Unfuddle, better collaboration is ensured and the team is able to work at the comfort of our home to develop the system.

Bug Tracking

Screenshot from Unfuddle depicting the ticket management

Unfuddle also provides solutions for bug tracking and ticket management. Our team uses tickets to keep track of bugs, feature requests, or future enhancements for our project. These tickets are a fundamental tool for prioritizing and managing ownership of tasks. Upon creation of a ticket, Unfuddle will notify the team via email and anyone in the team can accept the ticket(s) and resolve the bugs accordingly. Upon resolving of a bug, the debugger can flag it in Unfuddle and another member of the team has to verify the ticket before closing it.

Project Status

8-10-2009 2-55-50 PM.png

Weekly Progress Summary

Week 0

10 August 2009 to 16 August 2009

  • Meeting with Baihua for final proposal update and review [minutes]

Week 1

17 August 2009 to 23 August 2009

  • Designed and created the GUI for the Coupon Promotion System
  • Created the User Profile with Register and Login/Logout function.
  • Attended the FYP class conducted by Prof Ben

Week 2

24 August 2009 to 30 August 2009

  • Team meeting to follow up on progress on FYP[minutes]

Updates for the week:

  • Created User Profile for Merchants
  • Creating account verification in Profile Management
  • Preparing proposal for Screme
  • Preparing rake task to populate database for testing purposes

Week 3

31 August 2009 to 6 September 2009

  • Supervisor meeting - Project Updates & final proposal review [minutes]

Updates for the week:

  • Drafted client proposal to Screme
  • Completing Profile Management use case and embarking on Merchant Management use case
  • Prepared rake task for database populating

Week 4

7 September 2009 to 13 September 2009

  • Project team meeting [minutes]
    • Delegate task to prepare for sponsors meeting on Wednesday.
  • Sponsor meeting (Wednesday 7pm) [minutes]
    • Special guest, Lawrence, to give team advise on a third-party perspective on Sight'd
    • Received feedback from Ernest on how to improve Sight'd
    • Shared with Ernest and Lawrence the direction of Sight'd and plans for deployment

Week 5

14 September 2009 to 20 September 2009
Updates for the week:

  • Project Schedule to adopt iterative approach instead of waterfall approach

New assignment of tasks.

  • Yi Zhuang > outlet management use case
  • Kelvin Chng > campaign and coupon use case
  • Marilyn > Contacting Screme to discuss on participation in Sight'd Beta testing

Week 6

21 September 2009 to 27 September 2009
Updates for the week:

  • Supervisor and Sponsor meeting (Wednesday 3.30pm)[Presentation]
    • Provide updates on the project progress and midterm reflection
    • Solicit feedback from sponsors on areas for improvement on current site
  • Prepare Midterm Reflection *Done*

Week 7

28 September 2009 to 4 October 2009
Updates for the week:

Week 8

5 October 2009 to 11 October 2009
Plans for the week:

  • Studies for Midterm
  • Continue codes on coupon management system
  • Fix bugs and code validation

Notice: Recently fixed ruby Passenger bug > Sightd.com is up for testing now. For merchant account testing, please use user: bessie, pw: 123456.

Week 9

12 October 2009 to 18 October 2009
Updates for the week:

  • Change of Sight'd user interface
    • Reasons:
      • Improve look and feel of Sight'd website
      • Improve content management
      • Improve website usability
  • Functions for Coupon Management almost completed.
  • Helena from Cottage Waffle Place has agreed to be Sight'd Beta Tester

Week 10

19 October 2009 to 25 October 2009

Updates for the week:

  • Redesign UI for Sight'd
  • Preparing test plan and test cases

Master Test Plan and Test Cases

Version Date Description File
V0.1 26 Oct 2009 Master Test Plan Test Plan
V2.0 29 Oct 2009 Test Case Summary Test Case Summary
V1.0 17 Oct 2009 Test Case for Profile Management Test Case
V2.0 29 Oct 2009 Test Case for Merchant Management Test Case
V2.0 29 Oct 2009 Test Case for Outlet Management Test Case
V2.0 17 Oct 2009 Test Case for Campaign Management Test Case
V2.0 17 Oct 2009 Test Case for Coupon Management
Test Case

Week 11

26 October 2009 to 1 November 2009
Updates for the week:

  • Meeting with Supervisor (Presentation Slides)
  • Beta Testing (Postponed)
    • Cottage Waffle owner not back from Oversea
    • Deploy project into production server.
    • Prepare UAT survey. [[8] Survey]

Week 12

2 November 2009 to 8 November 2009
Updates for the week:

  • Treehouse is has agreed to be Sightd Beta Tester. They have requested for the system to help support an event, Starry Night next Friday (13 Nov)
  • The team is working on enhancing the security of Sight'd website to ensure the safeguard of users information.
    • There 7 security features that will be implemented into Sight'd [Security tips from Railcasts ]
      • Mass Assignment *Partial Completion*
      • File Uploads *Validation done, proceed to protect Apache setting to void scripting*
      • Filter Log Params *Done*
      • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection *Done*
      • Authorizing Ownership *Done*
      • SQL Injection *Done*
      • HTML Injection(XSS)*Done*

Week 13

9 November 2009 to 15 November 2009
Updates for the week:

Week 14

16 November 2009 to 22 November 2009
Updates for the week:

  • Exam break ... mugging like mad
  • Fixing bugs reported by merchants and consumers
  • Collecting website usability feedbacks and update Sightd based the feedbacks from sponsors and clients

Week 15

23 November 2009 to 29 November 2009
Updates for the week:

  • Completed Final Reflection!

Deliverables can be found here:

Version Description File
V1.0 Project Proposal Proposal
V1.0 Midterm Reflection Midterm Reflection
V1.0 Final Reflection Final Reflection
V3.0 Appendix A - Use Cases Use Cases
V3.0 Appendix B - Flow Charts Flow Charts
V1.0 Appendix C - Data Documentation Data Documentation
V1.0 Appendix D - Web Architecture Web Architecture
V1.0 Appendix E - Deployment Plan Deployment Plan
V3.0 Appendix F - Gantt Chart Gantt Chart
V1.0 Appendix G - Bug Tracking Report Bug Tracking Report
V1.0 Appendix H - Website Usability Report Website Usability Report

Week 16

30 November 2009 to 6 December 2009
Updates for the week:

  • Going for final papers!
  • Final Presentation